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Part 12

Sonya stepped through the other side of the portal into what was once the city of New York. What stood there now was
unrecognizable from what it once was. Bodies lined the streets and the sky was a colour Sonya hadn't seen before.
Rayden stepped out behind her and the portal closed.

"Here we are." Rayden said expecting some kind of smart 'duh' from Sonya. She simply walked forward to join the others
who were assembled in the lobby of one of the more complete buildings. When Kahn's warriors invaded Earth Realm the army
had tried to mount an offensive but they were no match for Outworld’s superior weaponry, and with Kano leading them
they had full knowledge of Earth's weapons aswell. Most of the once historic buildings lay in ruin. When Sonya entered,
Liu and Kitana ran to greet her.

"Kitana? Your in Earth Realm?" Sonya hugged the Edenian warrior. She broke the embrace and hugged Liu aswell.

"And I'm not leaving until Kahn is stopped." Kitana finally replied. She and Liu looked around for Johnny. Sonya noticed
and prepared herself for the question.

"Where's Johnny? We thought he was with you." Liu asked.

Sonya bit her lip to hold back from crying.

"Johnny's not coming." Sonya replied never taking her eyes off the floor. She knew that if she looked at them she
would break down.

" He wasn't one of the chosen ones this time round. They killed him." Sonya walked past the two shocked
warriors and joined the others, who were hearing the news from Rayden. Sonya could tell Rayden had told them not to
mention him on her behalf, and was grateful. She preferred to lose herself in work as she had always done when she
was forced to deal with her emotions. There were several warriors Sonya had never met before so Rayden did the introductions.

"Sonya Blade, this is Kurtis Srtyker, leader of the riot control here in New York."

Sonya smiled at each person as Rayden did the introductions but they could all tell she didn't much care.

"This is Nightwolf, a historian and powerful shaman. You've met Jade, Sub-Zero, Kung Lao, and this is Kabal."

Sonya didn't smile at Kabal like she did everyone else. His name was familiar but he wore a gas mask of sorts over his face.

"Kabal was wounded in the battles and so he has to stay confined to that mask." Rayden whispered to her.

"Nice to meet you." She shook his hand, and addressed everyone else. "All of you. It looks like we have a real chance.
Rayden?" Rayden came over to her. Sonya hesitated a little but spat her question out.

"Where's Jax?"

"Jax will be joining us shortly. He's been at the hospital since..."

"What!?" Sonya asked wide eyes and fearing the worst. "No. Not him too."

"It's okay Sonya he's fine." Rayden tried to calm her.

"Well if he's fine then why is he in the hospital?"

"He asked me in confidence to keep it a secret. He said it was a surprise. For all of us."

Sonya looked a little suspicious, but she trusted Rayden. She joined the other warriors and they all began planning
their attack.

After a half hour of planning Sonya was bored. She wondered were Jax had gotten and why he wasn't there yet. Just then
the front doors burst open. It was Jax. His right arm was missing and all that remained was a stump as if it had been
amputated. He had a giant wound in his stomach and was dying right before her eyes. Sonya lept out of her chair and ran
to him, her eyes welling with tears.

"Jax!" She cried but before she could get to him someone grabbed her from behind and held her arms. Jax fell to the floor,
overcome with pain. Sonya looked towards the others but they all watched as if they didn't want to get caught in the
crossfire. Sonya couldn't believe their selfishness and turned her attention back to Jax. Her eyes widened with horror.
Behind Jax was Kano. He held his knife, the same one he had used to kill Johnny. Kano reached down and grabbed Jax's
head, pulling it back to reveal his neck. He grinned at Sonya before slicing Jax's neck open. Sonya tried to scream
for something, anything, but a tiny squeak was all her body could manage. The person holding her let her go and threw
her to the floor. She looked back to see who it was and found herself staring back at Johnny Cage. His throat was
still slashed and he was deathly pale.

"No." Sonya managed to whisper backing away from him. Johnny grinned and followed her slowly.

"Yes." He said. When he spoke blood poured from both his mouth and neck. "You just let your partner die Sonya. Just
like you let me die. You could have saved me but you didn't. Why Sonya? Why did you let me die? Just like Jax. Just like

Sonya could believe what he was saying. Deep down she had always blamed herself for Sparky's death, and now Johnny's.
She had never told anyone that though. Johnny crouched next to her and looked at her with an expression of a sad little
boy. Blood stained his chin and chest. Suddenly his expression turned angry and when he spoke he spat blood over Sonya.

"Your a failure!" He growled.

"No!!" Sonya screamed leaping out of the stretcher in the corner of the lobby. She panted hard as if she had been running
for a week. Kitana ran over to her to comfort her but Sonya barely noticed. She looked around for Johnny and Jax, but there
was nothing.

"Sonya it's okay, just calm down. You were having a bad dream." Kitana assured her. It had felt so real to Sonya. She
swore she had felt Johnny's touch. That she had watched Jax die.

"You fell asleep during the meeting. Liu carried you over to the stretcher. You were exhausted."

Kitana's words began to sink in. Sonya, shaking, put her head in her hands. Kitana pulled the distraught Sonya's head
to her chest in a comforting embrace. Just then the door burst open. It was Jax. Sonya lept to her feet to see her partner
standing in the doorway. It was just like her dream. Only Jax had his big grin that Sonya had grown to know. However,
something was very different. Sonya stared at him, bewildered. Jax noticed and smiled at her.

"Ya miss me?"