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Part 15

Sonya Blade and the group of Earth Realm warriors entered the large room that was Kahn's lair. Only there was no one to be seen anywhere. The group walked in and looked for any signs of life but there was nothing. However, they soon discovered why. A loud crash from behind them caused Sonya to jump. They all turned around to see Kahn standing in front of the now closed door, with his remaining warriors.

"Welcome to my party." He boomed at them. "I'm so glad you could all make it."

"There's a voice I didn't miss." Sonya said to herself.

"Ah, the charming miss Blade. Glad to see you could join us." He smiled at her.

"You didn't think I'd miss this," She stared at him emotionless, until she raised an eyebrow and cracked a slight grin, "Did you?"

"Not for a second, my girl. What say we get this party started? There is one thing I need to do first. I'd like to introduce you all, to my queen. Sindel." Kahn stepped aside and Queen Sindel stood behind him. She was a fairly short woman wearing a purple and black outfit. Her hair was all grey, except for a black streak running down the middle. Kitana stepped forward, eyes wide. Her bottom lip began to quiver.

"Mother?" She asked softly. The entire troupe of Earth warriors looked shocked. They had all heard the story of how Queen Sindel had taken her own life after being forced to marry Kahn, centuries ago.

"Kitana, be strong. She is no longer your mother." Liu tried to ensure her, but her emotions were getting the better of her.

"Your alive?" Kitana said to her mother, stepping forward. Sindel smiled at her daughter.

"To bad you, will die!"

The Outworld warriors walked towards the Earth warriors, and chose a combatant. Shao Kahn remained in the back, watching the events. Stryker was paired with the red cyber-ninja, Sektor, Jax with the yellow cyber-ninja, Cyrax, Jade with a ninja resembling Sub-Zero, only wearing red, Ermac, Sub-Zero, who now had removed his face mask displaying a red mark down his left eye, a sign that he is marked for death by his clan, which is why Cyrax and Sektor were trying to kill him Sonya later found out, was fighting his enemy, Scorpion, Kitana with her mother, Sindel, Kung Lao with the now cyber ninja, Smoke and Liu Kang with his enemy, Shang Tsung. Sonya found herself looking face to face with another ninja resembling Sub-Zero, only this one wore purple.

"God, how many of you guys are there?" She asked. He clearly looked confused. She nodded her head towards the other ninja's, clueing this one in on her joke.

"Oh," He replied, "The ninja outfit is very similar in Outworld, no matter what clan you are from. The colors distinguish that."

"Right. You guys don't get a lot of humor out there, huh?" She asked of his failed attempt to understand her joke.

"Not really no." He said flatly. Sonya bit her bottom lip and nodded, holding in her laugh. Shao Kahn raised his arms to address everyone.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Let the final round of this Mortal Kombat, begin. Fight!" He yelled starting the action. Everyone but Sonya and Rain began to fight. Rain had stuck his hand out to shake Sonya's. She cautiously accepted and shook.

"Good luck." He said to her honorably.

"You t..." Sonya went to reply but was hit hard in the face by Rain. She hit the ground hard and could feel the bitter taste of blood on her lip.

"You are a foolish woman." He chuckled. "This should be easy."

Sonya spat the blood on the ground and glared up at him.

"I really love it when you guys piss me off." She said before rolling backwards and onto her feet. Without skipping a beat, she let a blast from her wristbands hit him dead center. Before Rain had a chance to get to his feet, Sonya ran at him flat out. She jumped in the air and bounced of his rib cage, turning head over heels in mid air, and landing, facing Rain as he clutched his chest. He slowly got up and was faced by Sonya, readied in her fighting stance.

"It seems I underestimated you." He gasped for breath.

"Yeah, that's the last mistake you'll ever make." Sonya growled before slamming two hard punches into his face. Rain staggered back, allowing Sonya to let go a crescent kick, knocking Rain to the ground. She slowly walked up to him, smiling and chuckling cockily. Rain got to his hands and knees, still clutching his chest.

"You are indeed more powerful than I thought." He confessed. "But I will....."

Before Rain could finish, Sonya released an axe kick, colliding with Rain's face, and toppling him backwards. He slowly sat up and looked at her.

"Oh, I'm sorry, were you in the middle of something?" Sonya asked innocently. Rain's fists clenched. His eyes glazed over white, and thunder could be heard outside. Sonya looked around as the noise increased. Suddenly a large noise above them alerted her to the fact a lightning blast had hit the roof. Debris fell around her and the roaring sky was now exposed, creating an awesome scene. Sonya looked back to Rain. He slowly got to his feet, staring at her the whole time. Suddenly he threw his arms in the air, a loud crack forcing Sonya to look up. She just managed to dive out of the way of a lightning blast. She looked back to the scarred floor, were she had just been standing. Rain threw his arms up again. Sonya rolled backwards into a handstand, before going into two backflips, narrowly avoiding more strikes as she did. Rain didn't let up, blasting at her more and more. Sonya used all her cunning and gymnastic ability to flip, jump and dive out of the way every time. She soon realised that she couldn't keep this up. She looked at Rain who had momentarily stopped his onslaught. But he soon threw his arms up again, signaling another blast from the sky. This time, Sonya ran straight towards Rain. He kept on blasting but She didn't stop. Suddenly she slipped to the ground, sliding under Rain's legs, while Rain unwittingly let go of another blast, hitting him directly. He was thrown to the ground, the blast not letting up. Sonya watched as he writhed in agony as he was electrocuted by his own hand. Soon the lightning stopped and Sonya walked away from the charred remains of the once proud Edenian warrior.
Sonya joined Jax and Jade, as they had defeated their opponents. Cyrax having fled and Ermac being impaled by Jade's Bo staff, her new weapon of choice. The three watched on as the remaining warriors fought. Sonya watched Stryker fighting Sektor. He wasn't doing very well. Sonya had no choice but to watch as Sektor incinerated the poor Earth warrior with a flame thrower, concealed in a chest cavity. She lowered her head in respect as Sektor fled aswell, knowing too well that if he stayed he would be killed. Soon Sub-Zero joined them, having defeated Scorpion once again. They watched as Scorpion combusted right before there eyes. Sonya patted Sub-Zero on the back congratulating him.

"No, he will be back." He replied grimly.

"How can you be sure?" Sonya asked. Sub-Zero looked at her pensively.

"He always comes back."

Soon Kung Lao one his battle over Smoke, the latter having his head removed courtesy of Kung Lao's hat. The five warriors watched as Kitana and Liu remained fighting. Kitana soon had the upper hand over Sindel. She landed an uppercut, sending her mother to the ground. Sindel looked up at her daughter.

"Is that any way to treat your mother?" She asked rubbing her swollen jaw.

"My mother is dead." Kitana replied angrily.

"And soon will be her daughter." Sindel yelled, jumping at Kitana. Kitana managed to duck as Sindel whipped her hair at her. Acting quickly, Kitana sweeped Sindel's legs out from under her. Sindel fell on her back as Kitana got to her feet, producing one of her fans. It was still folded in however, as Kitana drew it across Sindel's face, dazing her. Kitana pulled Sindel up by the hair and held her by the neck in front of Liu and Kahn. Liu had just beaten Shang Tsung once again, this time showing no mercy and snapping his neck without remorse.

"Whatever you are, you will live to see the end of Kahn. To give my mother's soul peace." Kitana growled in Sindel's ear.

Liu stood firm in front of Kahn. The sky above was growling with an almost animal nature. Wind howling over the hole created by Rain.

"Ah, Liu Kang. It has been too long." The Emperor grinned.

"Not long enough." Liu replied fiercely. "How have you done this? Why have you been allowed to take over Earth Realm? Why havenít the Elder Gods stopped you?"

"I had a little help. You know you can always count on family. Then again, I killed your family, how could you know?"

Liu was enraged. He flew towards Kahn, landing a hard kick to his face, before landing and giving him a backhand.

"Who!?" Liu yelled.

"That would be me." Came a voice from behind the Earth warriors. They all turned to see a man with a blue face staring at them. He wore a red and green outfit, and looked almost royal. Kneeling by his side was a man they already knew. A man they trusted. A man, who wasn't even mortal.

"Rayden!" Sonya yelled to the thunder god. The man holding him by the hair, pulled his head back so he could see. His wrists were bound behind his back and he had been beaten.

"Welcome, father." Kahn nodded to the man.

"Father?" Liu asked in confusion.

"Yes." The man replied. "I am Shinnok. Elder God and father of Shao Kahn."

"You are an elder god?" Kitana asked in disbelief.

"Yes. And I have broken the laws, and allowed my son passage into Earth Realm. We will control all realms. Not even my other son and his group of mortals can stop us."

"Other son?" Liu asked.

"You mean, he never told you?" Shinnok inquired. "My other son, is none other than your thunder god. Rayden."

The group of Earth Realm warriors all stared at him in shock. Mouths gaping. Shinnok dropped Rayden to the floor and stood next to his son, Shao Kahn. Sonya and Kitana ran over to help Rayden.

"Iím sorry," He whispered painfully, "I'm sorry I never told you."

"Shh, it's okay." Sonya comforted him. "I don't blame you." She smiled at him. Rayden managed a very slight smile as Sonya and Kitana helped him over to the crowd of warriors.

"This ends now Liu Kang." Kahn bellowed.

"One way or another." Liu replied. They stood in a fighting stance.

"Don't take too long son." Shinnok said standing aside. "Fight!"

The two combatants exploded in a flurry of attacks, faster than any of them could see. It was truly an amazing sight. Before any of them knew it, Liu had gained the upper hand. Kahn was beaten down. Liu stood over him defiantly.

"I have beaten you Kahn. You will leave Earth Realm at once, and restore the souls of it's people." Liu ordered.

Kahn could hardly speak. Shinnok stood forward.

"Must I do everything myself!?" He yelled. He placed his hands before him as if he was holding a huge bowl. A swirl of green energy began to circle around between them, growing larger. All of a sudden, two forms appeared from out of nowhere and landed beside him. The were the other two elder gods. They grabbed Shinnok's arms and held him forcefully in front of them. One grabbed Shinnok by the throat.

"You have forsaken the ancient laws of Mortal Kombat, and held your fellow Elder Gods prisoner, Shinnok. For this you will be punished." He boomed. "We are sending you to Nether Realm, were you will suffer eternal torment." The two Elder Gods placed their hands on Shinnok's head. He began to scream in pain before a portal appeared below him and sucked him to Nether Realm. The second Elder God spoke to Kahn and Liu.

"The fate of Earth Realm shall be decided as it has for many millennia, and shall be for many to come. In Mortal Kombat."

And with that they disappeared. Kahn stood before Liu once again. And once again, for the final time, they fought. Kahn had used the time to regain a little strength and they were once again evenly matched. It seemed to Sonya that they fought for hours. Eventually Liu once again managed to gain control. He burst into a fierce bicycle kick, sending Kahn staggering back several feet. Liu then followed with a backhand and a side kick to Kahn's stomach. Kahn doubled over in pain, allowing Liu to land a devastating uppercut, knocking Kahn to the ground. He slowly staggered to his feet.

"You have lost again Emperor." Liu said breathing hard. "This time, I will not show mercy. You have taken the lives of the people of this planet. Of my family. And of our companions."

"No, you cannot." Kahn pleaded. "I am Shao Kahn!!" He bellowed running with his last bit of strength towards Liu. Reacting quickly, Liu released a powerful fireball from his hands, striking Kahn directly in his midsection. Kahn was thrown into a wall. He hit the ground on his knees, and began to scream in agony. Green light began to erupt from under his skin. The entire building began to shake. Kahn's scream hurt Sonya's ears. More and more light erupted from him as he stood, his arms reaching out sideways, his head thrown back. The walls began to crumble, the roof began to collapse around them. Sonya heard Liu yell for them to run, from somewhere. She grabbed Rayden with Kitana and they ran from the room. Sonya couldn't see if everyone had made it, she kept running, down the stairs as Kahn continued to scream from behind them.

Suddenly a huge explosion erupted from behind them, sending whoever was there, crashing down the stairs as the entire top of the Chrysler building erupted with green light. Sonya looked up through one of many holes in the ceiling and saw a large stream of light in the sky. As quickly as it started, the light disappeared. The building stopped shaking. They all looked around when a sudden burst of blinding white light drenched their eyes. Sonya couldn't see or hear a thing. She screamed. Or at least she thought she did. She couldn't tell if their was anything coming from her mouth or not. And then it was over. She opened her eyes and saw everyone standing before her. The building restored to it's once beautiful state. She ran to the window and almost shed a tear when she saw millions of New Yorkers crowding the streets, yelling and hurrying someplace. She turned around again everyone burst into cheer. They all hugged each other and celebrated their victory. Kahn was dead. Sonya hugged and congratulated Liu.

"You were awesome, as usual." She smiled hugely.

"Thankyou Sonya." He beamed back. He looked around suddenly as if he had lost something.

"What is it?" Sonya asked.

"Where is Kung Lao?" Liu kept looking. Then he saw Rayden approaching them. In his arms was the lifeless body of Kung Lao.

"Oh my god." Sonya said quietly as she recognised the body. "What happened?"

"He was crushed in the explosion." Rayden told them, laying the body on the ground. His famous hat was gone and the side of his face was covered in blood. Liu kneeled next to him and moved his hand over Lao's face, shutting his eyes. Kitana crouched next to Liu.

"There is nothing you could have done Liu. He died fighting for what he believed in." She pulled Liu's head into her chest and kissed him on the top of the head. Sonya walked over the Rayden.

"Rayden? Now that everyone's souls have been returned," Sonya began but Rayden interrupted her, knowing what her question would be.

"No Sonya. I'm sorry, but Johnny Cage has not been restored. He was killed before his soul was stolen. And therefore, cannot be returned."

"I understand." Sonya lowered her head. "Will you take care of him?"

"You have my word." Rayden said taking her face in his hands and smiling at her. He turned to address everyone.

"You are all free to return to your homes. Shao Kahn is gone. Edenia can once again be restored. Kitana? Does the Essence still survive?" Rayden inquired of the mystical plant that holds the soul of the once lush realm of Edenia.

"Yes. It is being kept safe, in Outworld. Where Kahn would never have thought to look."

"Very good. Use it. Return your realm. And return to your throne, where you belong."

Kitana bowed her thanks to Rayden, when someone emerged from the stairs. A beautiful woman, with black hair and a long flowing gown. She looked remarkably like Kitana.

"Mother?" Kitana asked the woman.

"Oh, Kitana!" Sindel cried and ran to her daughter. The two were at last reunited, ready to return the home to it's former glory. Jax put his arm around Sonya.

"You ready to go?" He asked.

"Yeah." She sighed. Jax looked at her inquiringly.

"You okay?"

"I am. But, what's to stop this from happening again? Who's to say some other freak from another realm won't want to make Earth his home? We have to do something Jax. We can't let this happen again."

"I know. You're right. We'll think of something." Jax said as the surviving Earth Realm warriors walked down the stairs and to the outside world. The world they fought for. A world they will surely fight for again.