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Part 5

Sonya stared in amazement at the intense ferocity of the raging battle. Goro was incredibly strong but Liu was faster than any who had faced him in the past. Even Kung Lao. Every punch thrown by the massive half human-dragon was evaded and counter attacked by the small Chinese man. Beyond the raging battle Sonya could see Johnny cheering Liu on. She noticed a bandage wrapped around his arm, and a big black eye.

Liu managed to evade all of the towering beasts attacks, and even attack back. But his attacks only seemed to anger Goro. As Goro let out a huge punch, Liu jumped and landed on his shoulders. He lept into the air and flipped around to face Goro's back. He sprang his leg into the back of Goro's head, knocking him to the ground. Goro looked up only to be punched hard in the face. His head hit the ground and caused a large cut on his forehead. Goro stood wearily and tried to hit Liu. Blood had run into his eye now, blurring his vision. His attacks weakened, giving Liu the opportunity to strike. He began punching Goro, knocking him back. He continued his punching, kicking combo until they reached the wall. Sonya looked at Shang. He was furious. Liu lept into a backflip, kicking Goro in the face, sending him into the wall. Liu landed a few feet away, leaving Goro leaning against the wall. Suddenly Liu lept into the air, straight towards Goro. The massive monster looked up to see Liu's foot heading straight for his face. It connected, sending Goro's head into the wall, and then his body to the ground, unconscious. Liu turned to Shang and smiled, defiantly.

"I have beaten your mighty warrior, sorcerer."

"Then I may now choose a warrior to conclude this Mortal Kombat, in a fight to the death, with myself." Shang replied. He stood and looked at Sonya.

"I choose her!" He pointed. Sonya's eyes widened with fear. She knew in her heart that she could not beat Shang. In her weakened state anyway.

"You are a coward!" Rayden spoke up from the sidelines.

"Silence! The rules state that I may choose the next fighter, Sonya Blade will face me in Mortal Kombat."

"No. You will fight me! As was our agreement. Do you accept or yield?" Liu asked, still puffing from his bout with Goro, who was now being dragged off the arena by some shadow priests. Shang was torn, but his ignorant self-confidence told him that he could win. Liu was exhausted.

"I accept." He gave in. Sonya breathed a sigh of relief. Shang walked slowly into the arena. Liu was already in a fighting stance. Rayden stood back with Johnny.

"You cannot win. I shall defeat you and finally present your realm to my Emperor." Shang grinned at Liu.

"You are wrong. It is I who will win, and finish what my ancestor began five hundred years ago."

"Enough talk!" Shang yelled and readied himself in a fighting stance. "Fight!"

Shang leaped towards Liu and kicked him square in the chest knocking the shaolin monk to his back. Liu looked up to see Shang leering at him. Liu acted quick and launched his feet into the sorcererís stomach, making him reel over in agony. Liu then kicked him in the side of the head, knocking him to the ground. As the two warriors faced off, Johnny ran around the arena towards Sonya. She was chained to a podium next to Shang's throne. Kano was on the other side, still unconscious. Johnny reached her and tried pulling at the chains, but they were to strong.

"Damn it! I can't get you free." He said moving to the front to talk to Sonya.

"Rayden." Sonya said quietly. "Get Rayden."

Johnny looked over to Rayden who was watching the fight. He ran back around to get him. Sonya watched the fight. Liu was too exhausted and was beginning to lose.

"Come on Liu." Sonya begged under her breath. Johnny returned with Rayden and presented him with the problem.

"Can you break those?" Johnny asked.

"Stand back." Rayden warned. He held the chain and concentrated. Sonya looked at him and backed off a little. Suddenly the chain burst apart, allowing her arm to hang free. Rayden proceeded to break the other chain aswell, freeing Sonya. She collapsed into Johnny's arms.

"Thankyou Rayden." Sonya said turning to face him, but he was to emerced in the fight. Liu was barely hanging on.

"I've gotta get Kano" Sonya said, turning to get the fugitive.

"Wait," Johnny held her, "Look," He pointed to the arena. Shang Tsung was no longer there. Instead Sonya saw Liu talking to a young Chinese man. Sonya walked up to stand next to Rayden.

"Who is that?" She asked.

"It is the soul of Liu's brother." Sonya looked confused, "Shang Tsung murdered him before the tournament, and took his soul. Once Shang has a person's soul he is able to take that persons shape. He is trying to trick Liu." Rayden kept his eyes focused on the two warriors. Liu seemed to be falling for the sorcererís tricks.

"No Liu, fight him." Rayden whispered.

Liu all of a sudden, stopped. He looked at his 'brother'.

"No. You are not my brother. My brother is dead." Liu said before punching him dead in the face with furious speed. Shang changed back to his body and looked up at Liu, blood running from his lip.

"Your soul is mine!" Shang growled.

"I don't think so." Liu retorted, kicking Shang in the face. He spun around and threw a backhand, which Shang grabbed and held Liu by the neck. Liu used Shang to support him as he flipped over his head, landing behind the sorcerer. He threw a side kick, right in Shang's back, knocking him forward. Shang kicked his legs up in a donkey kick, which Liu ducked. He reached his arms up and grabbed Shang's legs, before standing and spinning him and throwing him away. Shang got to his feet and began handspringing towards Liu. As he got close, Liu swept his hands out from under the sorcerer while he was in a handstand. Shang fell face first into the ground.

Sonya, Johnny and Rayden began to cheer as Liu fought back. He was amazing. Sonya stared in awe as the two exchanged blows with such precision, that only years and years of training can give you. It made her feel quite inadequate. Shang was losing fast. His attacks were sloppy and Liu was able to evade them and counter with his own, even stronger attacks. Eventually Shang stopped attacking. He stood facing Liu swaying, barely conscious.

"" Shang begged. Liu didn't understand. He though it was another of the sorcererís tricks.

"I am beaten. I have lost Goro.....If I were to....face the emperor now.......I would be tortured....without remorse. Please....."

Liu was disgusted with Shang's pleaís.

"No." He replied. "If you are to be tortured sorcerer then it is surely a punishment you deserve. In respect to the laws of Mortal Kombat, and to the Elder Gods, I chose Mercy." Liu said triumphantly. He began to walk over to his friends. As soon as his back was turned Shang charged at him with the last of his strength. Liu turned and hit Shang in the stomach with such amazing force that it appeared a fireball had left his hands. Shang flew across the room and was knocked unconscious by the wall. Sonya, Johnny and Rayden ran to the center of the arena to congratulate Liu.

"Well done Liu. You are indeed a champion." Rayden said shaking his hand.

"Thankyou Rayden." Liu replied, exhausted. "Now let's go home."

"You got it." Rayden said motioning his hands to the center of the room. Some shadow priests had arrived and were taking Shang away.

"Hey, what's up with that?" Sonya asked.

"They work for the Emperor. They will take him back for his punishment." Liu replied.

"Speaking of which, Johnny? Will you help?" Sonya asked.

Johnny and Sonya went to Kano and unchained him. They turned to see Rayden standing in front of a huge swirling hole in the center of the room.

"What the hell is that!?" Sonya asked.

"It's a portal. It'll take us back to Earth Realm." Johnny explained.

"What!? Where are we now?" Sonya was still confused.

"You don't know?" Sonya shook her head. "We're in Outworld."

Sonya couldn't believe it. Liu and Rayden jumped in and disappeared. Sonya approached with caution. Johnny threw Kano in aswell. He turned and grabbed Sonya's hand. He smiled at her and jumped in, pulling her in aswell. The experience was incredible. One she would never forget. It appeared as though she was traveling through a long tunnel. When all of a sudden she was spat out at the end. They were back on Shang's Island, in the courtyard. Sonya got up and composed herself.

"That was....interesting." She said brushing herself off.

"Rayden? What will happen to Shang now?" Johnny asked. Rayden began to move his hand in a circular motion in front of him. A small window began to form. Sonya stepped up to look through it. She could see a throne room. Sitting on the throne was a large man, wearing some kind of armor. He was wearing a mask that appeared to be made out of a human skull.

"That is the emperor, Shao Khan." Rayden informed them.

Two guards approached him, carrying Shang.

"Leave us." The emperor instructed. He spoke with a low, deep voice. Shang looked up at his emperor, his face drenched in fear.

"Well now. It would appear that you have failed me again."

"Emperor I..." Shang begun but was cut off by the booming voice of the emperor.

"Silence! You are pathetic and weak. So much so that it appears even the Earth Realm warriors don't waste their time killing you." Shang looked down in shame and fear. "However I am immortal, and have plenty of time."

Shang looked up to see the emperor reaching for him. Before he even had time to scream, Shao Kahn grabbed his head and snapped his neck, forever ridding himself of the burden of Shang Tsung. He dropped his body to the ground and some shadow priests came to take him away.

"I guess I have to do everything myself. Reptile! Mileena!" The emperor called for his servants. A green clad ninja and a woman ninja, dressed in Purple appeared. Both had masks, hiding their faces. "You may begin your mission." The emperor commanded. The two ninja's left the room as the emperor sat back in his throne.