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Part 17

"No." Sonya shook her head staring at Johnny Cage. "No, it's not you. died." Tears began to well up in her eyes. Johnny stepped forward to comfort her.

"Get away from me." She screamed backing up.

"Sonya, it's okay. I'm not here to hurt you. It's me, Johnny." He smiled at her, still advancing.

"No!" Sonya screamed and punched him hard in the face, sending him back out into the hall. Johnny hit the wall and slid to the floor. Sonya took off, running past the dazed Johnny and running to the nearest toilets. Jax walked over to Johnny and helped him up.

"That, could've been better." Johnny grinned painfully. *************** Sonya sat in one of the stalls in the ladies room, staring at the back of the door, tears flowing down her face. She had gone into a mental shut down. She sat there, gently rocking back and forth, not even flinching when her teammate, Vapor walked right through the door.

"Sonya?" Vapor's raspy voice came from behind the mask she wore over her face. Not much is known by anyone about Vapor's history. Rumors tell of a time when she worked as a scientist for the Special Forces. Apparently she was working on an invisibility device when one day something terrible went wrong. The face behind the mask has never been seen. As a result of the accident, Vapor has the ability to fly through the air, and move through solid objects. A talent that comes in handy during rescue missions in disaster areas. Most people are afraid of Vapor. People usually fear what they don't understand. But Sonya never treated her any different from anyone else, and Vapor deeply respected her. She gently reached down and wiped the tears away from Sonya's face, finally causing a reaction from the Lieutenant. She raised her arm as if to block an attack, pushing Vapor's arm away, before she realised who it was.

'Oh, Vapor." She wiped her face and smiled at her colleague. "I'm sorry, I....I must have, zoned out for a second."

"Sonya, you've been in here for ten minutes." Vapor said crouching in front of her.

"Oh." Sonya replied quietly.

"Jax told me what happened." Sonya looked up at her suddenly. "Do you want to talk about it?"

Sonya stared at the mask covering Vapor's face. The tears began to flow again, and Sonya returned to her mental lock. Vapor stood and backed through the door, leaving Sonya alone. She could hear Vapor talk to Jax outside the door. She so dearly wanted to run out there and beg Jax for some answers but her body wouldn't respond. However, Jax soon entered the small tiled room and opened the door to find Sonya staring blankly at him. Her eyes stained red form tears.

"Are you okay?" Jax asked, kneeling before her. Sonya slowly shook her head. She stared at him for a while before managing to open her mouth to talk.

"How?" She asked quietly.

"After Kahn was killed Johnny's soul was free to leave to a higher place." Jax began to recite exactly what Rayden had explained to him hours earlier. "He was watching us all from the heavens, but something's happened. Something in Edenia. A war has been waged against the elder gods, by a man known as Shinnok. Johnny asked Rayden if he could restore his body and transfer his soul to it, so that he could fight with us again." Sonya seemed to be returning to her normal self.

"But h..he's not Johnny. He's like.....a clone or something right?" She asked looking for a catch in deal. She had been hoping for something like this ever since his death. but it all seemed to easy.

"No. He is Johnny cage. His body is just, newer than his old one. But he is Johnny, one hundred percent." Jax confirmed for her. Sonya suddenly snapped out of her daze completely, wiping her face and shaking her head.

"My god." She said cleaning herself up. "You must think I'm an idiot." She asked Jax embarrassed by her unusual outburst. Jax stepped up beside her and put both hands on her shoulders.

"Never." He said solemnly. Sonya smiled warmly at her partner and fixed her hair back in a pony tail.

"Where's Johnny? Is he okay?" She asked Jax as two little stands of hair fell on either side of her face, the same way they always did. She put one behind her ear and blew the other out of her eyes. Jax handed her her black cap, smiling.

"Still not sittin' right?" Jax commented on her hair.

"Jax?" Sonya asked pointedly, fixing her cap.

"He's at your place. He told me to tell you that he'd meet you there."

"Thankyou." She said walking past him.

"Hey Sonya?" She turned to look at him, her hand on the door. "You've got one day. Then we're going to Edenia."

"What?" She asked confused. Her brain hadn't really taken a lot of the information in, except for the stuff about Johnny. Jax understood and relayed it again for her. Sonya couldn't believe it. She thought that she had seen the last of Mortal Kombat when Kahn died.

"Where's Liu?" She asked.

"He's there already, with Kitana."

"How bad is it?"

Jax didn't answer her. His look said it all.

"One day." Was all he said. And with that, Sonya left the room, heading for her apartment. Heading back to the arms of the man she loved. The man she had lost. ************ Sonya opened the door and walked inside. Something crunched under her foot. She looked down on the floor to see a rose. She bent down to pick it up and brought it to her face to smell it. As she did, she saw more roses leading towards the staircase. She followed them, spotting a note on the table.


Sonya removed her cap and pulled her hair out, grabbing a bottle of champagne that was sitting there in a wine cooler. She moved up the stairs, following the trail of roses, which became rose petals. The trail started thick, but began to get thinner and thinner, as she followed them. As she followed them to her bedroom doorway, she walked past several candles, lining the corridor. Then she came to her room. The petals thinned to a trickle before her bed. Sonya looked to her bed and saw that it was now covered in rich red rose petals. She slowly walked forward, putting the bottle on her cluttered desk, and found a note on the foot of her bed. She picked the folded piece of paper up and opened it to read,

'Behind you.'

Sonya slowly turned around, but to her surprise, there was nothing. Then all of a sudden, she was grabbed from behind. Sonya struggled with her attacker, and managed to break free before turning around to see Johnny, who was hiding in the ensuite. He grinned at her with that all to familiar grin. Sonya stared at her lost love for a moment. They slowly began to walk closer to each other, not saying a word. There was no need. They both knew exactly what they were feeling. Sonya heart felt like it was going to leap from her chest. She stared at him, all decked out in his tuxedo. They finally met each other in the center of the room, and Sonya felt herself being pulled into a passionate kiss. It seemed to go on forever, just what Sonya wanted. Eventually they broke apart and looked into each others eyes. Then Johnny remembered something.

"Wait, wait." He said walking back a little. With one quick move he pulled the tux clean off, standing naked before her. Sonya gasped in shock. then looked at the tuxedo and it's velcro straps.

"I borrowed it from a stripper friend downtown." He grinned. Sonya's face burst into a smile, and laughed at his sense of humor. It really was the same Johnny Cage. She looked at his body, then at his face.

"I see Rayden let you do some remodeling." She commented on his improved physique and endowment, grinning and raising an eyebrow as she walked over to him. He smiled at her and they kissed again, falling onto the bed and finally reclaiming the love they had once thought lost. ************ The warmth of sunlight gently woke Sonya from her deep sleep. She opened her eyes to see the blinds fully open. In their haste to make love they had neglected the windows, but she welcomed the light, as it danced over her face. She rolled over on her side and met Johnny, who was lying in the spoon position behind her. His eyes were still closed and she simply lay there, watching as his chest moved in and out. However the ringing phone soon put a stop to the peacefulness of the room. Johnny's eyes slowly opened, meeting with Sonya's.

"Morning." He smiled.

"Morning." She replied and kissed him gently. Johnny rolled over onto his back and threw the pair of bra's off of the phone before picking it up and answering.

"Hello?" He groaned down the phoneline. "Hey buddy, what's up?"

"Is that Jax?" Sonya asked reaching over. Johnny kept it out of her reach playfully.

"Sonya? Nah I think she's in the toilet or something." Johnny replied keeping the phone away from her.

"Johnny! Gimme." She said, climbing on top of him.

"Oh, hold on here she comes." Johnny said giving up, as Sonya grabbed the phone and held it to her ear.


Johnny lay there as Sonya spoke to her partner. He watched her intently as she sat on his waist, silhouetted in the sunlight. He gently stroked the soft skin of her stomach, feeling her warm skin move as she breathed. She met his hand with hers, and they shared a meaningful look. Johnny was happier than he had ever been in his life. Both of them. Sonya's face, however turned completely serious, and she looked up taking it all in.

"Okay, thanks Jax. We'll be there in about thirty minutes. Bye." She hung up the phone.

"We're not getting a day are we?" Johnny sighed.

"'Fraid not." She lent down and kissed him. "Something big's happening, we've gotta get to headquarters. I'm gonna shower." She said walking over to the bathroom. Johnny propped himself up on his elbow and watched as she walked away.

"Do you want me to maybe..." Sonya turned around and grinned at him.

"Nothing you're about to say is gonna get us there in thirty minutes."

Johnny swung his legs out of bed and sat up, rubbing his face.

"Oh well. Here we go again." He said to himself standing up and looking for some clothes before heading to the kitchen to make them some breakfast.

To Be Continued....