Disclaimer:  We didnít invent these characters. We just make up
	stories about them cause we have nothing better to do.

Thanks: Iíd like to thank Tara, for giving me the chance to write
	with her. Iíd like to thank my sister, Mandy, who helps me
	think , and gives me the basic thoughts for Kitana, on the
	side, Iíd like to say thanks to Creig, My cuz Jade, Rose,
	Camille, Mena, Ruth, Cat, Linden Ashby for just being
	gorgeous, and all the others, bla, bla, bla ( I know, it sounds
	corny, leave me alone)

Rating: Somewhere between PG-13 and R. What do expect, G?
	This is Mortal Kombat. Not to mention my ideas of MK.  If
	you do mind language and some stuff, donít read.

Ok, here's mine and Taraís MK thing. 


                      The Ties That Bind
                            Tara Depp
		           Scene 1

-----We're in Sonya Bladeís apartment in  New York City. Sonya is
sitting on the couch, watching TV. There is a knock at the door
and she gets up to get it.  She is in a long shirt that belongs to her
boyfriend, Johnny Cage. She opens the door halfway and looks out
into the hall. Johnny, a young man around 28, is standing at the
door holding a pizza in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in the
other. He smiles and Sonya opens the door. ------

Sonya: (takes the pizza) Hey.

Johnny: Hey babe. (follows her into the kitchen, kicking closed the
	door) Picked up a few things.

Sonya: (laughs) Really? And I thought you mugged that poor little
	delivery boy down the street.(puts the pizza down and turns
	to see the flowers in her face) 

Johnny: Here, for you. (hands her the flowers)

Sonya:  (takes the flowers and kisses him) You're sweet.

Johnny: I know (smiles and goes into the refrigerator) Pepsi?

Sonya: (Puts flowers in vase then begins to serve the pizza) Pepsi.

*They get the food and drinks, then sit down on the couch and eat.
After they're done...*

Johnny: So, what did ya do all day?

Sonya: (smiles) Well, I got to sleep until eight thirty. Once I got
	up, I went down to the gym and worked out for an hour.
	Then I came home and took a nice long bath.

Johnny: (Sits back, propping feet up on coffee table) Too bad I
	missed that. But, I had to meet Frank Black... (looks at
	Sonyaís blank face) My agent....

Sonya: Oh, yeah.

Johnny: (smiles and closes his eyes) We discussed a possible
	movie offer...

Sonya: (cuts him off:) You're gonna do another movie?!

Johnny: (smiles and pulls her closer) Of course, babe, that's my

Sonya: (crosses her arms defiantly) Uh-huh.  

Johnny: Well, it would be filmed in upstate New York. 

Sonya: (looks at him and says smugly) Good. (with a smile) Then
	you wonít have to leave for California. 

Johnny: Nope. 

Sonya: (Yawns suddenly)  Iím tired. (stands up) Iím going to bed.

Johnny: (smiles) Is that a hint?

Sonya: (hits him) No. 

*Sonya walks into the bed room. Johnny counts to ten then turns
off the TV and follows her in*

			Scene 2
-----The next day. It's around 10:30 and Sonya is the first to
awaken. She carefully gets out of bed, trying not to wake the
handsome man sharing her sleeping quarters. Sonya is almost to
the bed room door when she hears a small laugh from directly
behind her.-----

Johnny:  You can't get out of here that easily.

Sonya:  (turns around with a small smirk on her face) And why

Johnny: Because I might miss you. (Suddenly picks up Sonya and
	carries her over to the bed, then throws her down on the 	

Sonya:  (laughing) Stop it Cage! I've got a lunch meeting at noon
	and I need to get a shower.

Johnny:  (pins her down) So?

Sonya:  (rolls her eyes) *So*, this is a person I haven't seen for a 	
	long time and I don't want to be late. 

Johnny:  (thinking everything over) Could this person be an old

Sonya:  No. Now let me go. 

Johnny: (Teasing) Are you sure it isn't an old boyfriend? Maybe it's
	that chump guy I've seen in some of those old photos of 
	yours. Wesley, was it?

Sonya:  (suddenly defensive) Shut up. 

Johnny:  (puzzled) What?

*Sonya throws Johnny off of her, grabs her robe and runs into the
bathroom, locking the door behind her. Johnny, as always, follows
wearing only his boxers*

Johnny:  (banging on door) Sonya, what's wrong?! What did I say?

Sonya:  (muffled) Leave me alone, Johnny!

Johnny:  (stops banging on door) Not until you tell me what's

*Sonya opens door after a short pause. Her eyes are red and puffy.
Johnny instantly takes her into his arms and leads her to the couch.
They sit down and Sonya turns to Cage, holding in tears.*

Sonya:  (slowly) Johnny, there's something I haven't told you. And
	I haven't had the courage to tell you this until now so here
	goes. A long time before we ever met, I was engaged to
	another man.... Wesley Valentine. We worked in the
	Special Forces together and had been engaged for over two

Johnny:  (cutting in) Oh, honey, I understand. I know what it's like
	to go through a tough break-up.

Sonya:  (interrupting) Wesley was murdered, Johnny. 

Johnny:  (stunned and speechless) Huh? 

Sonya:  (continuing with mustered strength) Wesley was murdered
	one night after he went back to the office after a file. 

Johnny:  (after a moment's pause) Did you find who-- who, uh,
	murdered Wesley?

Sonya:  (a bitter laugh) Ever heard of a guy named Kano? (a
	frown) That bastard and his cronies waited for Wes and
	then they ambushed him just as he was getting ready to
	slide his card through the security scanner. (shakes her
	head and inhales) Wesley's body was never found. There
	was only a slough of blood found outside of Headquarters. I
	was told that no one would be able to survive after loosing
	that much blood. 

Johnny:  (wraps his arms around Sonya) Oh God, I'm sorry honey. 
	If  I had known, I wouldn't have said anything. I'm so sorry.

Sonya:  (looks at Johnny) That's your problem, Cage. You don't
	think before you talk (looks down for a while then looks at
	him) or act. You should realize what you're doing before
	you do it. Now if you'll excuse me.(gets up and goes into
	the bathroom)

 Johnny:  Dammit! (hits the wall) Me and my stupid mouth. (curses
	for a while then goes into the bed room and gets dressed) 

*When he walks out, he finds that has Sonya left. He gets a drink
and sits down to watch T.V. A curt rap at the door gets him off the
couch and he answers it.*
Johnny:  (opens the door slightly, never can be too careful) Yes?

 *A man in a long over coat stands at the door. He has startling
eyes, dark blue with almost purple swirls. He has ear length black
hair and is around six foot three. He was definitely in shape.
Johnny hesitated and finally let the stranger speak first.*

The Stranger: (pauses then speaks slowly)  I'm looking for Sonya
	Blade. I guess I have the wrong address or something...

Johnny:  (looks at him with narrow eyes) Why are you looking for

The Stranger:  (gives a smile and laughs) Who are you to ask? Her

Johnny: (frowns and crosses his arms) No, actually, her
	boyfriend. Now, if you have a problem with 
     	Sonya...(he stops talking and stares, with a 'go ahead,
	challenge me', look on his face)

The Stranger: (his face immediately sobers)  Oh. (looks down)
	Umm... I'm an old friend, a colleague if you would.
	Do...(looks at him) Do you know where she
Johnny: (he uncrosses his arms) Yeah, to go meet and old
	acquaintance... was that supposed to be you?

The Stranger: No, she doesn't know I'm around... the
	area.... umm... I'll try back another time.

Johnny: (looks at him) Can I have a name? Do you have a number?

The Stranger: Tell her to call Major Briggs; he'll know where to
	find me. 

Johnny:  (looks down then looks back up to find the guy gone)
	What the Hell...(he looks down the hall way then goes back
	into the room) Weird.....

			Scene 3

-----We see Sonya Blade sitting in a garden terrace restaurant,
seated across the table from Jill Redfield, a woman with long dark
gold hair and blue eyes. Jill wears mostly blue and is sporting a
wedding band.-----

Sonya:  I just hate it when he doesn't think before his lips move!
	(stabs a piece of lettuce in her salad with a lot of force and 
	pent-up anger)

Jill:  (soothingly) Men don't think. It's a built-in quality that all
	males are born with. (pause) Besides, this is just a 
	harmless squabble. All young couples fight. It's 

Sonya:  (after a short delay) Do you think Wesley is dead? 

Jill:  (taken aback) What?

Sonya: (Repeating her self) Do you think Wesley is dead?

Jill:  (inhaling and exhaling slowly) Sonya, you saw the scene
	for yourself. No one could have lived through that 
	kind of trauma and mutilation. 

Sonya:  (explaining)  But his body wasn't found, Jill. And
	to this day it hasn't been found. You're his sister
	for God sakes---

Jill:   (suddenly) He's dead Sonya. I know this sounds
	terrible coming from a family member but I just
	don't feel like he's still alive.  Wes and I shared this
	connection that most siblings do--- And I just don't	
	feel that any more. 

Sonya:  (dismal) We shared a connection too, Jill. But I still
	feel it. 

Jill:  (sounding irritated)  Fine, believe what you want but I'm 
	starting to lose my appetite so can we change the sub-

Sonya:  Yeah. 

*The conversation changes abruptly and the two women continue
their meal*

				Scene 4

-----Sonya arrives back at her apartment to find Johnny gone. A
single rose is lying by a note on the kitchen table. The Note reads:

	Dearest Sonya,
	I'm sorry for what I said. I know it was wrong and I wasn't
thinking. Please forgive me. I'm going to get off work early today
so we can have a quiet dinner together. And I'll cook :) I love you.

	Love Always,

P.S.-Some weird looking guy stopped by. He didn't leave a name
but said for you to call Jax for details. XOXO.-----

*Sonya is curious as she goes to the phone and hits the speed dial
for Jax's number. After two rings, a masculine voice picks up.*

Jax Briggs:  Jaxson Briggs, United States Special Forces. How may
	I help you?

Sonya:  (teasingly) For starters, you could tell me who showed up
	at my apartment this afternoon.

Jax:  (keeping serious tone) Oh Sonya. Um, it's a good thing that
	you called me. We need to talk.

Sonya:  (teasing manner subsiding) Jax, what's wrong?

Jax:  Nothing's wrong. It's just that something has--um, happened. 
	Can you come in for a few minutes? I have to show you 

Sonya:  Sure. I'll be right there. 

Jax:  Okay. Thanks. (hangs up)

	*Sonya hangs up the phone cautiously then scribbles a note
to Johnny before throwing on her shoes and running out the door.*


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