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Part 4

Kano entered the arena with a big grin on his face. Sonya wasted no time and lept into a fierce sprint before Shang could even begin the round.

"Begin!" He bellowed before Sonya sprang into a handspring, turned in mid air, landed into a backwards handspring, landed once again and span into a backfist, left cross, backfist combo. Kano was thrown back a little, dazed. He looked up to be kicked in the face, then the stomach. Sonya used the opportunity to land a devastating uppercut, sending Kano to the ground. Shang was enthralled at the impressive yet violent display and stood to applaud her attack. Sonya glanced over at him then back at Kano who was now standing.

"I can't believe how much I'm gonna kill you." Sonya snarled. He slowly reached behind his back and grinned. As he brought his hand back into view, something shone in Sonya's eyes. It was a knife. Kano held it up for Sonya to see. On the blade was the symbol of the Black Dragon.

"Bring back memories?" Kano asked smelling the blade. Sonya remembered it as the knife that was used to slay her partner, Sparky. Kano's face turned from one of smugness to a look of pure hatred. He flung the knife at Sonya, forcing her to dive to the ground. She looked back at Kano but was struck in the right leg by another knife he had hidden. She let out an immense scream as the blade tore through her flesh. Sonya looked down at the knife sticking out of her leg. She grabbed it and pulled it from her bleeding thigh. Kano began to run at her, as she threw the knife away he dove at her, forcing her to roll to one side. Kano hit the ground face first. Sonya rolled back and brought her good leg down on his kidneys. She rolled away and slowly got to her feet. The world slowed down. Sonya tried to block out everything from the outside, but her wound was making it extremely difficult. Kano followed, getting to his feet and running at her again. She dived to the side and stuck out her leg, tripping him. This time she rolled on top of him, grabbing his head between her thighs. She squeezed as hard as she could, winding him. He grabbed her cut thigh and dug his fingers into the wound. Sonya screamed in agony and began punching him in the face. Johnny screamed encouragement from the sidelines but Sonya was oblivious. Kano thought quick and turned his head, causing Sonya to hit the metal plate over his right eye. A loud crack came from her middle finger and she cried out in pain again. She pulled her remaining strength together and grabbed him by the throat with her other hand. Kano was helpless and was fading slowly.

"Finish him!" Shang bellowed from his pagoda. Sonya continued to push Kano's head into the sand. Suddenly she stopped.

"No." She said, letting go of Kano's neck, moments after he had lost consciousness. Sonya stood, weakly, but defiantly. "I won't."

"Miss Blade. I am growing weary of your lack of commitment. You said yourself you were here to bring this man to justice, now do so." Shang spoke slowly.

"No. This man does not deserve death. This man deserves to spend the rest of his life locked in a New York prison making special friends with Rosco the weightlifter. I mean no disrespect, but this man is coming back to America with me." Sonya stood unwavering in the middle of the sandy arena over Kano's unconscious body.

"I feel I have been tolerant enough with you Lieutenant. If you do not choose to kill this man, then I shall do it myself." Shang began to enter the arena.

"Not this time!" Liu spoke up as he entered the arena. "Do you dare defy the laws of Mortal Kombat and disrespect the Elder Gods by refusing this man the humility of mercy?"

"Do not push me Liu Kang." Shang moved towards Liu as a bolt of lightning between the two warriors signified the appearance of Lord Rayden.

"Shang Tsung!" The thunder god bellowed. "Do not push me."

"Your powers are useless against me Lord Rayden. You are expressly forbidden to interfere with the tournament."

"As are you at this stage."

The two men argued over the ancient laws of Mortal Kombat as Johnny ran to Sonya's side. She was sitting on the ground now, bleeding badly. Johnny tore a piece of fabric from his pants and tied it around her leg in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

"Are you okay?" He asked tightening the tourniquet. Sonya winced in pain.

"Yeah." She held her hand to her chest, her finger badly swollen. Johnny helped her up and the two began to walk to the sidelines, to get Sonya some medical attention. A medicinal tent was always set up at the arenas around the island in case of such emergencies. Johnny got Sonya up on a gourny and the doctor began to inspect her wounds.

"That was some fight." The doctor said as he was dressing Sonya's wound with a long bandage.

"Thanks. Ow!" She cried as he tightened the bandage.

"How long do you think that will go for?" Johnny asked looking out the tent at the argument outside.

"God, who knows." Sonya replied getting off of the gourney. The both of them stared out the tent as the two opposing warriors reached an agreement. Liu Kang was to face Goro and if successful, Shang Tsung himself. Liu seemed contented with the decision and agreed.

"What are you crazy!? Liu, he's gonna wipe the floor with you!" Sonya butted in hobbling into the arena.

"Stay out of this woman!" Shang yelled but Sonya didn't back down.

"Eat me!"

Suddenly Shang released an almighty backhand, connecting with Sonya's face. She flew ten yards to where Johnny was standing, landing right in his arms. Well almost. The two toppled to the ground, Sonya unconscious. Liu immediately struck back, sending Shang to the ground. He may have had incredible strength, but his body was still that of an old man's. Shang wiped his bloody lip and got to his feet.

"So be it!" Shang yelled and disappeared into the evening sky. Rayden and Liu walked over to where Sonya lay in Johnny's lap.

"Is she alright?" Liu asked kneeling next to her.

"Yeah she'll be fine." Johnny replied. The two men carried her back into the tent to rest. Rayden was preparing Liu for the fight, explaining how he must trust himself and believe in his strength or something. Sonya was unconscious but could hear all of the confusing talk. It meant nothing to her.

The next thing she could remember she was waking the next day in her room. Johnny was asleep on Harriet's bed. Sonya limped over to him and sat on the side of the bed. She knew he had been watching over her and a smile formed on her face. Suddenly a noise alerted Sonya's attention to the window. She slowly made her way to the small window and peered out. Suddenly and without warning the front door swung open and knocked Sonya over. The noise woke Johnny and he jumped up only to be knocked right back down again by one of the guards. They wore long purple robes and their faces were hidden under the hoods. Sonya began to get to her feet but was punched back down. She rolled over onto her stomach and was grabbed by the wrists and pulled to her feet. She grunted in pain as she was manhandled out of her room, trying in vain to escape. Johnny lay on the ground unconscious.

"Johnny! Johnny help!!" Sonya's cries became muffled as they gagged her and dragged her away.

The next thing Sonya could remember was being tied to a pillar next to Shang Tsung's throne. She wearily looked around and saw Liu Kang standing in the center of the arena. He was facing Goro.

"Glad you could join us Miss Blade." Shang's voice came from beside her. She looked to see him sitting in his throne, only he wasn't Shang Tsung. This man was much younger, Sonya guessed early thirties.

"Who the hell are you?" She asked.

"My dear, don't you recognize me? My master, Shao Khan has restored my youth, so that I may hay the advantage over your friend Liu Kang. If of course he can survive against Prince Goro."

"Shang?" Sonya couldn't believe it. Her gaze moved past Shang's revitalized face to another figure tied to his other side.

"Kano?" Sonya tried to make out the unconscious figure.

"That's right. Your speech moved me so I decided to let you take him back to your realm for incarceration. If your friend can beat both Prince Goro and Myself." Shang smiled and looked towards the arena. Sonya looked as well. Liu and Goro were both poised in a fighting stance ready to make history.