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Part 13

Sonya stood there staring at Jax. He simply smiled at her.

"What the hell have you done to yourself this time?" Sonya asked in disbelief.

"What?" He asked as if he didn't know.

"Your arms! What the hell is this?" She asked tapping on his arms. What once was flesh was now what appeared to be steel.

"Oh these? Cybernetic strength enhancers. Takes what you've got and quadruples the muscle capacity." He said proudly.

"Well take 'em off. My god, what's wrong with you?"

"I can't just take 'em off. They're surgically attached." He tapped on his new arms and smiled back at Sonya.

"What do you think?"

"I think you've got a real confidence problem, that's what."

"Hey, this is a war I plan to win, alright?" Jax looked around at everyone and asked Sonya the inevitable question.

"Where's Johnny?"

"He was killed." Sonya said plainly. She was tired of telling people and just wanted everyone to stop asking. Either
that or to have Johnny back. Jax was about to offer the same sympathy everyone else had when Rayden interrupted. So
he simply put his arm around her and they walked off to listen to Rayden. That was enough.

"I havenít much time." Rayden began. "You have been chosen to represent the Earth in Mortal Kombat. But be warned.
Although your souls are protected against Shao Kahn's evil, your lives are not. I cannot interfere any longer as your
Earth is now ruled by the Outworld gods."

"What happened here?" Liu asked. "How has he gotten away with it this time?"

"Kahn has become frustrated by his continuous failure at taking Earth realm. He has enacted a plan that began ten
thousand years ago. It was during this time that Kahn invaded Edenia, turning it into what we now know as Outworld.
When he invaded, he murdered Edenia's king, Jerrod, and forced Queen Sindel to be his bride. He also adopted Sindel
and Jerrod's daughter, Kitana. However, Sindel despised Kahn for destroying her world and taking her family, and
subsequently took her own life. Kahn had not expected this but used it to his advantage. He had his head sorcerer,
Shang Tsung, make it so that Sindel's spirit would be reborn again but not in Outworld, here, on Earth. However it
could not happen for another ten thousand years as Shang was just beginning his sorcery techniques. This unholy act
gave Kahn the power to step through the dimensional gates to claim his bride. I am not sure how he has been allowed to
take over. His pass was only to allow access to Sindel."

"Johnny." Sonya interrupted. Everyone looked at her, confused. "Why wasn't he chosen?"

"I'm afraid, he was. Like everyone here, Johnny Cage was chosen to represent the Earth." Rayden answered.

"What? That can't be! If that was true then Kano couldn't have killed him."

"No. Like I said Sonya, your souls are safe but your lives are not. Once you are dead, your soul is free game."

"Well then why didn't he kill me too? He had me aswell, why not kill me?"

"Maybe he wanted to throw you. So you will be weaker when he chooses to have the final showdown with you. It's coming
Sonya. Be ready."

"Oh don't worry. I've got a few surprises in store for him."

"Do not fight in anger Sonya. It clouds your judgment. It puts you at a distinct disadvantage which is something you do
not want. Don't let Johnny's death be in vain." Rayden turned to everyone else. "The rest of you. Be strong. Believe in
yourself. Believe in your friends. And win."

And with those last words Rayden disappeared. Liu went and stood were Rayden was moments before and took charge.

"This city is where Kahn has set up his new palace. He is locked up in the Chrysler building. Unfortunately it won't be
as easy to get into this time round. We will need to use stealth. Take out his guards as we go, until we get to him."

"Sounds good." Sonya said standing next to Liu. "I think we need to split into two teams. Do you mind?" Sonya asked Liu,
taking over.

"Not at all." Liu smiled.

"Good. Okay, first team. Liu. I want you to take, Kung Lao, Jade, Sub-Zero and Stryker. I will take Jax, Kabal, Kitana
and Nightwolf. Liu, take your team in through the back. I will take my team in through the front. Let's do this." Sonya
finished walking towards the exit. Her team flanked her as they all walked out and began walking towards the Chrysler
building. As they walked a huge explosion echoed from above them. They looked up to see a stack of debris falling right
for them. A large chunk of wall was about to crush Kabal, so Sonya ran and dove into him, knocking them out of the way.
They looked back at the debris on the ground.

"Thankyou." Kabal said graciously.

"Your welcome." Sonya smiled.

They looked up to see a portal opening on the roof above them.

"Okay, Jax. You take the team. I'll check this out."

"Not by yourself you won't." Jax argued.

"I'll go to." Kitana stepped forward.

"Fine." Jax agreed. "Be careful." Jax warned and the three remaining team members ran off to the Chrysler Building.

'We'll meet you there!" Sonya called after them. "Come on."

Kitana and Sonya entered the building, very cautiously. Noises could be heard from upstairs, so they headed straight
there. They didn't bother looking for survivors, because they knew that there would be none. They soon reached the roof
access but upon trying to open it, Sonya found it was locked. She stepped aside as Kitana let loose a fierce kick,
splintering the wood joints and allowing the two warriors to step out onto the roof and find the source of the
disturbance. There, standing before them was Kano. The man for whom Sonya would give her life in order to take his.
Standing behind him were several of Kahn's warriors. Kano smiled at Sonya.

"Been a while."

"I've killed alot of criminals. But I've never hated one." Sonya confessed. "You continue to take everything from me
Kano. And it stops right here. Either way, this ends now."

Kano walked forward slowly, Sonya the same until they stood several feet away from each other. Kitana approached the
other warriors. They all knew who she was and they feared her, so they ran. Kitana looked at Sonya who was staring
intently at Kano.

"Be careful Sonya."

"I'll meet you at the entrance to Kahn's building." Sonya replied without taking her eyes off of Kano. Kitana ran off
after the warriors, leaving Sonya alone with her nemesis. To her left, Sonya could see what was once the Chrysler building.
Now the once historic building resembled the hideous mask of the emperor. Staring out over his conquest. Either end of the
roof Sonya and Kano were on stood two enormous stone gargoyles. The sky above them was the same colour Sonya remembered
from Outworld. Kano opened his mouth as if to say something but Sonya didn't let him. She quickly hit him with a right
and a left, before grabbing his head and slamming it into her knee. Kano staggered back a little. Sonya ran towards him
and jumped into a flying kick. Kano quickly ducked it and Sonya landed behind him. She turned to continue her attack but
was instead punched by Kano. He went to throw a right round kick but Sonya blocked it with her left arm, and slammed her
palm into Kano's nose. She heard a loud snap and blood began to flow from it.

"Oooh. That's gotta hurt a little." Sonya smiled wickedly.

"Foolish woman. You don't know what pain is." Kano retorted.

"Really? And you think that you, are gonna show me?"

Kano snarled from behind his bloody face and threw his whole body at Sonya. It was if he was doing a somersault but he
flew horizontally, straight at her. She managed to duck just as he flew over her head and landed. Sonya stood just as
Kano spun around and flung his knife at her. It flew directly for her face. The world seemed to slow as Sonya watched
the knife heading for her. Sonya took a chance. She threw her hand up as fast as she could and blindly grabbed at the
knife. To Kano's, and Sonya's, surprise, she was now holding Kano's knife. Kano gasped in shock. Sonya was a little
amazed herself but she didn't let Kano see it. She just grinned at him. Kano was outraged. He launched into a flurry
of attacks. Punches and kicks faster than any normal human could ever hope to throw. As Sonya struggled to deflect
the onslaught, her mind kept flashing images of her lost loved ones in her eyes. She saw her partner, John "Sparky"
Daniels. She saw her mother, Erica, her father, Herman, and her baby brother Daniel. Daniel was Sonya's twin brother
but he disappeared when they were three years old. The police had searched for him for months but had found nothing.
Not one clue except for the bloody cot he was stolen from. He was pronounced dead. All her life Sonya felt as if he might
still be alive, that he was out here somewhere, maybe looking for her, hoping that their biological connection would some
day bring them back together, but she had never seen him again. And finally the face of Johnny Cage came to her. He stared
at her with his big grin that had sold so many movies. Though they had only been together a few short months, she had
loved him more than anyone she had ever met. A somewhat new feeling for the hardened Lieutenant. As Sonya came back to
reality she was invoke with a new found sense of purpose. She would get revenge on her loved ones. She would take it
out on one man. The man who had taken the most from her. Kano. With renewed vigor, Sonya struck back. No longer
deflecting Kano's moves, but instead delivering bone crunching moves of her own. Kano struggled to keep up with her.
They got to the end of the roof, before the stone gargoyle as Sonya let lose a mighty side kick, knocking Kano into the
cement beast. He hit the ground hard, winded. Sonya stood over him panting from the effort. Kano looked up at her from
the ground, his face bloody and bruised. His eye, however still glowed. It seemed to glow brighter than Sonya remembered.
Kano began to smile. Sonya looked confused. Suddenly a bright red burst erupted from Kano's manufactured eye and flew
towards Sonya. Reacting quickly she threw her arms up and blocked the blast with her arm bands. However the intensity of
the blast knocked her back several meters. She landed on her hands and knees and look up at Kano in surprise.

"New and improved." He grinned.

"It's nice," Sonya replied with fake interest, "It goes lovely with your new uniform."

Kano let lose another burst. This time Sonya was ready. She held Kano's knife before her to deflect the blast, sending
it straight back at Kano. It hit him directly in the chest, knocking him back into the gargoyle again, only this time
leaving some damage. The gargoyle was cracked now and looked ready to collapse. Kano's chest was now visible underneath
his torn uniform and blood was flowing from it. He panted as if he had been running for hours. Sonya stood dominantly
before him. She slowly raised the knife as if to finish Kano off but he interrupted her.


"No! This has been a long time coming Kano. You deserve every second of pain."

"There's something you need to know." Kano said standing slowly. "I'm not who you think I am. Well maybe I am, but
there's something you don't know about me."

Sonya had all but lost her patience with Kano. "What!?"

"I'm.....your brother."

"Hmm. How very 'Star Wars'." Sonya smiled, not believing him for a second.

"It's true."

"You're lying"

"I was born, Daniel Blade. Son to Major Herman and Erica Blade. Twin brother of Sonya Blade. Born in 1975 Austin, Texas."

"Anybody could have found that information." Sonya replied still not believing him but now very
serious. "It proves nothing."

"Then how about this?" Kano said revealing a small pocket watch. Sonya remembered it as the one her mother had given
her and her brother when they were born. He flicked it open to reveal a picture of Sonya's parents. She pulled the one
she wore around her neck out and opened it aswell. It had the same picture inside. The revelation slowly leaked into
Sonya's brain.

"No." She whispered.

"Yes." He smiled back. "The Black Dragon kidnapped me from our room when we were three years old. They wanted to take
the one thing that would hurt their enemy, our father, the most. His only son. But instead of just kill me, they trained
me. Made me one of them. It distracted him. Made him weaker. And gave them the opportunity to kill him. And mother.
Leaving poor defenseless Sonya to grow up all alone. They didn't think for a second that you'd turn out to be who you are
today. I'm sure our father would be very proud of you."

"Don't! Don't you dare talk to me like we're family! You may be telling the truth and if so, then you are my brother,
but only by blood. That means nothing. I may have loved my brother Daniel once. But I have and always will hate you Kano.
Nothing can change that. Nothing."

Kano yelled, running at her. Sonya, without hesitation, let lose a mighty punch, sending Kano into the gargoyle once
again. This time it collapsed under the weight and slipped backwards off the building. Both Kano and the gargoyle fell
helplessly, ten stories down. Sonya ran to the edge in time to see her brother hit the ground. Chunks of stone and cement
landed on top and around him, partly burying him. Sonya could still see his face though. However unrecognizable it was,
she could still make out the face plate. His red eye staring into the night sky, right up at Sonya. She looked at the knife
in her hand. Rubbed her hand over the symbol of the Black Dragon. She swore to herself that she would spend the rest of her
life devoted to the destruction of the Black Dragon organization. And with that she flung the knife to the street below,
not even staying to watch it bury itself into Kano's chest. She turned to face Kahn's building. The huge face of the
Emperor staring back at her.

"Time to end this." She said to herself before running off.

To Be Continued....(I'm nearly finished. Been busy though.)