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Part 8

Sonya sat staring at Kitana through the bars of her cell.

"Okay, you're who?" Sonya asked.

"My name is Kitana. I am the Emperor's step-daughter, a fate I did not choose let me tell you."

"I know who Kitana is. You can't be her. Kitana lived five hundred years ago."

"This is true. Kitana did live five hundred years ago. And nine thousand years before that." Kitana replied pulling a large thick weapon from her boot. Sonya stared back at her, confused.

"I am Edenian." Kitana said as she flicked her weapon. To Sonya's surprise it spread into a large stainless steel fan. The edges were razor sharp. "We live for many millennia." Kitana struck the lock on the door with her fan, showering sparks over the ground, and breaking the lock. She pulled the door back and walked a few steps in, coming face to face with Sonya.

"Why are you helping me?" Sonya asked ignoring the hand Kitana had put out to help her up.

"I have been sent here."

"By whom?" Sonya asked getting to her feet.

"A man named Johnny Cage." This made Sonya's eyes light up.

"You know Johnny?" Sonya asked hopefully.

"Yes. He is one of the Earth realm warriors here to stop Kahn."


"A new tournament has begun Sonya Blade. Your friends are here, waiting for me to return you to them. So, if you please, I'd like to get moving." Kitana moved aside from the door, allowing Sonya to step through. She looked around the empty hallway. Nothing. Kitana followed her through.

"This way, follow me." Kitana said heading down the hall. Sonya followed her, trying to ignore the other prisoners, pleading for their assistance. Kitana stopped suddenly causing Sonya to bump into her.

"Hey!" Sonya complained.

"Wait. I think I saw something." Kitana said looking towards a wall. Sonya looked too, then looked back at Kitana with an eyebrow raised. "I'm telling the truth. We are being followed.

"Kitana, there's nothing there." Sonya said moving past her. Suddenly a figure leaped out of the shadows, colliding with Sonya and sending the two toppling over.

"Sonya!" Kitana cried out seeing her grappling with Reptile on the ground. She looked up to see Mileena hanging from the roof. She swung down and kicked Kitana in the chest, sending her several feet into a wall.

"Hello sister." Mileena smiled. She ran towards Kitana but was met with a foot to the stomach.

Sonya rolled onto her back, while Reptile grabbed her throat. She let her elbow fly into his face, knocking him off of her.

Kitana and Mileena exchanged furiously fast hand techniques before Kitana gained the advantage and knocked Mileena back. Kitana looked at her sister with anger, while Mileena pulled two Saiís from her boots. She held them up in a fighting stance. Kitana also pulled something from her boots, only with the flick of a wrist, her weapons turned into giant metal fans. The same she had used to liberate Sonya. Mileena chuckled to her self. "Now we're talking."

Reptile lept at Sonya who ducked to the left, sprung off the wall and grabbed him from behind as he flew past her, and the two once again toppled to the ground, this time with Sonya on top. She let lose a flurry of punches to Reptiles face, cracking his green mask. Reptile spat something threw the crack in his mask, hitting Sonya directly in the face. Sonya panicked and began trying to free herself from the substance. She fell back off of Reptile allowing him to get up. Sonya realised it was some strange substance that solidified on impact, and was beginning to suffocate her. She rolled around on the ground as Reptile moved towards her. Sonya saw this and stuck her arm out towards Reptile. She pushed a button on her wrist band and a bright pink spark lept from her right arm and struck Reptile in the mid-section, knocking him flying backwards and into a wall. Kitana looked back in shock and saw Sonya struggling on the ground. She flicked her left fan closed and threw it to Sonya who quickly collected it and smashed the rock hard substance blocking her airway. She slowly stood gasping for air and saw Kitana fighting with Mileena. Sonya was overwhelmed by Kitana's performance. And was just about to join in when Kitana knocked Mileena out with a devastating backflip, kicking Mileena in the face. She walked over to Sonya and reclaimed her fan, replacing them in her boots.

"Wow. Not bad for someone who's ten thousand years old." Sonya said clearly impressed, and observing Mileena's unconscious body, which was lying next to Reptile's. Sonya recognised them as the people who had abducted her.

"Hey, those're the guys who brought me here. I really don't like them." She folded her arms as Kitana checked for pulses.

"They're still alive."

"So kill them already!"

"No. They will die, but now is not their time."

"Well fine, go and be moral." Sonya huffed immaturely. Kitana stood and left the hall, with Sonya in pursuit. They rounded a corner and emerged in the courtyard of Kahn's fortress. There was a long paved pathway stretching from the building they just left, across to another. In the middle there was a large throne with four skulls surrounding the podium it sat on. Kitana began to walk across and Sonya followed. Kitana stopped suddenly once again but Sonya was ready this time and stopped first.

"Ha! I was ready that time." Sonya pointed to Kitana as she turned wide eyed. "What?" Sonya asked and turned around to see two purple robed guards standing there. The guards both punched them and sent them flying, hitting the ground hard. Sonya and Kitana sat up and looked as the guards picked up a long pitchfork-like staff each. They approached the downed girls with the pointed ends facing them. Sonya turned to look at Kitana and nodded. The two girls moved in sync with each other, reaching up and grabbing the staffs with their feet. They then pulled them from the guards hands, the points stopping mere millimeters from their faces. The guards began to advance but Sonya and Kitana pushed back with their feet, and the staffs to meet the two approaching guards in the midsection. They doubled over in pain allowing the two women to spin the staffs and impale their attackers, leaving them to fall to the ground dead. Sonya and Kitana lept to their feet and began to sprint to the end of the courtyard. As they approached the doors to the next building they were met head on by a massive explosion. The doors they were nearing burst outward, forcing the two female warriors to fall to their backsides and slide under the airborne doors. When the dust had settled, they found themselves face to face with something Sonya had not seen since the first tournament.

"Goro?" Sonya asked the towering Shokan.

"No!" He replied in a booming voice that hurt Sonya's ears. "I am not my weak cousin. My name is Kintaro! A name you should not soon forget."

Sonya looked to Kitana.

"Shao Kahn's second in command." Kitana informed her without looking away. "He is twice the beast Goro was."

Sonya looked up at the approaching beast. "Great."

The next thing Sonya could remember was waking up chained to Kahn's throne. Her wrists were bound and attached to his left arm rest, while Kitana was chained to the right. The Emperor, Shao Kahn sat on his throne between the two, observing the events taking place in front of him. Sonya turned to see what the Emperor and his step daughter were so fascinated by. Sonya sprang to her feet when she saw what was displayed in front of her. However she was soon wrenched to the ground by Kahn's forceful hand. Sonya shot him a look of pure hatred, and was met by the grinning face of the Emperor. Sonya looked back out onto the paved path she and Kitana had tried to cross before and stared at it now converted to a fighting ground. In the field were two contestants. One a hideous mutated man, with features so deformed, he hardly resembled a man. He spread his arms and to Sonya's surprise, two long blades leapt from beneath his skin. He stood in a fighting stance that commanded fear. His competitor was an average sized man in black pants and dark sunglasses. He wore a cocky smile and simply cracked his knuckles and tossed his glasses aside, before readying himself in a fighting stance. He looked over at Sonya and shot her a wink.

The Emperor stood and waited for silence.

"Welcome to Outworld." He boomed as a cheer rose from the crowd. "Welcome, to Mortal Kombat!" Another cheer. The crowd were on their feet with applause. Behind the contestants, Sonya saw Rayden and Liu Kang. They were standing with some fighters she had never met before, and one she had. Her partner Jax stood by Liu and cheered with the crowd. The Emperor continued his introduction.

"Round one! Baraka! Johnny Cage!" He paused while the crowd anticipated his next words.