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Labyrinth Kombat

by: Bree (Aradia)
Sonya Blade was thinking about the movie Labyrinth. Damn it is a child's 
movie. Here I am 26,in the
military, and I kick the forces of evil's ass for a living. Is something 
wrong with this picture? She was
still thinking about this when her best friend and partner in the Armed 
Forces showed up.

"What's up girlfriend, still upset over last night huh?" 

"Please Jax I am trying not to think at all. I was thinking about that 
movie Labyrinth…" 

"Oh I know what you like about that movie Sonya, would it be per chance 
a man named David
Bowie, in tights?" 

Sonya turned red, damn him. "Well finally I was wondering when the 
almighty and all powerful
Johnny Cage would crawl out of his haven to visit us mere mortal's. 
Should I feel honored?" Jax
moved from the bickering couple. 

The others were used to this. He was about to say something when Sonya 
said. "I wish the goblins
would come and take you away…right now!"

The next thing Sonya knows is that there was a storm that her friends 
were gone, the room was filled
with little shapes and a barn owl was fluttering trying to get in. The 
bird eventually got into the room. 

"Hello Sonya, I have come to offer you your dreams…" Spare me, Johnny, 
Jax I am so not in the
mood for this crap." "My dear Sonya, I am not your friends but I am the 
man of your dreams. In fact
if you want them you will have to trade John Carlton and your partner, 

"Okay jackass, I do not know what high horse you came on but it would be 
better for you to give me
my friends back." 

"Is that what you think? That I will have to do what you tell me to do. 
My dear child, I do what I
want when I want. This is how it works you either take the crystal or 
you travel to my labyrinth and
Try to solve it and maybe even kill yourself. Now what will it be?" 

Sonya sighed, shaking out her long blonde hair. "13 hours right? This 
will be a piece of cake." The
next thing she knows is that she is standing on a lonely hillside 
overlooking the vast labyrinth. She
hears a dong and turns around. A clock is levitating; it has 13 hours on 

Jareth points to it and says, "You have 13 hours to solve the labyrinth 
or your friends will become
one of us for eternity. Such a pity". With that, he disappears from 

Sonya is left alone looking at the sprawling labyrinth wondering if this 
is the biggest mistake of her life.


There is someone else watching this adventure. Someone who is by far 
more evil and damned than
Jareth will ever be. The ancient being started to laugh evilly. "My dear 
Sonya, there is no way that
you can make it out of this labyrinth alive. I will see to that myself. 
I will do whatever I can to make
sure you stay there, for eternity!" This ancient being begins laughing 
now only more insane than evil.


Sonya walks down the path and she finally after a lot of cussing she 
finally makes it to where the wall
is. Once there she sees a certain dwarf relieving himself. "Okay 
soldier, put that thing away. This is
not show and tell time." The little dwarf spins around and says "Cor, 
not another one! As it is, I
almost helped those other two. I believe that their names were Aradia 
and Rebekah. Well I guess
you want to find a way into the Labyrinth right?" 

"How do I get in?" 

"Get where?" 

"No, do not pull this crap with me. I am not in a good mood, my two best 
friends are held captive in
that creep's castle, there are two kids running around and I need to 
solve it so I can go home and go
to sleep. Now how do I get in the labyrinth?" 

"Ah now there is door. You know you remind me of my friend Sarah. Your 
right it has been a while
since Jareth's ass was kicked. If you need any help just, call me name, 
Hoggle, an I will be there in a

"Thank you." Finally I get to try the Labyrinth and maybe I will even 
win. With a smile, Sonya went
straight without making a turn.


Johnny was waking up. The very first image that popped in to Johnny's 
head was that he was on the
stone, cold floor. He stood up and regretted it right away. When he was 
able to stand up he noticed
his surrounding's. He was in a castle (a very messy one) that was filled 
to capacity with… with
_Goblins? They were all in some kinda activity either chasing chickens, 
drinking, eating or getting into
fights. "What the hell?" 

"I am glad that you are awake. I was afraid that you were going to be 
err, disabled for awhile.
Forgive my bad manners, My name is Jareth, king of the goblins and 
keeper of the labyrinth." 

"Yeah and I am King of the Elves, nice to meet you. I would like to know 
where Sonya and Jax are
and why am I here?" 

"Well I knew you were arrogant but I never imagined this. Very well Jax 
I sent home because your
um, friend really did not wish him away, Sonya is in the Labyrinth which 
should keep her busy and
Sonya wished you away, although now I know why. You will make an 
excellent goblin, you all ready
have the intelligence of one." With a smirk, Jareth handed Johnny a 
crystal, "Since I am in a good
mood I will let you see Sonya make her way. This crystal will let you 
see you friends as we…" Jareth
all of a sudden pulled out another crystal and two women appeared in it. 
They were both young and
attractive. "Damn it! They are to close; they should have given up by 
now. Naomi get in here now!" 

As soon as he said it a girl appeared, "Yes your highness?" Johnny was 
left gawking. 

"You remember our last talk right, when I told you that you could stay 
here? Well that time is here. I
want you to befriend Sonya, Rebecka and Aradia. I want you to bring me 
Aradia, safe and sound." 

"But sir you have Higgle to do that don't you?" 

"Do not question me Naomi, or else I will strip you of all your powers 
and dunk you into the bog.
Now go!" Naomi gulped turned to see Johnny and gave him a shove when she 
disappeared. Johnny
looked scared for once.

Jareth stalked over to his thrown, kicking any goblin in his path. 
Finally he thew himself on his thrown
looked at Johnny and snapped "Well what are you looking at? I gave you 
that crystal so that you
would have something to do, not stand there looking like you just saw 
the Oscar award." With that,
Johnny ran out of there. Jareth sulked, took out a crystal and looked at 
Aradia, his features softening.
"Soon my dear, soon." 

Chapter 3

Man why did Sonya wish me away? What did I do? Johnny was at the moment 
wondering why
Sonya was so cruel to him when he heard, "Sometimes a person can only 
show cruelty to someone
they like. Trust me on this one. I am Daniel the goblin prince and who 
might you be?" Johnny looked
up at the handsome man, "A prince heh, I should not be so surprised 
after all I have been though
but…my name is John Carlton but everyone just calls me Johnny or Cage. 
Nice to meet you." 

"If I was you I would just ignore Jareth's nastiness. He is all ways 
like this when there are people in
the labyrinth. Especially when they are attractive. But who is this 
Sonya? I only know of two women
in the Labyrinth now." Johnny tossed the crystal to where Danny was. 
Sonya's face appeared in it.
"She's beautiful. You must be a lucky man for her to like you so much. 
This is what Rebekah and
Aradia look like." Johnny looked into the crystal and saw two beautiful 
women in it. They were
teasing each other. Aradia had a look to her of innocence to her. Johnny 
was about to comment
when he heard an evil chuckle.

" Well I knew it would be a matter of time for Sonya to mess up and wish 
you here. Hello Johnny
remember me?" A very evil man appeared in front of him. There was an 
aura of evil coming from

" Um aren't you dead? I saw Liu defeat you"

The evil being was about to answer when a white owl dove for him. The 
demon looked scared than
regained himself and snarled. In a flare of light the owl turned into 
Jareth. " I thought that I had told
you to stay away from my prey as well as my son and the labyrinth. Get 
out of here before I dunk
into the bog of eternal stench! Begone, evil one!" 

The demon studied the man beside it and said, "The girls inside the 
labyrinth are friends of yours,
yes? If I was you, Keeper of the labyrinth I would take care. They may 
die before they can become
yours. Take care, keeper of the labyrinth." And with a smirk the demon 

Jareth looked at the two men as if judging them. Finally he spoke, " We 
have a bit of a problem.
Being as this is a land of magic any living or unliving thing can appear 
in it if it is a creature of magic. I
can only prey that I can find the girls before that_creature does." 

" Why?" Johnny stupidly asked. 

" Because, my friend, Kahn hates me. Along time ago, when he had just 
been planing to take over
Earth my father who, in all fairness was a better ruler than I am, was 
asked to compete in his twisted
contest. To make a long story short, he lost but was not able to claim 
his soul. This pissed him off
and as soon as I found out what had happened I told him that if he did 
something like that here he
would regret it. He said that one-day when I found my equal and was in 
love that he would kill her.
Now we must hurry. Sonya, Rebekah, and Aradia are in grave danger. I can 
only hope that I can
reach them in time." 

With that the three men hurried into the castle. 

Chapter 4 

Sonya was stumbling along when she heard two female voices. The dwarf's 
voice came back to her.
She remembered Hoggle saying that there were two other girls in the 
labyrinth. Sonya came right to
where they were. Her mouth fell open. They were both beautiful. And as 
well as young. The brown
haired one had a look of innocence. 

She looked surprised for a second and than gave Sonya the sweetest 
smile, " Hello so I take it you
said the words too? My name is Aradia and the other is Rebekah. Who 
might you be?"

Sonya quickly stepped up into the light and said, "Sonya Blade. So what 
is the story around here?"
The older of the two gave the younger one a quick glance and sighed.

"My name is Rebekah. I wished away my two cousins when they were both 
bugging me. I never
thought that it would come true though." Her chin started to quiver. 

The younger one laid an understanding hand on Rebekah. She spoke softly, 
"I am afraid that I
wished myself here. I had done so in the past and nothing had happened. 
I guess he was actually
paying attention for once. What is your story, my friend?" 

Sonya had a feeling of peace and understanding. Must be from the girl. 
""I…was with my best friend
and my . . . I guess for lack of a better word, 'boyfriend' had 
surprised me. To make a long story
short, I wished him away.""; Sonya no longer felt embarrassed or 
anything. She felt like she had just
been understood.

And for once she liked the feeling.

Sorry about the wait, but here is chapter 5. Send anything, comments, 
questanes, flames over to me.
Chapter 5 

Kahn was in a rather bad mood. He was watching the three girls go though 
the labyrinth and he had
to admit to himself that Jareth had really good taste in the fairer sex. 
His plan was not working out as
he had hoped it would. Pity. As he sat watching the girls a plan came to 
him. One that would destroy
his enemy. Pity Rayden wouldn't be around to witness the destruction of 
his two students. A laugh
filled the room as he transported himself to the labyrinth. 

The three girls were giggling and were almost to the Alph / Ralph part 
when all three of them heard a
laugh. The girls spun around and saw a man who was ten feet tall, had a 
powerful build. The only
thing he had on was black exoskeleton armor with a hideous mask. An aura 
of evil surrounded him.
He was known only as Shao Kahn.

Sonya snarled, " What the _Fucking hell is going on here?" 

"Hello Ms Blade, it is so nice to see you when there is no tournament 
involved. Now, who are these
two kids beside you? Pity they won't make it though this labyrinth. 
Rebekah looks too tired and
_Aradia was it is too young. Why don't you just give up and go home." 
Amazingly it was not Sonya
who answered. 

It was Aradia who in a calm, soft voice begun, " What do the lives of 
two non-warriors mean to you
Kahn? If you are trying to make me afraid of you , you can not. You 
simply do not have the power
to do so. I may not be an all-powerful and immortal mage like you are 
but I at least know that I don't
have to lose my dignity and self-respect like you have. If being an 
immortal means having a heart
made of stone, than I am glad to be a mortal." 

Every one was left with their mouth open. Kahn finally regained his 
composer and said in a soft,
deceptive voice, " Little girl, I would take care on how you act in the 
future. And because you have
challenged me I accept. The challenge will be this, you, Rebekah, Sonya, 
Naomi, Daniel and Jareth
will go though a labyrinth of my making. If you win than you will go 
free. Plus just for Sonya, I am
going to hold Mr. Carlton hostage. Sonya, if she wins he goes, but if 
not than I am taking his soul."

They had been standing in the labyrinth when they each felt a chill. The 
three girls turned and saw a
landscape in ruin. They could all feel evil magic was at place here. The 
Kahn pointed to a clock and
said, " Just like in Jareth's labyrinth, you have 13 hours to solve this 
one. But this time if you lose, you
won't just lose your " dignity and self-respect" but your life and your 
soul. What a pity." With a
mocking laugh, Kahn disappeared and the three girls were left on a 
hilltop over looking a deserted
land that prayed for it's own death. 

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