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Part 6

(Note: I felt that Jeff Meek's interpretation of Shao Kahn was far superior to that of Brian Thompson's, and wrote the character to suit his performance. Ryan)

Two weeks had passed since Sonya Blade had returned from the Mortal Kombat Tournament. Kano was in prison, Liu Kang had returned to his temple, Rayden had returned to wherever it was he came from, and Johnny Cage had returned to his home in L.A. They had exchanged phone numbers before they left but Sonya knew he wouldn't call. He probably had girlfriends in L.A. Sonya was pacing around in her apartment, talking to herself.

"I'll call you some time." Sonya said to herself impersonating Johnny. "Pfft, yeah right." She sat down on her couch with her arms crossed. "Stupid." She scolded herself quietly. She was about to get up when the phone rang. She jumped to her feet and raced to the phone on her kitchen counter.

"Hello!?" She answered half desperately, half excited.

"Sonya? It's Jax." Her partner replied on the other end. She let out a sigh.

"Hey Jax, What's up?" She asked a little disappointed.

"Gee Thanks! Is that any way to talk to your partner?"

"I'm sorry, I was expecting someone else."

"Oh? A guy?"

"Jax!" She whined.

"Sorry. Listen, I ran a search on Shang Tsung, and Shao Kahn." He informed her.

"And?" She asked hopefully.

"Zippo. I'm sorry Sonya but no one has ever heard of anything you've told us."

"Yeah, I figured." She had told the Special Forces everything about Outworld and the Emperor, but no one believed her. They even made her take a leave of absence.

"Listen, I gotta go. I'll check up on ya soon alright?" Jax asked.

"Yeah." Sonya answered, "Hey Jax? You believe me, don't you?" She asked her partner.

"Sonya, in all the years we've worked together, I don't once remember you lying to me."

"That wasn't an answer." She poked.

"Yes Sonya. I believe you. I've gotta go, see ya."

"Bye Jax." She hung up the phone and adjusted her wrist band. She was dressed in her Special Forces uniform and was about to go into work to continue her research herself. As she left the kitchen, a noise from the laundry grabbed her attention. She proceeded slowly to the laundry door and listened. She couldn't hear anything. She turned to walk away.

"God Sonya, get a grip." She said to herself. As she entered her lounge something hit her from behind. She flew through the air and landed on the couch. She spun around to see the woman ninja from Shao Kahn's palace. She wore what appeared to be a purple bathing suit, with thigh length boots, and elbow length gloves. A mask hid her face but what was visible was extremely beautiful. She had dark hair below her shoulders and had a pair of Sai's strapped to her belt.

"Who the hell are you!?" Sonya yelled at her intruder.

"I am Mileena. Step daughter to Shao Kahn. You are to be taken back to Outworld as his prisoner."

"Right, and you think, can take me." Sonya scoffed.

"I do!" She yelled and dived on her, pulling out her Saiís and slashing the cushion as Sonya rolled out the way. She leaned back towards Mileena and kicked her in the ribs. Sonya rolled backwards onto her feet as Mileena got to her's aswell. Sonya dived out the way as Mileena flew through the air towards her, slamming into the wall and knocking a shelf over. She turned to be hit in the face by Sonya, who then gave her a sidekick to the stomach. Mileena lent over in pain and Sonya threw her knee into her face. Mileena fell to the ground in pain, giving Sonya the opportunity to run for the door. She pulled the door open only to be kicked in the face by a ninja dressed in green. Sonya flew backwards into her kitchen door before sliding to the floor. She looked up at the other ninja.

"I am Reptile." He hissed. "You are to come with us!"

Sonya jumped to her feet and ran towards the ninja. She threw a punch which Reptile ducked and returned a body rip to her ribs. Sonya doubled over in pain, while Reptile grabbed her hair and pulled her back to a standing position. She screamed in pain before being punched fiercely in the face, sending her flying into her T.V set. The screen cracked and the set fell to the floor. He reached down and grabbed Sonya by the throat. He lifted her again and tossed her towards Mileena, who kicked her in the back while Sonya was in mid air. She finally hit the floor, crushing her coffee table. Sonya tried to get up one last time with her last bit of strength but was knocked unconscious by Mileena's foot.

The next thing Sonya could remember was waking up in a cell. She didn't know where she was or how she got there, but she knew that it wasn't good. She stood up and stretched her aching back. She was very stiff. She could feel a slight breeze on the back of her neck that made her turn around. Outside the cell window, Sonya could see a baron wasteland. It was a nightmarish sight. The sky was a dark purple, the ground even darker. It was devoid of all life. Sonya knew in an instant she wasn't in Earth Realm anymore. This was Outworld. It appeared as though she was in a palace. Outside were many ruins, as if there was once a city below. The sound of her cell door being unlocked made Sonya jump. It was one of the Emperor's shadow priests. He came into her cell and began to bind her wrists.

"Where am I?" She asked the priest.

"You are in Outworld." He replied leading her out.

"Yeah, I figured that much. Where in Outworld?"

"The Emperor's Palace." He kept leading her out of the dungeon, past many dark hallways and passages.

"Why have I been brought here?"

"Silence!" The priest yelled, putting a gag in her mouth. Sonya struggled a little but gave up. Her strength had left her. Eventually she arrived in the throne room. The priest deposited her on the steps in front of the empty throne. He forced her on to her knees, before leaving the room. Sonya sat there for a moment, confused. Why was she here and where was the Emperor? A figure walked beside her and startled her. When she looked up at the figure's face, a cold shudder trickled down her back. The Emperor, Shao Kahn. She fell back in shock. The Emperor slowly moved in to remove her gag.

"What do you want with me?" She asked.

"Straight to the point, I like that in a woman." Shao Kahn answered in his deep voice.

"My dear Sonya, you have been brought here for the same reason you were captured by Shang Tsung. As bait. You are to lure the Earth Realm warriors here, so that they will compete in a new Tournament. One in which I myself will be competing." Kahn informed her. He moved his masked face close to hers. "Who knows. Maybe you will grow fond of it here and stay, as my queen."

"Yeah? And maybe, just maybe, you'll wake up and realize that you are a piece of sh.." Sonya was cut off by the back of the Emperorís fist as it collided with her face. She fell down the stairs and rolled onto her back, looking up at Kahn, her wrists still bound.

"Shang Tsung may have put up with your attitude Lieutenant, but I will not." He growled. "Guards!"

Two shadow priests came and began carrying her out.

"Enjoy your stay with us miss Blade. Because your never leaving." Kahn grinned at her.

"Bite me." She snarled back. The priests led her back to her cell as Kahn sat back on his throne.

"Charming girl."