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Part 16

A year had passed since the death of Shao Kahn. Once things had returned to normal, they held a funeral for Johnny Cage and Kung Lao. Sonya had now, with her partner Jax, started the Outworld Investigation Agency, or O.I.A. Kitana and Sindel had restored Edenia to it's once beautiful state and they returned the realm to it's once peaceful traditions. Liu and Rayden had begun to train a new group of fighters for the next tournament, a few miles away from the temple of light, on the ruins of Zhu Zhin. Sub-Zero had again returned to wherever it was he disappeared to.

Together, Sonya and Jax had put an end to the remaining members of the Black Dragon, with the exception of one. The elusive Jarek. Jarek was once a student of Kano. Something Sonya couldn't help but hold against him. She remembered the last time she saw Jarek before the next tournament. She had tracked him down in China town, in San Francisco. She caught up with him on a roof top. They fought a little but Jarek managed to get Sonya face first on the ground.

"Give it up Sonya." He growled in her ear as he sat on top of her, holding her to the ground.

"Bite me." She snarled up at him.

"Oh, I've half a mind to. You are little treat. Kano always said you were."

"Eew." She screwed up her face. After the revelation that Kano was her brother, this was a little disturbing.

"Now what to do with you." Jarek thought aloud, but Sonya quickly lurched her back, throwing Jarek off a little. She rolled over and kicked him in the back of the head, sending him crashing over her head and landing face first on the ground. She got to her feet, as did her enemy.

"Well, hate run but I've got a prior appointment." Jarek apologized before sprinting for the next roof top. Sonya gave chase but her radio began to buzz at her from her hip. She watched Jarek jump from rooftop to rooftop, getting away once again.

"What!?" She yelled harshly down the radio.

"Sonya, this is Jax. And you're supposed to say 'Over'." Jax's voice came out the little speaker. Sonya could tell he had a big dumb grin on his face.

"Knock it off Jax. I just lost Jarek. Again."

"There'll be time for your vendetta later. I've got someone who'd like to see you."


"Just meet me back at headquarters. Over and out." A click from the radio and then silence signaled Jax's departure.

"God damn it." She said quietly to herself. She put her radio back on the belt buckle of her new uniform. She brushed the dirt off her green tank top and adjusted her cap before she made her way back to the ground and got in her car. The O.I.A. headquarters was situated in L.A. where Sonya lived. After Johnny had died, the apartment was one of the only ways to remember the real him. She could always see him in a video store, but it was never the real Johnny. He saved that just for her.
As Sonya was driving sown the highway, she noticed that one car in particular, had been behind her the entire way. She signaled left as she approached the next exit, and fair enough, so did the other car. Sonya felt a slight grin spread across her face. She made sure her gun was at the ready and she wound her window down. The cool night air caressed her face as she readied herself. She slowly moved her car, the navy blue VX SS Commodore that the Special Forces had so generously donated, to the left and the tail followed. All of a sudden, she grabbed the parking brake and pulled it on, hard. The world spun around and Sonya found herself face to face with the tail. She took the parking brake off mid turn and planted her foot, so she was now gunning for the car. Sonya leaned out the window and began firing, hitting the wheels and causing the other car to spin out of control and run off the road. Sonya came to a stop and jumped out the car, gun at the ready.

She cautiously approached the other car. An old brown Ford fairlane. Suddenly the door popped open and someone jumped out, firing. Sonya managed to duck behind the car. But the back window exploded, spraying glass shards over her head. She ducked around the side as one of her attackers leant out the back. Sonya lept up and grabbed him, pulling him back through the window and over the trunk, knocking his head on the road. She ducked again to avoid more gunfire. She was crouched below the driver's side window, preparing to stand and fire, when it too exploded, releasing another goon. Sonya lifted her leg straight up, hitting him in the head. She grabbed his collar and pulled him through the window, taking his gun aswell. Sonya, now with a second handgun, lept to her feet and began firing, taking the last goon by surprise. He was about to fire back when one of the bullets hit him in the shoulder, taking him down and forcing him to drop his weapon. Sonya slowly approached him, both guns at the ready.

"Who the hell are you?" She yelled. He didn't answer. Sonya cocked both guns simultaneously and raised a cocky eyebrow.

"Jarek." He replied, in obvious pain and with some sort of accent. Sonya guessed Spanish.

"Your with the Black Dragon?"

"No. Jarek hired us to kill you. We are mercenaries."

"I guess that explains your lose tongue." Sonya said as she holstered her gun and discarded the other.

"I have no gang to show loyalty to. And I do not care to die for such a man as Jarek." He was struggling with his wounded shoulder.

"Fair enough." Sonya said approaching him and holding her hand out as if to help him up. However, when he grabbed her hand, she pulled him fiercely up into her fist, knocking him back down. And unconscious.

"That's for trying to kill me." She said dragging him off the road and over to his car. She collected all the guns and put them in her car before driving off and leaving them for the local authorities.
Sonya arrived at headquarters at about seven a.m. She entered the main office and was greeted by her fellow O.I.A. teammates, Torque, Mikka, and Sylence. Mikka was an attractive brunette with amazing fighting skills, Sylence was extremely skilled at stealth operations, and Torque had similar implants to Jax's. Only Torque's arms were entirely mechanical. He handed Sonya a coffee, as she sat on Mikka's desk.

"Oh Torque, you are a god." Sonya said accepting the coffee and taking a big gulp.

"How'd it go?" He asked. Sonya stopped drinking and took a deep breath.

"Well Jarek got away." She replied exhaling.

"But....?" Sylence asked expectantly.

"But, the three guys he sent to kill me didn't." Sonya finished and took another big gulp of coffee.

"God, are you okay?" Asked Mikka. Sonya nodded from behind her coffee mug.

"Were are they?" Torque inquired.

"Back in 'Frisco somewhere." Sonya shrugged. "What's been going on here?"

"Not a lot." Torque said raising his eyebrows and biting his nails. Sonya looked at him curiously. He usually only did that when he was lying. She raised an eyebrow at him. Torque knew she would though and tried to avoid eye contact. She rolled her eyes and asked Mikka.

"No really, nothing." She replied and looked away at nothing in particular.

"Sylence." Sonya asked.

"Exactly." Sylence replied avoiding eye contact aswell.

"You guys, what is going on?" Sonya asked impatiently.

"Maybe you should ask Jax." Torque told her.

"Fine, I will." Sonya said jumping off the desk. "But if you guys have done anything, I swear I'll tear you a new one." Sonya pointed at them warningly. She marched off to Jax's office, passing some colleague’s on the way. She got to Jax's office and, rather impolitely, let herself in.

"Jax what the hell is going on?" Sonya asked her partner.

"What?" he asked innocently.

"Something's going on. The guys won't tell me, they said to ask you."

"I have a surprise. Maybe you should sit." Jax pointed to the chair.

"Fine." Sonya said sitting. "But this better be damn good."

"Oh it is." Jax said pushing the button on his intercom. "Bridgette? Send him in."

"Oh right. My special guest. I'd forgotten about that." Sonya said removing her cap and shaking her hair out. "Who is it?"

"Well, while you were gone, we had a visit from a certain thunder god."

"Rayden’s here?" Sonya asked happily.

"No. But he left someone with us."

Sonya frowned, utterly confused. Then the door opened behind her. Sonya stood and slowly turned to face the man in the doorway. Her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped. Her head began to shake and soon her whole body aswell. Her eye's watered and a slight tear ran down her cheek. She looked at the man in disbelief.


To be continued........