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	Sonya turned the key. In the revision mirror both Kitana
and Liu were drifting off slowly to sleep. Johnny was already
sleeping in the front passenger seat beside her. As the car went
dead, Kitana’s eyes snapped open with alertness. 
	“Hey, Why did you stop driving?” Kitana yawned leaning
over the seat. Her long black hair was slightly messed up. 
	“I’m tired. Liu and Johnny are sleeping. You were sleeping.
I’m going to rest for a while.” Sonya told her. 
	Kitana stared through the thick canopy of trees. The
crescent moon shone slightly through the trees, reflecting silver
light on their lush green leaves. Kitana looked thoughtful for a
moment and shrugged. 
	“I guess so, It isn’t fair on you is it?” Kitana answered and
settled back down into her seat. 
	Sonya reached back and grabbed a soft pillow
from Kitana’s lap.
	 “Sorry.” Kitana said sleepily.
	Sonya’s eyes slowly began to close. Just as she got
comfortable, her head nestling in the pillow, a loud growl was
heard from under the car. Sonya was unsure about this noise and
rubbed her eyes. 
	“What now?” She complained sitting up.
	She caused the car to rock slightly, waking Johnny up.
	“Sonya, what are you doing?” He asked. 
	Sonya smiled warmly at Johnny. “I heard something, Don’t
worry, I’ll look and_!” She stopped talking and spun her head
around as the thing under the car dashed off into the 
	“Was that it?” Johnny questioned. 
	Sonya nodded.Suddenly a gunshot was heard, Loud
screeches and screams where audible. Sonya jumped. 
	“What the hell!” Johnny exclaimed.
	All this commotion awoke Liu and Kitana. “The noises,
where are they from?” Liu asked. 
	Johnny exited the car. “I’ll go check.” He informed. 
	Sonya grasped his arm, frightened. “Be careful.” She cried.
Her brown eyes full of deep concern. 
	“Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon” Johnny assured with a
small kiss on the cheek.
	 Sonya just watched as he walked off. Kitana squeezed
Sonya’s shoulder lightly, to comfort her.
	“He’ll come back, I know he will.” She whispered.

	Jill Valentine leaned over the stairs railing, catching her
breath. Taking deep gasps of air into her lungs. She had never ran
so fast before. At least  Jill was safe. Luckily the big mansion was
there or else Jill would still be running. Her work partner Chris
Redfield sat down on the wooden staircase, looking at his tired
	"You okay?" He asked.
	Jill took a moment to look at him. “I’m fine.” She said.
	“Where is Barry and Wesker ? I saw them come in and now
they're not here.”Chris said.
	“Maybe they're investigating this mansion for any clues.
This could be the hide out of those murderers. The cannibalistic
ones.” Jill said.
	Chris smiled at Jill’s ability to answer any question thrown
at her. “What kind of people would break into peoples houses and
eat them?” Chris wondered.
	“Cannibalistic murderers.” Jill answered.
	Chris grinned again. “What about the S.T.A.R.S Bravo
team, what happened to them?” He said. 
	“Their helicopter crashed, that’s why we are looking for
them.” Jill said.
	“What are my chances of going out with a pretty girl this
Saturday night?” Chris joked.
	"Not a chance buddy.” Jill answered trying not to laugh at
	Chris started up the stairs. “Okay Miss-Know-It-All, I’m
going upstairs to find Barry and Wesker. Don’t disappear because
then I won’t know where you are.” Chris informed.
	Jill didn’t answer and just sat where Chris previously was
with her head in her lap.


	The four friends stared up at the ultra huge mansion
shrouded in mist. They were all very unsure about this place. 
	“They went in here. There were four of them. I even saw
what must have chased them. It disappeared before I got 
a proper look.” Johnny said.
	“It looks abandoned. We should check it out” Kitana
suggested referring to the boards that covered various windows
and the piles of leaves, twigs and dirt covering the houses
	Sonya revealed a handgun which she had hidden under her
white top. "Well I’ve got this luckily, Just in case I get crap with
those dudes whom entered the house already.”  Sonya said.
	Kitana and Liu had already entered the house. Now Sonya
and Johnny had no choice but to follow them. When they reached
the door, they saw a huge hall with a wooden staircase, white tiles
but no Kitana and Liu. Sonya climbed the stairs, followed by
Johnny. There were two doors on either side of the second floor.
Sonya grasped the old fashioned iron door handle on the left door.
	Johnny told Sonya that it’s a good idea to go into the
opposite doors to find their friends.

	“Why does Chris have to have all the fun, there is no way
that I am going to wait for him.” Jill complained. 
	Her black combat boots stamped against the floor boards 
with fury. The hall was so dimly lit that Jill had to take out her
pocket flashlight to help her see. The eerie hall was silent. Her
flashlight flickered and went dead.
	“Shit.” She swore hurling the flashlight to the ground. Trust
the flashlight to die when she most needed it. 
	Suddenly a gunshot shattered the silence like a cricket ball
smashing through a window. Jill sprinted over to find a woman in
her twenties holding a gun to a man who was proceeding towards
her. The woman glanced at Jill in fright and once again blasted a
round of ammunition at him. 
	“Hey, stop!” Jill ordered the man. 
	He slowly turned his head. Jill’s mouth dropped open in
horror. Her blue eyes widened in fright. The man was a walking
corpse. His eyes suggested evil.They appeared to illuminously
glow and burned into Jill’s own eyes. 
	Its moans filled the hall. Its skin was filled with wounds
and vicious scarring. Bits of flesh had dropped from him
revealing bone and muscle. Its teeth and gums had rotted slightly.
It  lurched towards Jill.
	Jill whipped out her gun, finishing the zombie off with her
bullets. The blond woman ran off, a card falling from her jeans
pocket. Jill finished examining the zombie and investigated the
	“Sonya Blade, Special Forces.” Jill thought pocketing the

	Meanwhile Sonya ran through another twisting corridor.
She just wanted to get out of this place. What if there were more of
those things in the house? She hoped Johnny was okay. What
Sonya didn’t know was that more creatures were ahead. Not
zombies but they were still deadly. Sonya glanced at the blood
splashed on various areas of the wall. It made her shiver.
The same growl that she had heard from under the car previously
was heard again.
	From under a shelf, a dog appeared. This dog was not nice
though. It’s eyes were blood red. Its body had claw marks all over
it. It bared its teeth. Drool dripped from its snarling mouth.
	Sonya skidded to a stop and retreated back. She sensed the
dog chasing her, stalking her eagerly. She jumped in fright as
another dog joined the chase. She was so scared that she didn’t see
the woman running in the opposite direction. They both collided
and fell to the ground.
	“Hi I’m Jill” The woman said briefly, aware of the dogs
only meters in front.
	Jill was angry but didn’t yell at Sonya. Instead she swiftly
pulled herself  back onto her feet. The two dogs were hesitant for a
moment and then attacked. One dog snapped at Sonya’s foot.
Sonya whipped her foot into the dogs head. It whined as its neck
snapped. Jill dodged the second creature as it leaped at her.It flew
across her head and as it did Jill held her gun up and shot it in 
the stomach. It fell and didn’t move. Jill handed Sonya the card.
	“You dropped it.” Jill said.
	Sonya took it back and looked gratefully at Jill. Jill was
only young, probably around 5ft with short brown hair and pretty,
blue eyes.
	“What’s going on here?” Sonya asked. 
	Jill shook her head. “I don’t know. That was the first time
that I saw those things. This has to be the murderers hideout.” Jill
spoke, both to Sonya and herself. 
	“Murderers hideout?” Sonya questioned.
	“Yeah, There have been these murders were these people
attack families and eat them. The S.T.A.R.S bravo team went to
investigate and mysteriously disappeared. My team alpha has to
find them while finding these murderers hideout.Then our leader
Wesker and colleague Barry vanished. My partner Chris and I 
have quite a job.” Jill explained, filling in the gory details. 
	Sonya grimaced. “The S.T.A.R.S seem a lot like the
Special Forces. I can help you two with the mission.”Sonya
	Jill appeared unsure. “Well this is for S.T.A.R.S only but
what the hell. We need all the help we can get.” Jill said.

	“Jill, Jill! Where are you?” Chris shouted searching the hall
where he had left her.
	The only answer was his voice echoing through the
emptiness of the hall. He looked down at the sniper rifle that he
had found in a room filled with guns. He ran his fingers through
his black hair and glanced across the room again.
	“Who is that?” A male voice asked. Chris was hopeful that
it was either  Barry or Wesker.
	No chance. From behind the staircase a man with sandy
brown hair spotted Chris.
	“Chris Redfield.” Chris said. 
	“Johnny Cage.” The man said.
	“Have you seen a woman with brown hair and blue eyes
around here?” Chris asked.
	“Nope, There is something up around here though. I just
got pursued by an ugly bunch of creeps who tried to eat me! What's
worse is that my friends are around here somewhere!”
Johnny said concerned. 
	“I met some of them. They seem to populate this 
place. I have some friends here too and they disappeared. Now I
gotta find them.” Chris explained.
	“I suggest that we stick together so then if we run into more
of those zombies we can help each other out.” Johnny said.
	 “Good idea” Chris said. He passed a rifle to Johnny.
“Take this, You will need it.” Chris warned.
	Johnny took the gun and grasped it as he followed Chris
into another room. Little did any of them know that this was only
the beginning of a lurking horror.



Mortal Evil (part 2)

	She had disappeared. Instead of sticking with Jill she had
boldly decided to go by herself. Now Sonya thought that it wasn’t
such a wise decision. Halls twisted and  turned. Minutes seemed
Like hours, hours like days. Would she ever see nature, her friends
or her family again. Or would their memories be buried with her 6
feet under in a lonely old cemetery.
	Was Johnny okay? Was he alive or was he just more food
for the zombies. Sonya couldn’t bear to think of them eating her
boyfriend alive. His yells emanating from deep in the room, the
zombies moans of satisfaction as their teeth sunk into Johnny’s
flesh. Blood oozing out slowly as he lost his battle with them.
Sonya blinked and forced the thought from her mind. She had to
be strong, optimistic and those thoughts didn’t help at all. She had
found a door with an iron key protruding from the key hole.
Sonya felt her heart pumping heavily and her grip on her gun
tighten as she turned the key and opened the door. 
	No signs of danger was visible. It was actually quite a
friendly looking room with a long couch facing a T.V Stereo 
and video cabinet. Tapestry and other items were neatly placed on
a nicely designed wooden coffee table. Red specks dotted the
woolly white carpet. Fresh blood. Two boots lay hidden in a closet.
Sonya opened the door and shrieked.
	Sitting motionless in ragdoll position was Kitana. Her neck
had been ripped open showing muscle and neck vertebrae clearly.
Her intestines had been torn out of a deep burrow in her lower
stomach. Kitana's legs were lined with claw marks and loose
tissue. A struggle had taken place before she died. Her brown eyes
blankly stared at Sonya.A creature moved under Kitana’s thick
black hair. 
	It exposed itself bravely. Yellow Moon eyes glared at
Sonya, Its ears listened attentively to every move that Sonya made.
A mutated version of a shorthaired cat. Sleek black and blue fur
covered its scrawny body. Its legs were long, muscular and 
athletic looking. Its tail hung limp, Basically because of the rotting
wound in between its back and the top of its tail. Maggots writhed
and squirmed in the dark red hole. It’s mouth formed into an angry
snarl and its razor like claws shot out of its blood stained paws.
Another one appeared with the same evil intent.
	They pounced with quick speed and intelligence, one
landing straight onto her shoulder, The other on her abdomen.
Sonya screamed both with fear and anger grasping the shoulder
bound cat by its small body and flinging it to the ground. The cats
were very strong for tiny frail figures. She hurled the other monster
cat into the plaster wall with a loud bang.  
	She arched her back in pain as both cats clawed onto her
back, tearing her thin shirt as they clambered up to her neck.
She felt a hand swipe the creatures to the floor and five rounds of 
ammunition used as the cats faced their death sequence with
appeasement. She faced her savior to be asked if she was ok.
Sonya nodded, shaken. He introduced himself as Chris Redfield.
	“I’m Sonya.” She answered feeling a little more calm. 
Chris noticed the corpse, shaking his head in disgust.
	Johnny had appeared suddenly in the doorway much to
Sonya’s contentment. She fell in his arms sobbing quietly.
	 “It was awful, Kitana. She died.” Sonya informed mildly.
	Johnny stroked Sonya’s hair and took time to look over at
the closet. He screwed his nose up.He himself couldn’t believe it.
	Jill Valentine burst into the room scaring everyone.
“Sonya! I heard something and Chris! Thank God your ok!” She
	She sighed in relief, pleased to know that both Chris and
Sonya were safe and sound. She looked at Johnny with questioning
	“You must be Johnny. I’m Jill.”  She said cautiously.
	“I sure am, Its nice to meet you Jill” Johnny answered.
	“Great, now that we all know each other, lets start looking
for our friends.”  Sonya said closing the closet door sadly.
	“Or what’s left of them” Johnny added.
	“We should split into two teams” Chris suggested
holstering his gun. 
	“It’d be best if you and Jill go together so you can continue
your mission, Johnny and I will help by searching for clues.”
Sonya announced speaking mainly to Chris.
	Johnny and Jill agreed instantly to the arrangement, Jill and
Chris starting down one end of the hall, Sonya and Johnny
proceeding down the other way.
	“Now I don’t think our original mission matters anymore.”
Jill muttered solely to herself.

	A creature is being monitored in a lab separated from the
mansion in a special life support tank.  He is not quite a monster
yet. He is still partially human, humane memories nearly
completely wiped away from his mind. Next to him contained in a 
separate tank is a fully grown monster. He is much larger than the
less mature one and could possibly inflict great damage on its
	Also in the lab, a shadowy figure paces back and forward
with worry. His long lab coat trailed behind him.
	“What if the boss came in and found that most of the
Tyrants were still undeveloped.” He thought to himself.
	Sure enough the boss would find out one way or another
but he hoped it just wouldn’t be now. Who knows what boss and
umbrella would do to him. They wouldn’t at all acknowledge his
high profile statues as a black dragon member. They wouldn’t
bother with his duties with their company. They would just kill
him and twist the story to say that he did it himself.
	The black dragon was only known to people as a notorious
gang but no one knew its even darker secret as a special division of
umbrella, created for the assassination of spy’s whom posed a
possible threat to their dangerous experiments with the deadly
substance, The T virus.
	Umbrella had for years been testing on living things in
attempts to create the worlds most deadly Biological weapon and
now they had succeeded  with the Tyrant. That’s why boss would
be so mad. Because his masterpieces weren’t completed.
The lab doors slowly swung open. The young woman smiled
politely at Jarek before going to check the Tyrants life support
	“Morrigan, you shouldn’t be here!” Jarek warned.
	She frowned in disapproval and fiddled with her chocolate
brown ponytail with her emerald green eyes fixed on her old black
dragon partner.
	“The house is now filled with zombies” She announced
angrily. She put her hand on her thin waist. 
	“The hazard. Stupid Umbrella bastards. The virus incident
was an unfortunate event.” Jarek said looking over all of the
creatures in sheer disgust that the corporation would be willing
enough to continue their tests after the accident.
	“The STARS are here. It won’t be long until all of them
meet their fate.” Morrigan informed.
	Jarek cursed slamming his fist into the wall. “We were
supposed to prevent that from happening. I have to go and help 
them!” Jarek said dashing out of the lab.
	“Jarek!” Morrigan called after him.
	“Two years ago you wouldn’t have cared.” Morrigan

	A dining room. The table could have been owned by a
king, It was huge. Jill pulled her attention away from an old
fashioned radio to look over to her partner.
	“Jill, You shouldn’t be perving on your partner” She
laughed to herself.
	Jill was ripped out of her thoughts when he turned and
looked at her. Her eyes darted to the floor and she turned back to
the radio. She felt uneasy as she sensed her partner approach her.
	“I was afraid that you were going to die” Chris said
touching her shoulder.
	“I didn’t. Now you don’t have to worry” Jill muttered.
She realized that she had been rude and turned to Chris. “I’m
sorry. This house is big and creepy and I want to get out” she said.
	Chris nodded. “So do I.”
	She noticed that he was actually getting closer to her. She
was shocked when he passionately kissed her. He stopped. “I’m
sorry, have I done the right thing?” He asked. 
	“I think so.” Jill stuttered. 
	He kissed her again, longer. She closed her eyes and
grasped his neck. He reached up and slowly removed her beret
from her head allowing her honey brown hair to fall to her 
shoulders. He started on her neck when Jill told him politely to
	“I think we should get on with our mission.” She said
smiling. Chris nodded in agreement.

	Johnny saw the figure dart past him. “Sonya, I saw
something. I’m going to check it out” He told his girlfriend. 
	Sonya gave him a careful look and continued to examine
the strange acid substance eating a hole through the wooden
floorboards. Johnny snuck through the corridor, getting closer to
the mysterious figure. A male voice yelled out derogatory threats
and curses.
	“Liu!” Johnny yelled running down the hall and meeting up
with a dead end where several zombies circled Liu. 
	Liu didn’t have a weapon and relied on his  fighting skills
to battle the zombies. It was useless. Johnny flinched as he heard
flesh tear and Liu's arm grossly rip off and drop to the ground.
Blood splashed on the walls as this occurred. Another zombie held
Liu in place and bit chunks from his neck. Liu's eyes widened in
horror, blood dripped from his open mouth as he collapsed to the
ground lifeless.
	Red fluid splashed everywhere as the zombies mercilessly
ate their victim.Johnny fired at the zombies, backed up by Sonya
whom had rushed in just in time to see the carnage take place.
As the zombies perished, Sonya looked away from her mutilated
friend. Another was gone.

A few minutes later...
	Johnny turned the handle on the door. It was stuck and
refused to budge.He powerfully kicked the door open causing it to
burst open.
	Inside the room a man stood looking rather lost.
	“Hey!” Sonya exclaimed catching his attention.
	“Who are you?” The man asked.
	“I’m Sonya and this is Johnny” She answered.
	“I’m Richard” He answered.
	“We met Jill and Chris from alpha. They are looking for
bravo.” Johnny informed.
	“Tell them not to bother” Richard said. Sonya was shocked
at his rudeness. “Look only Rebecca Chambers and myself remain.
Theres no sense looking for Bravo. Only two of us are still alive.
Rebecca is hiding in an attic. Help her and leave me.” Richard
	Sonya and Johnny refused to let him die and stubbornly
backed Richard up as he entered the next room.
	“Everyone else was killed by the zombies” Richard said
looking around the shed.
	Pitch forks and other equipment were stored in various
wooden boxes.Empty cans and bottles were stored on a rickety old
shelf in the corner. Sonya glanced over to the far end of the room
and noticed the floorboards lift slightly.
	“Oh shit.” She thought. “What did that?”
	Suddenly a huge creature burst through the wooden walls,
Its scaly green skin glistened, Its evil eyes glared at the human trio.
It opened its mouth and hissed. Venom dripped from long fangs.
Sonya eyed the creature with fear and amazement.
	A monstrous snake.
	Sonya and Johnny backed up against the wall. It struck at
Richard, biting the top half of his body. His legs wriggled
frantically as he tried to escape the beast.The snake threw its head
back, completely swallowing Richard.It turned to Sonya and
Johnny. It snapped, barely missing Johnny’s head. Sonya shot it
but the bullets didn’t effect it much. She gasped as she realized
that she was out of ammo. Johnny fired the rifle, The 8 foot snake
hissing its protest. Sonya grasped a large axe and hurled it at the
creature. It pierced its heart and blood shot out in all directions as
it slumped to the ground.
	It began to decompose before their very eyes, melting into
a smelly pile. Sonya crept over to the large hole that the snake had
	“This leads outside!” She exclaimed. Dark gloomy trees
hung over a dead  garden.
	“We should go and find Jill and Chris” Sonya said.
	 “I’ll go find Rebecca.” Johnny said


Mortal Evil (Part 3)

	She ran furiously through the corridors. Her leather boots
knocked against the varnished wood. She had to find Jarek before
he made a big mistake. She knew what boss and Umbrella would
do if he interfered and it would not be pretty.
	“Jarek! You’ll be in serious trouble if you…Woah!!”
Morrigan felt her foot catch under a loose piece of wood. 
	She collapsed, knocking her head on a large, really ugly
limestone statue.  She rubbed her forehead and groaned in pain.
Her head throbbed wildly as she clumsily pulled herself up.
	Jarek appeared, watching Morrigan with disapproval.
“Quit following me Morrigan. You have no idea what Wesker is
going to do to them.” Jarek shouted.
	“It’s boss not Wesker and I do know what he wants to do to
them. Look, I don’t know why you care so much.” Morrigan
answered losing her temper and flailing her arms in a rage.
	“I don’t know why he cares either” Sonya intervened
leaning against the door with her arms crossed.
	She had heard all of the commotion. Jarek and Morrigan
turned and faced the special forces agent with surprise.
	“Sonya Blade! Well, who’d have thought that you’d turn
up.” Jarek sneered.
	Sonya balled up her fist, trying to contain her anger. “Why
do you want the STARS? Are you going to kill them the way Kano
visciously gunned down my  boyfriend!” She growled narrowing
her eyes.
	“No I’m not going to do that. Kano had his reasons to kill
Jake.” Jarek said.
	“Reasons, What reason is there to kill a man.” Sonya
	“Have you ever heard of Umbrella?” Morrigan question
causing Sonya to gasp.
	They were a big bio chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
They were really quite mysterious but were always trusted with
their experiments. What has the Black dragon got to do with
Umbrella though?
	“The Black dragon is actually a division of Umbrella. You
see for quite sometime now Umbrella had been trying to create the
worlds ultimate bio weapon. They created a chemical called the T
Virus and started on dangerous experiments. Black Dragon was
formed as an assassination division. Umbrella knew of many spies
wanting to foil their plans and tell the world about their
experiments. Jake was one of those spies. They sent the black
dragon to kill him and succeeded.” Jarek explained.
	“So Jake was some sort of spy. I can’t believe that Black
Dragon is actually  a division of Umbrella.” Sonya gasped.
	Morrigan stepped forward and grinned maliciously. “He
could have foiled Umbrella’s plans so easily. Being with the
Special Forces and all.”She said.
	“You guys hunted me down. Did you really think that Kano
would beat me in the Mortal Kombat Tournament” Sonya said.
	Morrigan pulled an Uzi from under her shirt and held it at
Sonya. “I think we’ve told you enough.It’s our policy to get rid of
the ones that know too much. Bye Sonya. It was nice talking to
you” She gleamed.
	“Morrigan, No, wait!” Jarek exclaimed.
	Morrigan was thrown forward as a human figure knocked
her to the ground and stabbed her in back with a long shiny combat
knife.Morrigan screeched in agony as blood poured from her thin
lips.  She could  taste the warm metallic fluid in her mouth. With
her last ounce of strength she lifted her arm and she pulled the
guns trigger.
	The bullet traveled like lightning and Jarek jolted back into
the plaster wall as the bullet embedded itself in his ankle. He
clutched his ankle as his blood flowed out through his fingers.
	Jill, who had been responsible for both killing Morrigan
and saving Sonya’s life, rushed over to attend Jarek. She was
followed by a worried Chris and Sonya.
	”You wanted to help the STARS. Why was that so?” Sonya
	“I knew what was going to happen to them and I wanted to
stop it.” He gasped in sheer pain as his wound leaked ferociously.
“The T virus project is a crime. The Black Dragon killed my
cousin Maria because she had found out about their plan. They’ll
do anything to prevent  it from going public. I joined the Black
Dragon in a hope that one day I could stop them.” He explained.
	Sonya frowned sympathetically. “I’m sorry about Maria”
She said. Jarek flinched and nodded.
	“Be careful. You must stop Umbrella.” Jarek warned.
	Sonya faced Jill and Chris whom had overheard the whole
conversation. “Johnny and I found a way out. We also found a
bravo member” Sonya announced. 
	Jill’s eyes lightened up in happiness. “Where is he?” She
asked. Sonya kicked the floor nervously informing her that the
bravo member was indeed dead.
	“He told me that only one bravo member remains and
Johnny has gone to find her.” Sonya said.
	Jill couldn’t believe that only one remained.
	“Leave me here. get out and let the public know about
Umbrella” Jarek said reaching over and taking Morrigans gun from
her limp hand.
	Sonya nodded and the three rushed away to find the exit.
Sonya closed her  eyes and sighed sadly as a loud gunshot rang out
through the hall.
	Jarek had departed.


	Huddled in a corner. Nothing was visible in the jet black
darkness. The only light was from the moon shining in a distant
window and even that wasn’t sufficient enough to see what was
contained in the attic. 
	Rebecca felt something crawl slowly across her shaking
hands and she swiftly flicked it off. Her well kept auburn hair was
shortly cropped. A red band was tied across her forehead.
	Rebecca had applied for the job as bravo’s medical while
still at college. Since she was only 18, Richard had told her to hide
in the attic until someone found her. She had obeyed but was now
feeling restless. What if no one ever found her. 	
	She stood on her feet and approached the double doors.
Boldly opening them she was suddenly confronted by a young man
that she had never seen before.
	“Are you Rebecca?” He asked.
	Rebecca nodded suspiciously. “I’m Johnny Cage. I’ve
come to help you.” He answered hoping to gain Rebecca’s trust.
	“Richard told me to find you.” Rebecca backed away
slightly. “Where is he?”
	Johnny shook his head. “He’s dead. He told me to find you.
Listen, my girlfriend and I found a way out of here. Come, follow
me.” He said.
	Rebecca actually smiled and nodded willingly, sensing that
Johnny was someone who could be trusted. She winced, trying to
adjust to the light after hours of being cramped up in the attic.
	SCRRREEEETCHHH!! A creature flew through the air
and landed in front of the pair. It pinned Rebecca to the ground
and then lunged at Johnny. Its green skin was scaly and rough. Its
long snout had thousands of teeth capable to bite someone’s head
straight off. It’s well shaped and muscular legs were covered in
stringy skin and loose muscle hung from them. Long nails coated 
in blood from previous kills shot out from its finger tips. 
	Johnny pulled out his rifle and blasted the creature before it
could land on him. The bullets caused the beast to fly back but he
was barely affected by it. He was just angrier.
	“Oh No, A hunter!” Rebecca yelled. She had an equipment
bag tied around her  slim waist. She hurriedly opened it and
revealed a vial contained a clear bubbly substance. As the creature
ditched Johnny and attempted to attack 
	She ripped the lid from the vial. “Game over asshole!” She
screamed and mercilessly threw the liquid all over the hunter. It
screeched and  screamed as the substance began to eat through its
skin. The hunters muscle tissue and organs melted away.
	Soon it collapsed as a bubbly, hissing skeleton. A small
fraction of the  acid continued to eat through the floorboards.
Rebecca hurled the empty vial into a wall aggressively. The glass
	“Lets go, The hunters will be tracking us down. That’s
what they do. We must hurry.” She warned.
	“Follow me.” Johnny said as they dashed down the stairs.

30 minutes later…
	Getting back to the exit was not an easy task. Hunters and
zombies were  every where in the mansion, Clawing them
frantically wanting flesh and warm blood to feed on.
	Jill, Chris and Sonya had beaten Johnny and Rebecca to the
exit. The night air was freezing, blowing through the gap and onto
Sonya’s bare legs. Jill and Chris couldn’t feel the cold as much as
Sonya since they both had long pants on.
	Rebecca and Johnny appeared and Jill was the first to walk
up and welcome Rebecca to the team, introducing Chris and Sonya
in her long hyped up sentence.
	Rebecca smiled at the alpha politely, feeling much more
comfortable now that she knew them. Sonya poked her head
through the hole. The moon was half covered in dark clouds and
once beautiful white roses in the garden were now drooping.
Tall walls barricaded the garden and an elevator led down under
the ground.
	“It looks safe.” Sonya announced dropping to her hands
and knees and crawling through the hole."Okay” Sonya said once
she was out side. 
	Her four friends followed and soon they found themselves
enclosed in a circular garden. A paper was stuck to  the wall.
Johnny ripped it off and examined it, Sonya looked over his 
	“There’s a heliport! We have to go down that elevator and
through some under ground passages. It’s not precise on where the
port actually is but it says down here that a helicopter is always
waiting there.” Johnny informed.
	“Chris is a qualified pilot. I suggest we find this heliport
and get out of  here before its too late.” Jill said. 
	Johnny pocketed the map and glanced over at the elevator.
It was time to get out…..


The lift was too small for everyone to go down into the dank
darkness. Jill  had jumped at the opportunity to go down check the
place out and to see if  it was safe.
	She had sighed and cursed to herself though when Johnny
had offered to go down with her. Did he think that she couldn’t do
things by herself?  It was her mission and  having Johnny go down
to protect her…. She felt as if she was 12 years old. The lift was a
tiny rectangular platform that could barely move on its rusty 
gears as it carried the pair away from their friends. Jill stared up,
Watching them stare back at her with monumental uncertainty 
as they sunk into the darkness . Jill could understand their cause
for concern. It appeared hostile down there and if anything
happened, the rest of the group wouldn’t be able to jump down the
horribly steep shaft to help them.  It was no doubt that she was
feeling a little diffident herself but she never let it burrow into her
self control. If she had a job, She would  do it.
	No questions asked.
	Johnny had his back turned away from the alpha, obviously
involved in his own train of thought. Jill wasn’t really sure what to
think of him.  He seemed like the egotistical type though Jill
couldn’t really judge a man that she had only known for a few
	She just couldn’t understand why he had offered to help
her, He had no military training what so ever and he could barely
use the sniper rifle that was tucked in his belt as a holster.
	At least he had brought Rebecca Chambers back to them.
The lift jolted to a sudden and rough stop and Johnny had shoved
past Jill, treading onto the gravel. He had knocked her shoulder,
jolting her forward and causing her to lour in sheer anger.
	“Patience is a virtue. Patience IS a virtue” She repeated to
herself  stepping onto the tiny moist rocks.
	Jill stormed by him ignorantly . Why so hostile. What the
hell did Sonya see in the stupid mongrel any way.
	“You won’t make a good STARS member if you just rush
into an unknown territory like that.” Jill warned.
	“I’m not a STARS  am I” Johnny answered.
	Jill had just enough of this. “Look I’m just sick to death of
this, at  least-“
	She stopped midsentence as the smell of decay wafted over
her and a couple of dogs lunged out, snapping and drooling. Their
eyes glowed crimson as they sprinted towards them. Jill’s hand
shook as she pulled the trigger on her Beretta hand gun, two bullets
gliding out and into the dogs skinless heads. They moaned their 
protest as their blood enveloped them and ran through the ash
gravel cracks 
	“You must always stay alert, hold onto the rifle because
you don’t know when  an unexpected surprise will crash out. You
won’t have time to unholster your gun, okay.” Jill said.
	“Now come, I see a door up ahead.”
	The door lead into a guard house. Extra rooms for certain
scientists were  all lined up. Johnny didn’t think much of it. Bare
wooden walls had little weeds poking through. An ugly gargoyle
statue sat in the corner, its dull eyes watching the pair.
	“What do you say, check if this place is safe first or go up
and call them  now?” Johnny questioned.
	“Well, It would be good if I just look around, secure this
place and you go  and call them down. If you don’t mind. Then we
can get two jobs done at once” Jill suggested.
	Johnny nodded, rushing out to fetch the others. Jill had a
strange feeling of hostile fear in her throat as she spotted the 
red, fancy looking door at the end of the corridor. She grasped the
long copper door handle and slowly opened up the stiff door. 
It creaked as it opened. Jill bit her bottom lip as her boots made the
wooden floor boards creak. It  looked like some sort of bar or diner
with dishes and bottles lined up on a  shelf behind the desk.
A pool table, and a video game machine were lined against the
wall, gathering dust like everything else.
	She tucked a strand of loose hair behind her ear and
frowned as she noticed that the back walls were enveloped in
spiders web. 
	Oh my god, why does the web look so big? There has to be
a million and one spiders in here. Because she was partially
arachnophobic , The thought of them made her involuntarily
shudder. But what can a bunch of measly little spiders do to her,
Then again, she thought of that movie.
	But it WAS only a movie. What about giant spiders? Now
Jill realized that she had to stop worrying and get focused on the 
mission again.An excessive amount of web sat in a corner,
drawing Jill closer to see why there was so much of it in that area.
She soon discovered why. Barry.
	Cacooned inside the web was the Alpha, his face distorted
and frozen in a look of horror. He looked as though he had a hell
of a time trying to escape the sticky mesh. Jill shook her head
sadly, thinking about the family that he had at home. Why did this
have to happen?
	“If only you had stayed with us Barry”  she stared in
disbelief at the incongruent, not noticing spiny long legs and beady
eyes spying on her hungrily.
	“Kathump!!” Jill spun away from the grotesque figure and
screeched in horror as she saw the thing staring up at her with
millions of shiny black eyes. 
	Its long, hairy legs tensed up to pounce on her and punish
her to the same fate as Barry.The monstrous spider hissed furiously
through deadly fangs. 
	“You asshole” She growled retreating from the monster
and backing straight into the spider web. She writhed about trying
to get out of the web. No luck. “Arg, Stupid, 
stupid” She cursed herself angrily. 
	She screamed again as she felt the spiders hot breath, a
drop of venom falling from its fangs and landing on her boots,
burning a hole through it. She could hear the sizzle of the acid
burning. Suddenly one of the spiders legs blasted off with a loud
bang. It screamed in agony and turned to face the interrupter.
	“Johnny!” Jill screeched, her voice containing a mixture of
hope and fear.
	Jill did not know where Johnny had gotten that bazooka but
she didn’t care, all she could do was pray that he would kill the
evil bastard. As she watched the spider blow and its guts rain
throughout the room,  something crashed through the wall, twining
around Jill’s slender waist and drag her back towards it.
	Oh god no. It appeared to be a monstrous plant. Vines hung
from  its horrific bulb, attached to the leafy roof. It was crushing
her ribcage. She felt a twinge of pain and gasped, feeling the plant
slowly extract blood  from her through adaptions.  More vines
wrapped around her, forcing her  to stop kicking. All she could do
was scream for help.
	“Jill, hold on!” Rebecca exclaimed vaulting herself through
the hole with a gigantic Flame thrower in her hand.
	“Hurry! “ Jill said, her face the look of unbearable pain.
	Rebecca hauled the trigger and a marvelous line of dancing
flames poured out, directly onto the plant. It hurled Jill to the
ground and reached for Rebecca in a desperate attempt to stop the
intense heat from hitting it. Rebecca jumped back agilely and
continued the shots. Soon the plant gave up, melting into a purple
goo on the oriental mat. Rebecca dropped the gun, rushing over to
	“Are you okay, holy shit. What was that?”
	Jill shook her head. “ I don’t know. Thank you Rebecca.
You saved me from  being plant food.” Jill whispered feeling weak
and dizzy.
	“It’s all a part of the job” Rebecca forced a smile, reaching
her hand out for Jill to pull herself up.
	Sonya, Johnny and Chris rushed through to join them.
“Man, Johnny. I owe it  too you.” Jill sighed.
	“What do you owe?” Johnny grinned.
	“If you hadn’t gone to get everyone, I would’ve been a
goner” Jill answered.
	Rebecca had handed the gun to Chris and was now
examining the crumpled map. A look of disappointment washed
on her face. 
	“What Rebecca?” Sonya asked striding towards the young
	“We are definently on the wrong track, no questions asked.
We have to get out of the guardhouse” She sighed. “The map states
that there is an underground passage outside. It leads straight to the
umbrella labs.”
	Chris nodded taking in the information attentively. “Lets
	You could probably say that it was freezing. The group had
climbed down a  ladder and into a dank underground. Sonya tried
to adjust to the darkness of the cave to no use. It was simply too
dark. A tiny light flashed and flickered illuminously, coming from
	“This torch is almost out but hopefully it will last us a little
	“Thank god for Becca” Johnny sighed placing a warm hand
on her back before advancing next to Sonya. 
	Rebecca smiled, pleased that they were accepting her as a
team mate and not just a kid tagging along. Jill was still holding 
onto a small few wounds on her side , It was painful but she’d
	“You ok?” Chris asked, concern painted on his face for the
fellow Alpha. 
	Jill nodded, looking at Chris and keeping an expressionless
face so he had  no need to worry. He grasped her hand gently and
leaned over to whisper in her ear. “Just stay with me, you’ll be
	Jill felt a blush creep up on her and she once again felt like
a helpless child.

	Albert Wesker  perched in his office seat, staring out the
misty window and up at the cold moonless sky. He thought about
the S.T.A.R.S. He wondered how many others had perished just
like Joseph and Kenneth. It had become common knowledge in the
past few hours that there were now two extra to dispose of. 
	A young man and woman, both very athletic looking. He
had seen the man rescue the new girl Chambers and the woman
take care of the S.T.A.R.S mission very well, befriending Chris
and Jill. Kicking zombie ass. He knew that now he had more in his
hands than just a few billion dollars and a mission to complete.
	He had five very pesky people to dispose of. That made
him mad. Umbrella had said that killing the S.T.A.R.S and
covering up the T virus spill was going to be quite a job but he
didn’t know this was going to happen. Now things were really out
of joint. So many unexpected things had happened. Bravo’s crash,
Brad leaving without them.
	He stared into the thousands of surveillance cameras lined
up on the wall. He had watched the group through the security
cameras, pining for one of the to drop on their knees and die. To
no avail, He was getting frustrated. All he had learned was that
Rebecca was quite good at dealing with the hunters. Still fuming
he thought again. At least the money was good. And he had 
exactly the right person in mind. The one to battle the worlds most
powerful biological weapon. Tyrant.
  What was her name again. Tonya?

	Finally, a door. They had split into two groups after finding 
that the passage intersected into two paths. Jill and Chris had gone
right. Rebecca, Sonya and Johnny had opted on left. Jill and Chris
had chosen the darker path, Sonya thought of them as quite
intrepid for doing so.
	Johnny winced as the door screeched, dragging along the
rock. Sonya and Rebecca covered their ears in disgust. It was a
horrible, high pitched sound. All that was there was a large boulder
and more moldy rocks. Sonya was really starting to get sick of
green. It was stinky and it wafted everywhere. A sickly smell.
	Johnny frowned, "I’ll go over to the other side, try and find
Jill and Chris. They could’ve found something”
	Sonya glanced over at Rebecca and smiled half heartedly. “
I’m going to look around in here” She announced. Sonya strode
straight over to the boulder, It  was bigger than her.
	Sonya shrugged. Nothing interesting. She started back to
Rebecca when a loud  shuffling noise came from behind her. The
rock was moving! Oh shit! She exclaimed sprinting as fast as her
legs could take her back to the doorway.  Rebecca reached in,
grasping Sonya’s arm instinctively and yanking her out. The
boulder rushing past, only centimeters away from her feet.
	“You ok?” Rebecca asked. 
	Sonya gasped, shaking her head. “Yeah, I think so”
	Rebecca glanced in and noticed an elevator that was
formerly hidden behind the boulder. The rock was a trap. To try
and stop them from getting to the lab. Rebecca unraveled the map
and asked Sonya to hold it. She slowly swiped the torch to their
position. The orange light bouncing off of their faces. 
	“Sonya, I think we’ve found the lab!”
	“You're kidding!”
	Just as the pair exchanged joyful grins, Johnny, Chris and
Jill appeared. 
	“What did you two Cheshire cats find?” Chris asked
	Rebecca felt like dancing, They were so close to the
heliport now. All they  had to do was walk through the labs and
find it. It couldn’t have been any more easier.
	“We found the elevator that leads up to the labs Chris!”
She shrieked happily. Jill grinned, She felt just as relieved as the
	“Well we better get going then!” Chris said.

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