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	Kombat. I do not intend on copying any other persons work
	and I only write these storys for fun. The only characters
	that belong to me are Veronica, Spencer Danielle,
	Bridgette, Shawn and Joel.

Credits: Thanks again to Christie whom always helps me with my
	work. Also thank to Nikki.

Realm of Fire (part 2)

	Sonya followed Veronica, hoping that Johnny had
somehow survived. Sonya hated to think that what Veronica had
told her was true. The brainwashing of the other lost souls in a plot
to take over the Earth. Sonya and Veronica were in what appeared
to be some sort of city ruin. 
	"This was a palace, until the kingdom destroyed it. They
killed everyone. All that is left now is this ruin." Veronica
explained examining a large structure in the middle of the
site."A great empire owned this city. The king and queen of
Serenity treated everyone wonderfully and equally. It was a
peaceful, beautiful city." She added.
	"What happened?" Sonya said, amazed by the child's
knowledge of the civilization.
	"One day the gloom kingdom just came unexpectadly and
attacked the whole city.It was ultra violent. The people of Serenity
were wiped out. Another victory for the gloom." Veronica
	Looking down  the rows of broken columbs, Sonya noticed
a figure standing in the distance. He was slowly coming 
towards them.
	"Could it be Johnny?" Sonya wondered.. Who ever he was,
he was getting closer.
	Veronica turned and glared at the figure. Veronica pushed
her brown hair back and pulled out a strange little device. It looked
like some sort of tiny, golden staff.
	"This could be bad news." Veronica muttered. 
	Sonya shook her head. "No, I  don't think this ones bad."
She argued.
	Sonya's eyes widened in shock as she saw the mans face
finally. Her dead partner, Shawn. The one that was killed by Kano.
He stood before her. He looked as shocked as Sonya was. 
	"Shawn..." Sonya gasped. 
	"Sonya, is that you?" Shawn asked.
	Sonya nodded. She was amazed. She was looking at a guy
that died over a year  ago. She had seen him get murdered and yet
there he was, feeling fine. Sonya ran up and gave him a joyous
	"I can not belive this, do you know what it was like for me
to witness your murder that night." Sonya exclaimed. 
	"I remember your horrified expression." Shawn 
answered. He looked around a bit before turning back to Sonya.
"Mileena informed me of your presence, You could be in terrible
danger." Shawn warned. He turned to Veronica. "You're correct in
your theory about the Kingdom's plan to create an army of souls to
take over the Earth" He said. "A few hours ago, three souls who
had not been brainwashed escaped from the gloom palace
and now the king has sent dark force members out to hunt them
down." He added.
	Veronica sighed. "How does this concern us?" She said. 
	"Johnny is one of those three survivors. Now Sonya, King
Spencer and his Sorceress know that you are here and they are as
eager to kill you as they are to kill Johnny." Shawn answered.
	Suddenly a group of people appeared from no where. 
	"Damnit, The forces tracked us down" Shawn cursed. 
	The group was made up of three men and one woman. One
of the men, obviously the leader, held a staff in his right hand.
He hurled it to the ground. When he did that a huge shockwave ran
through the dirt. It knocked a line of columns. The columns began
to fall like domino's. Sonya, Shawn and Veronica dashed out of
their way,  afraid of being crushed by the columns. 
	Sonya threw the hellblade. It spun through the air. It
hacked through two of the members. Veronica held her little staff
and began muttering words of a strange language.The red stone on
top began glowing and a brilliant ray of red light shot out. It
covered the remaining members. Sonya's mouth dropped open as
she witnessed the effect of the light. The two force members cried
out as their skin melted off of them and their bones disintergrated
until all that was left was a white powder. 
	Veronica scowled putting her staff away. 
	"What the hell was that?" Sonya shouted. 
	Veronica grinned. "Magic." She replied. 
	The underworld was a very strange place. All this magic
and super swords. It was all so wierd. Sonya had to put up with the
underworld to find Johnny. The Underworld bizarness was not that
terrible but the dangerous bizarness of the gloom. 
That was terrible. If Johnny had escaped and survived, It would
mean that hopefully she would see him again. She hoped that
Johnny would be found soon and that in the time that he is not
with her he would not perish in battle.

	Johnny was being very careful. The bridge that he was
crossing was old and rickety. It could possibly collapse. He was far
in front of Joel and Bridgette. They were very afraid of falling and
were taking there time. Johnny grasped the rope railings and
watched the slightly swinging wooden bridge for any unstable 
area's. The problem was, if the bridge collapsed while they were
still on it, they would all fall into a fiery pit where they would all
burn forever. That  is why they had to be very cautious.
	Johnny finally stepped onto safe solid ground and turned to
watch Bridgette and Joel. 
	"Come on, hurry up" Johnny urged.
	He peeked over the shoulders of his friends to see someone
holding a rather sharp looking axe over his head. He was on the
oppisite side of Johnny and was going to cut the rope railings 
that held the bridge up. Johnny recognised the man as Kyle, one of
the brainwashed lost souls. The evil curse that Spencer had put on
him was incurable. All signs of good that were once in Kyle were
now gone and would never come back. 
	Kyle swung the axe down cutting through the left side of
the rope. A very sharp axe. Bridgette stumbled as the bridge tipped
to one side. Joel grabbed Bridgette's hand as well as the other side
of the bridge. Kyle hurried to the other side of the bridge
and swung the axe down again. Jol and Bridgette didn't have a
chance to survive. They were right in the middle of the bridge and
could not quickly leap to safety.Johnny was helpless. He watched 
horrified as the bridge fell. It all happened so quickly. His friends 
screams filled the air as the flames ate them up.
	Kyle was about to throw the axe over towards Johnny but a
strange looking  knife whizzed past Johnny's ear and pierced Kyle
in the chest. He fell to the ground, struggled for a few seconds then
stopped breathing. Johnny spun around. A woman with long black
hair and another knife stood behind him. She looked  a lot like
	"My name is Mileena, are you okay?" The stranger
	Johnny gave her a doubtful look. Could this just be another
force member trying to trick him. 
	"Don't worry, I want to help you." Mileena said
sensing  Johnny's lack of trust.
	"Help me? How?" Johnny asked. 
	"Against the forces. You must follow me. Sonya 
is in search of you and she could be in danger" Mileena explained.
	"Sonya?" Johnny questioned.
	"Hey Johnny!" Someone yelled.
	 Sonya and two others stood on the other side of  the pit.
Another bridge appeared, Replacing the broken one. Sonya,
Veronica and Shawn ran across it. 
	"This is great, Sonya and Johnny are finally reunited."
Mileena said as Sonya approached Johnny. 
	"You silly girl, you put your life in danger to find me."
Johnny laughed. 
	"It was worth it." Sonya smiled. They both
kissed for a long time.
	A ear splitting scream from Veronica ruined the moment..
Johnny and Sonya broke out of their hug to see king Spencer. 
	"I'd hate to ruin this happy little reunion but it just so
happens that today you are going to die" Spencer boomed. 
	Mileena laughed. "Not if we kill you first." She bravely
	"You will not beat me weak girl." Spencer growled.
	Mileena smiled angrily. "You forget that I once worked
for a very powerful emperor. I know many fighting skills." Mileena
	"I tremble with fear." Spencer sarcastically said. 
	As soon as he said this Mileena disappeared and then
appeared in the sky, kicking the king in the  head.
	Sonya noticed a small army gathering behind the fallen
king. The army was lead by a woman, probably the sorceress.
	"Destroy them now." Danielle shrieked. Veronica, Shawn
and Mileena ran towards the approaching dark force army. 
	While they were fighting the Dark Forces, Sonya found
herself facing Danielle. Sonya performed a leg grab, catching the
sorceress off guard. She wrapped her legs around the sorceress's
head and threw her to the ground. Danielle stood up quickly. She
wasn't fast enough and Sonya knocked her over the edge of the pit.
Danielle was burnt by the hot smokey fire. 
	Meanwhile Johnny and Spencer exchanged angry looks.
Johnny was not going to let Spencer destroy him. Johnny
performed a shadow kick and an uppercut that knocked the king to
the ground. The king pulled Johnny down by the foot and gave him
a devasting punch to the head. Johnny got up,  punched Spencer in
the stomach then pushed him into the pit where he too could burn
	Sonya wandered to the edge of the pit and looked into the
flames. "It's over." She sighed in relief. 
	"You did well, now you must return home" Shawn said.
	"How are we to do that if we are no where near the gates."
Johnny said. 
	Mileena revealed a large clear crystal. She dug it into the
ground. "This crystal takes people home without going through the
gates." Mileena told them. "Everyone whom is going back must
touch the crystal. You have to wait a few seconds then suddenly
you will find yourself back home" Mileena added.
	"Mileena, Shawn, thanks for everything" Sonya said.
	Shawn smiled warmly. "It will be a while till we see any of
you again." He said. 
	"Yeah" Sonya sighed.
	They all exchanged saddened goodbyes and Sonya placed
her hand on the crystal. A white light flashed before her eyes and
suddenly she found herself standing in the living room of Kitana's
Outworld palace. 
	Johnny was by her side. Liu, Kitana, Raiden and Sindel all
stood in the room. They looked glad that Sonya came back safe
and with Johnny. Sonya turned to Johnny. They kissed properly
this time. At the same time she thought about little Veronica.
Hopefully she was safe with her parents now.  
	"I'm so glad that you both are safe!" Kitana exclaimed.
"Why don't you come have a drink? You must be thirsty." Kitana
	With Johnny's arm around her, Sonya followed her friends
outside where she  could tell them all about their adventure in the
Realm of Fire.

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