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Part 14

Sonya cautiously approached the front door of the Chrysler building. The door was wide open. She poked her head inside to see if anyone was in there. Nothing. Just then, a hand grabbed her shoulder. Sonya spun around, grabbing her attacker's arm and pinning them to the wall. Then she realised she had just pinned Kitana.

"Oh Jesus!" Sonya said letting go. "I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you." She gave a silly apologetic smile.

"That's okay. I'll live. And Kano?" Kitana asked rubbing her shoulder.

"Well let's just say that, he won't live."

"You killed him?"

"Yeah." Sonya replied somberly.

"You don't seem very happy."

"Any reason I should be? I just had to kill someone. It's never a happy moment, no matter how much they deserved it."

Kitana nodded in agreement.

"And, he said some things that...." Sonya started. "Never mind. I'll fill you in later. We've got a world to save."

The two warriors entered the dark, empty building, ready for anything.


Sonya peeked around a corner, saw what she needed to and stuck her head back.

"What did you see?" Kitana asked.

"An old friend." Sonya grinned wickedly.

Around the corner, Reptile was guarding the stairs. He paced back and forth, occasionally stopping to sniff the air. Suddenly, his head spun around to face down the hall. He slowly walked down, being careful not to make any noise. As he got to the corner he prepared for what could be around it. As he jumped around the corner, he was met by Sonya's smiling face.

"Hi." She smiled before letting lose a fierce front kick, hitting Reptile in the stomach and knocking him directly back, and through a window. Sonya walked around the corner, without missing a beat and proceeded up the stairs. Kitana followed, a little shocked at what she had just seen.

As they crept up the stairs, Kitana grabbed Sonya's hand and stopped her.

"What?" Sonya asked impatiently.

"What happened?" Kitana asked. "Back on the roof. What was it that Kano said?"

"I told you, I'll explain later." Sonya replied and turned to walk away.

"If you are going to remain in this frame of mind, you may not be here later." Kitana explained forcefully.

Sonya stopped and looked at Kitana. Her beautiful eyes gazed inquiringly at her over her face mask.

"Alright." Sonya gave in. "Sit." She looked over the staircase to the next floor to see if anyone was coming. Nothing. Kitana sat on a step and waited to hear Sonya's story.

"Not many people know this but, I have a twin brother. Daniel Blade."

"Where is he?" Kitana asked, suddenly fascinated by this insight into her friends past.

"He died. A long time ago. He was kidnapped from our house." Sonya kept her eyes on the floor until now. "He's Kano."

"What? How can that be." Kitana was intrigued.

"The Black Dragon were the ones who took him. They trained him. We all thought that he was dead. My father sent his best men in search for him but came up with nothing. He and my mother took it very hard. It threw them off, and left them open to be killed by the Black Dragon."

"Why were the Black Dragon so eager to see your parents killed?"

"My father was a major in the Special Forces. He had arrested many of their finest criminals. They didn't appreciate that to much." Sonya managed a smile. "They left me alone. They figured I was no threat to them. I was raised by my aunt. She didn't want me joining the Special Forces, she was afraid that I would end up like my parents. But I couldn't let them get away with taking my family from me. I devoted my life to my training. Focused on bringing the men who killed my father down. There was one man in particular who kept on popping up. Kano. I tracked him, and he killed my partner. I swore that I would never let him rest. I hated him more than I ever could have imagined. He took everything from me. Including Johnny. And it turns out that he's my brother."

"Sonya, you can't believe him. What if it was a trick? To throw you off."

"He had this." Sonya pulled out the pocket watch that had belonged to her brother. "My mother gave us these when we were born. I've carried mine with me ever since."

"My god Sonya, I'm so sorry. I can't imagine how you must feel."

"Thankyou. But I'm not mourning the death of my brother. He died twenty years ago."

Kitana reached out and rubbed Sonya's arm sympathetically. "Do you feel better? Now that you've told me?"

"Yeah. Thanks. Although we could have used that whole rage thing I had goin'."

"That is no way to fight Sonya. It may give you increased strength. But what it adds in strength, it takes in clarity. You wouldn't have lasted very long. And the world needs you."

Sonya smiled at her friend and leaned in to hug her. Kitana smiled at her from behind her mask. "Now what do you say we go kill something?"

Sonya was a little taken back. She raised her eyebrow at Kitana. "Woah. You got a mean streak." She smiled.

"That's right. You don't wanna fuck with me." She said moving past Sonya, who was utterly shocked at Kitana's choice of words.

"I thought you were s'posed to be a princess?"


Sonya and Kitana approached another hallway. Kitana poked her head around the corner and saw someone she didn't think that she would see again. Considering she was dead.

"My god." Kitana said under her breath.

"What?" Sonya asked and looked around aswell. "Oh my god."

Kitana took a deep breath and walked around the corner, confronting her old enemy.

"Hello sister." Kitana said flatly.

"Well, well. Princess Kitana. The Emperor has missed you." Mileena said with mock interest.

"I am sure he has. It's nice to see you alive and well Mileena."

"Yes, I have been brought back by the Emperor's sorcerer."

"I was unaware that the Emperor had taken a new sorcerer." Kitana frowned.

"He hasn't."

"But you just said..."

"He hasn't taken a new sorcerer. He has revived his old one." Mileena said, almost proudly. Kitana's eyes widened as Sonya stepped up next to her.

"Shang Tsung." Kitana almost whispered.

"How is that even possible. I saw Kahn kill him after he lost the first tournament." Sonya questioned the Outworld warrior.

"He made a deal with the sorcerer Quan Chi. To let his soul be returned from the Nether-realm to once again serve the great Kahn. Once Tsung was restored, he revived me."

"Why?" Kitana stepped forward, now somewhat angry. Mileena stepped closer aswell. Sonya was still amazed at the resemblance of the two. Only she hadn't seen Mileena with her mask off. Until now. Mileena reached a hand up to her face and tugged he purple mask she wore. It gently fell from her face and she let it fall to the floor. Underneath was a disgustingly disfigured mouth and her left cheek appeared to be horribly scarred. Mileena smiled a wicked grin and displayed her sharp, fang like teeth.

"I'm here to kill you." Mileena replied manner-of-factly. Behind her, someone Sonya had never seen before appeared. He wore a ninja suit, much like Reptile’s, only his was completely black. As was his skin. In fact there wasn't any part of him that wasn't black. He was almost like a shadow.

"Noob Saibot?" Kitana asked suddenly frightened.

"The one and only." Mileena smiled.

"You know that guy?" Sonya asked Kitana.

"Yes. He is a member of the Brothers of the Shadow. A fierce cult from the Nether-realm. Be careful Sonya, his fighting skills surpass even my own."

"Oh." Sonya said staring at him. She suddenly frowned at looked at Kitana. "Thanks for the pep talk, coach." She pumped her fist sarcastically.

The two sets of warriors approached one another. Kitana stood before Mileena, and Sonya before Noob Saibot. Behind the Outworld warriors was the stairs to the next floor.

"Oh, this is gonna be fun." Sonya said unconvincingly. Suddenly Mileena and Noob both kicked diagonally, taking Sonya and Kitana by surprise as the were knocked into walls by the other's opponent. Sonya turned and threw a right crescent kick, which Noob ducked with incredible speed. he threw a right and a left, Sonya barely managing to block them both in time before ducking a round kick. She stood and uppercutted at the same time, knocking him back a little, but he was soon back at her. She threw a right cross at Noob, but he grabbed it and swung her around into the wall. She hit it hard but kept on fighting. She threw a right back kick, just missing Noob as he ducked to his left, behind Sonya. She turned and threw her left elbow into his face, hard. She then turned the other way and forced her fist into his ribs, forcing him to bend over. Sonya then lifted her right leg and brought it down hard on his back, sending him to the ground. Without wasting any time, Noob grabbed her foot and pulled at it, forcing her onto her back. Noob rolled over and ended up on top of her. He sat there, pinning her to the floor as he punched at her. Reacting quickly, Sonya moved her head to the side, causing him to punch the ground. He reared back a little, giving Sonya the chance to get her hands free. She grabbed him by the collar and head butted him, before rolling backwards and tossing him over her head. She rolled onto her feet and turned to face Noob once again.

"That all you got?" She grinned.

"Hardly." He replied in a deep, booming voice. Noob held out his dark hand and a small stick materialized in it.

"Pfft" Sonya scoffed, waving her hand at him. "Little good that'll do you."

Suddenly the stick grew out of both ends, creating a large staff. On the end a huge blade protruded, creating a scythe. Sonya's eyes widened in shock.

"That on the other hand." She backed away a little. Noob was a fearsome sight, somewhat resembling the Grim Reaper. He twirled the scythe around and held it in a threatening pose, aimed at Sonya. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Kitana and Mileena, in a blinding exchange of techniques. She looked back at Noob as he charged at her. He swung his new found weapon at her twice, which she managed to just miss both times. On the third swing she stepped in a little and grabbed the scythe by the staff, and elbowed Noob Saibot in the face. He staggered back a little but kept hold of the weapon, as did Sonya. He pulled at it hard, causing Sonya to release her grip and spin around. She used her momentum to her advantage and performed a spinning crescent kick on Noob, knocking him to the floor and his scythe into the wall of the crumbling building. It stuck there for a moment, but soon disappeared. Sonya ran toward her attacker and dove forward into a handstand, only she was on his back. She grabbed him by his outfit and, with all her weight, stepped down to finish the handstand, only bringing Noob over her head with her hands, and flinging him into the wall, landing in the same spot the scythe did. The now weak wall was severely damaged, leaving a hole for Noob to get stuck in. Before he could release himself, Sonya aimed her right arm band at him and fired, sending a bright pink blast into his head. The blast knocked his head into the wall behind him, hard, and knocked him unconscious. Sonya stood before him for a moment, and then hard to chuckle a little at the amusing sight of Noob Saibot stuck in a wall, his head hanging on his chest. She turned to see how Kitana was doing and was just in time to see her land an uppercut to Mileena's face, sending her flying back. Mileena slowly got to her feet as Sonya ran to stand next to her friend. Mileena looked from the two Earth warriors and then to Noob Saibot, who slowly slipped out of the hole in the wall and slumped on the floor.

"This isn't over sister." Mileena hissed before running away like a coward. Sonya turned to her friend.

"They never just leave do they? They've always gotta say something." She smiled. Kitana laughed a little and turned to walk up the stairs to the next floor.


As they reached the second last floor before Kahn's throne room, Sonya and Kitana came across their original team, before they separated to stop Kano. However, they hadn't noticed yet and proceeded to split up. Jax went to the left leaving Kabal and Nightwolf. Nightwolf walked ahead of Kabal as Sonya and Kitana walked up to greet them. Sonya was about to call out when she saw Kabal reach behind his back and pull out something. It was a large knife. He held it up about to strike Nightwolf.

"Nightwolf, look out!!" Sonya warned. But it was to late. Nightwolf turned at the warning, but only to be stabbed in the chest by Kabal's huge blade. He coughed up a large amount of blood, smearing his ceremonial make-up. Kabal pushed him to the wall and pulled out the blade, still holding him up. Then to finish the job, he slashed his throat, draining even more of the shaman's blood, before he breathed his last breath. Kabal let Nightwolf's dead body slump to the floor, before turning to face the two stunned female warriors.

"You son of a bitch." Sonya snarled. "Now I remember you, Kabal."

Kabal was busy wiping the blood off of his blade. Kitana noticed a familiar insignia printed on it. A black Dragon.

"Your one of Kano's men." Sonya finished.

"How perceptive of you miss Blade."

"I can't believe I saved your life. I should have let that chunk of wall crush you." She shook her head remembering her heroics a few hours earlier.

"Yes, thankyou again by the way." He replied cockily.

"So you were working as a spy for Kano, is that it?"

"No. I was here to kill Kano."

This revelation stunned the two women.

"When Kahn invaded Earth," Kabal continued, "I was given up by Kano as one of his sacrifices. I managed to flee however, as I was chosen to fight by the Elder Gods. In an attempt to stop me, Kano blasted some kind of weapon at me, hitting me in the face. Hence my lovely new hat."

"If you were here to kill Kano," Kitana spoke up, "then why did you just murder one of the good guys?"

"I never said I was a good guy. I'm still a member of the Black Dragon. I just wanted my revenge. I knew that you would lead me to him Lieutenant, and so I joined up."

Sonya began to laugh.

"What? What's so funny?" Kabal asked her, a little mad at her insult.

"Now I know why your were only one of the henchmen." She began. She could tell Kabal was now furious. "I'm afraid you missed it."

"Missed what." He replied slowly.

"Kano. I killed him already."

Kabal just stared at her.

"You know that explosion that should have killed you? Kano." Sonya could see his fists clenching. His arms were shaking. He was furious.

"You...Bitch!!" He screamed running for her, knife at the ready. Before he even got three feet, Jax came from the side and clothes-lined him, knocking him to the ground. Kabal raised his head a little, only to be punched unconscious by Jax's new right cross. Sonya ran up to him and looked down at Kabal.

"Thanks big guy." She smiled at him.

"'s what I'm for." He grinned back.

Kabal's mask was cracked, so Sonya decided to take it off to see his face. Kitana approached and scrunched up her own face as she saw Kabal's.

"Oh, poor man." She said looking away.

"No Kitana. This man deserved every minute of it. I promise you." Sonya informed her, still looking at him.

"Without a new mask, he'll die." Jax said inspecting the cracked mask that Sonya had handed him. The three stood there for a moment. Jax and Sonya shrugged and began to walk off, tossing the broken mask to the floor, and leaving Kitana following close behind.

They approached the final flight of stairs, when Liu, Kung Lao, Sub-Zero and Stryker came around another corridor. The now full group of Earth warriors silently greeted one another and turned to face the stairs.

"I guess this is it." Sonya spoke first, taking a deep breath. "You know what?"

Everyone turned to look at her.

"I'm really sick of saying that."

They all managed a slight smile and began to walk up the stairs.