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Part 11

Sonya lept up in her bed, gasping for breath. She looked down at the man beside her. She reached down and gently
stroked the scar on his abdomen. Sonya leaned down and kissed him gently on the forehead. Johnny Cage shifted in his
sleep and rolled over. Sonya stepped out of bed and grabbed her robe before walking into the kitchen. She lent against
the bench and ran her fingers through her hair. She had been having nightmares ever since she got back from Outworld.
It had been several months now and everyone had gone to their respective homes and or realms. Sonya grabbed the milk
carton out of the fridge and took a big gulp.

"What are you doing!?" Johnny asked frightening Sonya into shooting some milk out her nose. Johnny began laughing and
pointing so Sonya put the lid back on and threw the bottle at him. It hit him in the head, knocking him to the floor.
It was Sonya turn to laugh as Johnny got to his feet.

"Touché." He grinned. "Can't sleep?"


Johnny walked around the counter and put his arm around her.

"The dreams again?"

Sonya nodded. She looked up at him and he smiled back at her. She turned and gave him a hug and he returned it.

"What the hell is he waiting for Johnny? Why is he just sitting around doing nothing?"

"Who says he is? The guy has his own realm, I'm sure he's probably wooping it up with all those ugly mutant chicks."

Sonya broke the hug off.

"Johnny, that isn't funny. This is serious. We have an enemy that could have us killed with the bat of an eye."

"Sorry. I'm just trying to keep things light."

"But things aren't light. I hate this 'waiting for him to make a move' crap. Why can't we just go find him, wherever
he is, and kill him to death." Sonya breathed a sigh and calmed herself. "What's he gonna do Johnny?"

"I wish I knew." He smiled. They hugged again and stayed there for a while just enjoying each others company. The phone
rang and Johnny reached over and picked it up without breaking away from Sonya.

"Hello?" Johnny answered and listened to the person on the other end. Sonya looked up at him and saw his face. His
expression caused her move back and wait for him to say something. He didn't. He hung the phone up and looked down at
the bench.

"Johnny, what!?" Sonya asked impatiently. He looked up at her with a grim expression.

"Looks like you got your wish."

Sonya didn't answer. She stared back at him waiting for an explanation.

"That was Liu. Apparently a large portal has opened up in China, near the Temple of Light. It's Kahn. There's an army of
his warriors invading Earth Realm. Their taking everyone's souls."

"That's impossible. Kahn has to win the Tournament to open the portals. He can't!"

"The rules didn't bother him last time. This is it Sonya. It's time to fight."

"Johnny, what's to stop them from taking our souls aswell? They don't need to fight us for that."

"Liu said that he can't take the souls of the chosen ones. A handful of warriors from Earth, chosen by the Elder gods, to
compete in the next Tournament."

"The next Tournament. Another Mortal Kombat?"

"That's right. Only this time, there's no rules."

Sonya stared at him. The weight of their situation had finally caught up with her.

"What do we do now?" She asked.

"New York."


"That's were Kahn is."

"Kahn's here? In Earth Realm!?"

"Liu said that Rayden would be here soon to pick us up. He's going around Earth collecting the chosen warriors and
taking them their before he loses his powers."

"Rayden's losing his powers?"

"The two realms are merging Sonya. Kahn is merging our worlds to make one big Outworld. And in Outworld, Rayden has no

"I remember." She paused to think. There was so much to think of her mind just seemed to stop. She shook her head to
make some sense when a loud noise erupted from outside. They both ran to the windows and saw it. A portal.

"Oh god, not now." Sonya whispered.

"Come on." Johnny said running to the bedroom, followed closely by Sonya. She put on her new Special Forces uniform as
Johnny put on his pants and shoes. Outside they could here the sound of screaming and explosions. They said nothing,
just got ready for what was coming. Once they both had everything they needed, they ran for the door. Sonya was about
to run out when Johnny grabbed her arms and held her in front of him, staring deep into her eyes. Sonya waited for him
to say something, but he didn't. He just kissed her. A kiss that said more than words ever could. They broke off and
smiled at each other. Then Johnny ran for the roof, Sonya not far behind. When they got to the door to the roof and emerged
out into the cool night air, nothing could prepare them for what they saw. As they neared the edge of the building, they
could see the streets below. Millions of Kahn's warriors were running around the streets of L.A. stealing souls from
anyone they saw. People were trying to shoot them but they kept coming. Nothing was stopping them. Sonya looked up at
the portal and saw even more warriors leaping out of the portals. She looked at Johnny, who was now looking at the portal

"We're not gonna stop them are we?"

"'Fraid not blondy." A voice came from behind them. A voice from Sonya's past. A voice she wish she didn't know. Johnny
turned but Sonya didn't need to.

"Kano." She snarled. Sonya turned slowly to face her enemy. He was just like she remembered, only this time he wore a
black uniform.

"Promotion?" She asked with mock interest.

"Yeah, you too I see."

"Nah, just got tired of the old uniform."

Sonya and Kano spoke like old friends, and to an extent, you could say they were. They had both studied each other for
hours on end, trying to learn their strengths and weaknesses. Sonya knew more about Kano than she did Johnny. Behind
Kano stood at least a dozen of Kahn's warriors.

"New gang?"

"I'm just exploring my career choices. You see, I made a new friend. Big guy, name of Kahn. It seems he needs me to
train his men in the ways of Earthling warfare. And when he told me that I'd get another crack at you, how could I say no?"

"Ohh, Kano. I never knew you cared."

"You know I'm always pleased to see you Sonya."

"Right. Enough talk." Sonya said before breaking into a sprint. She lept into the air in an attempt to land a flying kick,
but some sort of blast caught her in the midsection, knocking her to the ground. Kano motioned to some of the warriors and
they grabbed Sonya before she had a chance to get up. They held her facing Kano. Some other warriors went and subdued
Johnny, and brought him over to face Sonya. Kano stood in the middle.

"Now now, miss Blade. Aren't we a bit testy? Perhaps I can calm you down." He said to Sonya before backhanding her in
the face. She looked back at him and spat blood on his cheek. He grinned and wiped it off.

"Perhaps not." He shrugged. "However, you're not my concern today. I have been sent here for another reason." Kano
turned to Johnny and Sonya realised Kano's intentions.

"No, you can't. He's an Earth warrior, you can't!" She yelled at him. Kano moved Johnny so that Sonya could see him.
He pulled out his knife. It had the Black Dragon insignia printed on it.

"I'm sorry," Kano said with an apologetic face, "I'm afraid he didn't make the cut." Kano held the blade up to Johnny's
face. "Let's see what we can do about that."

Sonya's eyes widened. The world slowed down. She looked at Johnny, and his gaze caught hers. He looked at her peacefully,
and gave her a slight grin. Tears ran down Sonya's face and she felt the salty taste on her lips. She forced a smile
back and could tell that Johnny appreciated it. Kano grabbed Johnny's hair and pulled his head back, exposing his
neck. The blade moved slowly for Johnny's neck and Sonya could almost feel the cold steel on her own neck. Kano
began to drag the blade across Johnny's throat, separating the skin and spilling blood down his bare chest. All
of a sudden the world came back into it's normal speed as Kano finished slitting Johnny's throat. The warriors that
held him let him slump to his knees. Johnny coughed up a mouthful of blood and one of the warriors put his hands on
his head. A green light began to drain from Johnny's body and leak into the warriors hands. Johnny's eyes rolled up in
his head and in a few painful seconds, he was gone. They let go of his body but Kano caught it. Sonya watched as Kano
dragged Johnny's body to the edge of the building and toss it off the side as if he were a piece of garbage. She wanted
to run and save him but her body wouldn't work. Her head felt as if it would explode with despair. Johnny had changed
Sonya in a way she never thought possible. And now in just a few short minutes, he was gone. She desperately wanted to
cry and scream but for some reason she was emotionally locked. A portal opened up behind him and he signaled for his men
to let go of Sonya. They all ran to the portal and disappeared inside. Sonya stood lifelessly staring at Kano. He smiled
and gave her a mock salute before turning and jumping into the portal. The large mystical doorway shrank and disappeared
into the air as if it never existed. Sonya stood in silence for a moment. Then she collapsed to her knees and vomited on
the ground. She wiped her mouth and looked up at where Kano stood moments before. All of a sudden a bright light appeared
in the same place and Rayden emerged from his own portal. He saw Sonya and ran to her aid. The realisation of Rayden's bad
timing hit Sonya like a fist to the face and she broke down crying. Her emotions finally being released in a sudden burst.

"Sonya what's wrong? What happened?" A very concerned Rayden asked. Sonya reached up and grabbed him by the collar,
pushing him to the ground. She sat on top of Rayden and began punching him in the face.

"You bastard! Why'd you let him die! Why didn't you get here sooner!!" She cried as she continued punching the poor
confused Thunder God. Having no choice, Rayden transported himself a few feet away from Sonya, leaving her punching
the ground. This didn't stop her. Her grief and rage kept her punching the solid concrete. Rayden noticed the pool of
blood next to her, and the absence of Johnny, and pieced it all together. Sonya finally stopped punching and sobbed into
the ground. Rayden followed the trail of blood to the edge of the building and reluctantly peered over the edge. Lying in
the street below was the lifeless body of Johnny Cage. He lay on the roof of an abandoned car, staring blankly into
nowhere. Rayden looked away and went to Sonya, who was getting to her feet. Her eyes were stained red and her cheeks were
wet with tears.

"He's gone." She said to Rayden, who nodded his acknowledgment. "H....he killed him, and now he's gone."

"Who killed him?"

Sonya's face turned from sorrow to anger.

"Kano." She snarled. Rayden understood what happened now and put his arm around her to comfort her. Sonya shrugged him
off and walked to were Rayden had appeared.

"Let's go." She said firmly. Rayden was about to lecture Sonya on the dangers of fighting in anger but decided that now
wasn't the time. He gestured his hands and a portal appeared. Sonya walked straight through leaving Rayden following,