Scene 5

-----Major Jaxson Briggs is sitting in his huge office, nestled in the
top floor of the United States Special Forces Headquarters. He's
perched behind his mahonogy desk, facing the door and a man in a
long trench coat. It is the same man that appeared at Sonya Blade's
apartment door.-----

*Knock on door.*

Jax:  (gruffly) Yes?

*Door opens and Sonya Blade enters, looking  baffled.*

Sonya:  (worried lines on her face) Okay, I got here as fast as I
	could. What's up? (sees the man in the trench coat as she
	moves farther into the room) Oh, I'm sorry. Are you in the
	middle of a meeting?

Jax:  (softly)  Sonya, I'd like you to meet----

The Stranger:  (stands) I'll handle this Briggs. (turns around)
	Hello Sonny. 

Sonya:  (pales)  Wes--Wesley?

Wesley:  (moves toward her) Yes, it's me.

Sonya:  (backs up and holds onto the door knob for support)
	You're--  You're dead. 

Wesley:  (soothingly) No, I'm not. God Sonny, you're turning white
	as a ghost. Why don't you have a seat? (reaches out and 
	softly wraps his hand around her wrist)

Sonya:  (jumps) Please--- (with wild eyes, looks at Jax) 

Jax:  Have a seat Sonya. You do look a little shaky.  

*Sonya allows Wesley to help her into one of the two chairs
positioned in front of Jax's desk. Sonya slumps into the chair and
looks directly at her partner.*

Sonya:  Okay, what the hell is going on? 

Jax:  Well---

Wesley:  (interrupting) I'll field this Jaxson. Thanks though. (clears
	his throat and turns to Sonya) For the past few years, I've
	been living on the streets of New York City, panhandling 
	for food. And for the past few years, I've been suffering
	from an acute form of amnesia. It was caused by all the
	blood loss during the attack.

Sonya:   (stuttering) But, I saw the crime scene. No one could have
	lived through that.

Wesley:  (explaining) After I was stabbed, I layed there and played
	dead. After Kano and his gang had left, I pulled myself into
	an alley where I was found by a kind old man. He took pity
	on me and helped to drag me into a free clinic. I stayed
	there until I had re-cooperated. 

Sonya:  Didn't they find an I.D. on you? You always wear your ID
	card around your neck.

Wesley:  It was lost in the struggle. (sighs)

Sonya:  So, you lived on the streets for the past few years? 

Wesley:  Yeah. I was a bit lonely, and a little hungry.  When I my
	memory returned, I went straight to your old apartment. 
	(he pauses and looks at Sonya) Who was that guy there? 
	I've seen him around, quite often.  (thinks for a moment
	then speaks) In movies, I think.

Sonya:  (shifts her legs uneasily in the chair)  For five years, Wes, I
	thought you were dead.  (sighs)  For the longest time, I
	wouldn't eat, couldn't sleep, just plain out a bitch to handle
	with. Just as Jax.   

Jax-  (laughs to himself)  Try Miss Bitch.  I mean, God, she was
	the worst I've ever seen a drill sergeant.  I felt sorry for
	those unlucky recruits who got her.

Wesley:  (laughs)  Sounds like the real you, Sonya.

Sonya:  (laughs) But, yeah, Johnny. Umm...(hesitates and looks at
	Jax for help) 

Jax:  (holds up both hands defensively)  Hey, your mess.

Sonya:  Some friend, oh yeah. (smiles childishly at Wesley) 
	Johnny Cage....

Wesley:  (sits up straight)  That fake ass movie star wanna be?!!?

Sonya:  Hey! (looks seriously at Wes)  Don't even think about
	calling him that!  I mean, he can't act that well, but he is the
	sweetest, most kindest person I know.

Wesley:  (sulks back into his chair) Oh, great. Competition.

Jax:  (whistles in a short, two tone blow as in watch it)  

Sonya:  Excuse me? (gets up)  Is that what I am to you?  A prize?

Wesley:  (eyes widen and he jumps up)  No!  No, no, no!  Sonya,
	I'm just not used to there being anyone else.  

Sonya:  (sits back down)  This ...(thinks)  This is not a good time!

Wesley:  (looks down) I know this is hard on you, kiddo.

Jax:  (looks at the clock)  Look, can you two finish this at another
	place? I have things to do.

Sonya:  (as if not hearing him)  Wes, I love Johnny, I love you.  I
	thought I had my life together... after... Ohh.  (looks at Jax's
	wide eyes) you don't know about Mortal Kombat.

Wesley:  Mortal what?

Jax:  Another day, please.

Sonya:  Huh?

Jax:  (points at the clock) Time!  I have a life, I must move on.

Wesley:  Hey, Son, maybe we can continue this over dinner. 

Sonya: (smiles sheepishly) Can't, Johnny's making dinner.

Wesley:  Oh. 

Jax:  (starts pushing the two out. He stops them at his door and
	nods at them both) Lieutenant, Captain, tomorrow! (slams
	the door)

Wesley:  Same old Jax.

Sonya:  (laughs and nods her head in agreement) Same old Jax.

Wesley:  So, how 'bout dinner tomorrow?

Sonya:  (looks down)  I don't know Wes..(looks at him)

Wesley:  (puts a hand on her chin)  Please? (runs his other hand
	along her face)

Sonya:  (pulls back) Wes, no!  I'll meet you for dinner tomorrow,
	but things will never be the same between us.  Never!

Wesley:  (steps away and frowns)  Cause of Johnny, right?

Sonya:  (relents and rolls here eyes) Fine! I'll meet you here,
	tomorrow! (leaves)

			Scene 6

-----Sonya arrives home to find a great smell awaiting her.  Johnny
has music blasting. He is singing along to "Miami" by Will Smith.  
Sonya turns down the radio and Johnny turns and sees her-----

Johnny:  (surprised) Hey babe! (moves over to her, placing down
	the pan he was holding)

Sonya:  (smiles)  Hey. (kisses him on the mouth)

Johnny:  (pulls back, a few moments later) You're in a good mood!
	(serious tone) Sonya, I'm sorry about my remark.

Sonya:  (looks down) Johnny, its okay.  But the strangest thing

Johnny:  What?  Did it have to do with that guy?

Sonya:  Yeah, actually.  See, the guy who came was...(looks at
	Johnny)  Sit down.

Johnny:  It wasn't that bad, right?

Sonya:  Remember the guy I got all upset about?

Johnny: (slowly)  Wesley?

Sonya:  (gives a half smile) He's not dead!

Johnny:  (dumbstruck) Wh--What? 

Sonya:  (Rushing to explain) I did like you told me to and called
	Jax about the man who showed up to the apartment today
	and he suggested I come into Head Quarters---

Johnny:  Oh my God. That was Wesley that came here. (looks 
	crestfallen) This must be really shocking to you, hon. 

Sonya:  (nodding) Yeah, it is. I just don't know what to do. It's 
	not every day your fiancée comes back from the dead....

Johnny:  (sighing) Yeah. Listen, if you want to be alone right now,
	I understand. I'll can stop--

Sonya:  No! You've already got a great meal awaiting me and I am 
	starving. I haven't eaten since this afternoon. Plus, all this 
	action has made me really hungry. 

Johnny:  (carefully) Okay. I'll finish up the pasta. (reaches over and
	envelopes Sonya in his arms) It's all gonna be okay.

Sonya:  (hugging him fiercely) I know. (a single tear runs down her
	cheek. She wipes it away before Johnny can see it) I know.

			Scene 7

-----After diner, Sonya and Johnny retire to the front room. Johnny
opens the expensive bottle of wine and fills up two glasses while
Sonya turns on the radio to a mellow station. They settle down on
the couch in front of the fire place-----

Sonya:  (sipping the wine) You pick refreshments well. 

Johnny:  (grinning as he takes a drink) Only the best for you.

Sonya:  (grins but then lets it fall) I love you. 

Johnny:  I love you too, Sonya. (moves closer to her) And now I
	think we should prove our love.

Sonya:  (laughs and pushes him away) We prove our love every

Johnny:  (smiles lightly) That's not what I meant, although it
	sounds very intriguing. (clears throat) What I really
	meant was this... (pulls a velvet box out of his coat

Sonya:  (gasps) Oh my God. 

*Johnny sets his wine glass on a nearby end table and gets down
on one knee in front of Sonya, opening the box before her. Nestled
inside is an Engagement Ring.  There are  7 diamonds set in a V
shape in the gold band. A simple gold band makes up the rest of
the ring.*

Johnny:  I've loved you since the moment  I laid my eyes on
	you. And I don't want to ever be apart from you again.
	EVER. So please do me the honor of becoming my wife.
	Will you marry me Sonya Blade?

Sonya:  (looks at the ring and then into Johnny's eyes) I---

*The phone rings* 

Sonya:  (sets down her wine glass and jumps up) I'll be right back.
	(runs over to the phone) Hello? Hey Jax, what's up?....
	What?!.... Oh God... yeah, I'll be right there. Thanks. 

Johnny:  (stands up, still holding the ring box open) What's wrong?

Sonya:  (reaches for her light coat) Wesley's been in an accident.
	He's at the hospital right now. I've gotta go. I'm so sorry. 

Johnny:  (shuts the ring box close harshly when Sonya turns to
	retrieve her car keys) It's okay. I'll just stick around here
	until you get back. 

Sonya:  (walks over to Johnny and gives him a quick kiss) I'll see
	you later. (turns and hurries out the door.)

*Johnny sighs and picks up the two wine glasses, taking them into
the kitchen. He then turns off the radio and reaches for the remote
control. He channel surfs for a while and then settles on the QVC

Johnny:  (to himself) Damn, those Ginsu knives look nice....

			Scene 8

----- The downtown New York City Metro Emergency room is
crowded with ailing people when Sonya Blade barges in, her
official Identification in hand just in case a problem arose.  She
pushes her way through the crowd of people to the Registration
desk. A sour looking nurse is perched in an uncomfortable chair
the desk.-----

Sonya:  (impatiently) I'm looking for Wesley Valentine. Could 

The Nurse:  (giving Sonya a mean look) Ma'am, I am really busy
	right now so if you would take a seat, I'll be with you in a
	few minutes.

Sonya:  (exhales slowly) It's really imperative that I find Mr.

The Nurse:  (glares at Sonya as a nearby phone rings. Ignores
	Sonya's words and reaches for the phone) Hello, New York
	Metro E.R.. How may I help you?... Oh Hi Jack...

Sonya:  (rolls her eyes and then reaches over the desk to cut off the
	connection) Listen, I don't have time for this. (thrusts I.D.
	forward My name is  Sonya Blade and I am a Lieutenant
	with the United States Special Forces. Now, either you tell
	me where Mr. Valentine is or I'll find him myself. 

The Nurse:  (stunned. Hangs up the phone) Room 1121. Down that
	hall and it's the first door on the left.

Sonya:  (Gruffly) Thank you.

*Sonya takes off toward the room, pushing orderlies out of her
way. She finds the room and quickly enters to find Jax and Jill
huddled around a bed.*

Sonya:  (running in and shutting door behind her) Wesley?

Wesley:   (peers from out around Jax and smiles) Hi there Sonny.
	Thank God you're here. 

*Sonya walks over to the bed to inspect Wes. The dirt and grime is
gone from his face and he is freshly showered. He could easily be
mistaken for either Dylan McDermitt or David Duchonvny now
instead of a street bum.* 

Sonya:  (worried) Are you okay? What happened?

Wesley:  (with a sneer) Well, I was crossing the street from my
	motel to get a bite to eat when this big truck came out of
	nowhere and barreled into me. Thank God for cabbies. 

Sonya:  (touches his face gently) I'm so glad you're okay. Jax's
	phone call scared the Hell out of me. 

Jax:  Hey! The only thing I was told was that an officer of mine
	had been brought in with three broken ribs and a fractured
	ulna. I had myself scared.

Jill:  (looking over at Sonya)  I can't believe you were right.
	(smiling then at her brother) It's so great  to have you home

Wesley:  Yeah. (emotion clouding his face) Uh, Jill , Jax,  I need to
	speak to Sonya for a minute. Would you mind?

Jax:  Actually, Wes, I've got to be going. There's a pile of reports
	waiting to be filed at home. I'll check with you tomorrow.
	(pats Wesley on shoulder and then exits the room)

Jill:  (gathers her coat from the chair) I have to be going too. Mom
	and Dad want to come out and see you. They're supposed to
	be flying out tomorrow and I promised to be home for
	Mom's phone call. (Leans over and kisses her brother on
	the forehead) I'll see ya later. 

Wesley:  (waves weakly to his sister) See ya later, sis.

*Jill smiles at Wesley, flashes a smile at Sonya, then leaves the
room. Sonya turns to Wesley, an uncomfortable silence ensuing.*

Sonya:  (slowly) So... what was it that you wanted to speak to me

Wesley:  (reaches over for Sonya's hand) Sonya, when my memory 
	returned, you were the first person I thought of. I couldn't
	get you out of my head. And when we were reunited and
	you told me there was someone else, I began to think that
	maybe I should let you get on with your new life. But, now,
	after this latest accident I don't want to miss a minute with 
	you.(squeezes her hand tightly) Say you'll still marry me 
	Sonya Blade. Please.

Sonya:  (looking deep into his eyes) Wes, that's very flattering but--
	 I am involved. You know that. 

Wesley:  (pleading) Yes, I understand but do you--do you
	remember those days we spend together? Do you 
	remember all the fun we had? Is what you have with 
	Johnny compare to what we share-- To what we'll 
	always share? 

Sonya:  (gently takes her hand away) We did have something 
	wonderful that only a few couples share but what Johnny
	and I have now is also something wonderful. I'm going to
	have to tell you no.

Wesley:  (suddenly angry) So that's it? That's all you're going to
	say? What's this Cage guy got that I don't? Huh?! Did you
	even love me Sonya? Were you even thinking about me
	when Mr. Fake asked you out on a date?!!

Sonya:  (taken aback) I--I-- 

Wesley:  (hissing) That's what I thought. You're a back stabbing
	bitch, you know that?	

Sonya:  (totally appalled but hot with rage) I met Johnny two years
	after you died, Wes. I had let it go!! And, coincidentally, I
	met him while tracking the man who killed you. So don't
	say I didn't care!

Wesley:  (calms down) God, Sonya, I'm sorry. I don't know what
	came over me. I think it's all this medicine and shit they
	loaded into me. I'm so sorry...

Sonya:  (lets herself cool down. Notices how Wesley is paling
	with embarrassment)  It's okay, Wes. How about I stay with
	you tonight until you fall asleep? Just so you feel safe. 

Wesley:  (grinning) I'd like that. 

*Sonya pulls up a chair next to Wesley and settles in. They begin
 to chat about the old days.  Two hours pass by and Wesley starts
to drift off to sleep.  Its around eleven at night.  A janitor passes by
a few times.*

Wesley:  (yawns)  I'll see you tomorrow, kiddo.  I need to sleep.

Sonya:  (yawns)  Yeah, I'll talk to you tomorrow.  I'll call around

Wesley:  (lets go of her hand, which he was holding)

Sonya: (gets up and kisses Wesley on the top of his head)  talk to
	you later. 

*Sonya walks out and turns off the light. She notices the janitor on
the phone, looking at the room.  He notices her staring and says
one more thing then hangs up.  All she could make out of his lips
was 'shes out'.  Sonya quickens her pace to go find the janitor but
when she turns the corner, he's gone.  She looks around for a few
moments then leaves.  She gets onto her motorcycle and
heads for home.  Halfway there, she notices shes being followed. 
she makes a few turns and the car following starts gaining speed
after her. She turns and heads for N.Y.P.D., where a few of her
friends worked.  Halfway there, the car turns off.  Sonya turns back
to see if it was there but when she looked back, the car was right in
front of her, side ways.  She breaks and flies off, on impact with
the car and flies onto its roof, and rolls off the other side
*thank god for helmets*.  She gets up, to find three guys getting
out of the car, with masks on and guns. She makes a run for it. 
Two blocks later, with the dudes closing, she makes a break for
her apartment, which is a block away.  She trips over the curb and
nearly misses being hit by a bus.  The one dude grabs her first and
holds her arms behind her with incredible force.  He pulls her back
to the car and the others follow.  Once settled in the car, the man in
front of her takes off his mask.  Sonya's eyes widen with fear.*

Sonya:  Jarek!
Jarek:  (has a wicked smile on his face) Hey ya, Sonya.

Sonya:  What do you want?

Jarek:  Well, last time I looked, you killed my best friend Kano. 

Sonya:  (sneers)  Don't you mean lover?

Jarek:  (back-slaps her in the face) I don't go that way.  

Sonya:  (struggles with the man holding her arms.  He only tightens
	the grip, she winches in pain)  What do you want?

Jarek:  (laughs)  The strangest thing happened yesterday.  I was
	out walking when a familiar guy came by.  I thought he was
	dead, no thanks to you....

Sonya:  (eyes widen with recognition)  You don't mean.....

Kano:  (the guy holding her) Yeah, baby, I'm back.  

*Sonya turns around to stare at Kano. He has changed. The metal
faceplate is gone  but there is a scar around where it used to be.*

Sonya:  (curses) Get off me!  (struggles even more)

Kano:  The way I see it, I killed that wimp Wesley, but now he's
	back. And I also owe you one.  (he tightens his grip and
	pulls her into the car) How 'bout we go for a ride back to
	the old hide out.  You remember that, right?

Sonya:  Leave me alone! Let me out! (starts screaming)

Kano:  (stabs her in the arm with a syringe) Shut up!

Sonya:  (is knocked out cold)

                      Scene 9

-----At 11:21 p.m., Johnny Cage awakens on Sonya Blade's couch,
where's he's fallen asleep watching infomercials. He bolts straight
up on the cushions, sweating profusely. He was in the middle of a
nightmare. In the dream, Sonya was standing with Johnny in the
middle of a dark room. They weren't speaking, but just staring at
each other. Then, out of no where, a shadow of a man appeared
behind Sonya with a knife clenched in his hand. Without
hesitation, the man-shadow stabbed downward and let the blade
slip into Sonya's back. But then Cage starts to awaken-----

Johnny:  (panic stricken)  Sonya!!! (shakes his head and looks
	around at his surroundings) Oh, God, what a nightmare.

*Johnny sleepily stands up and pads to the refrigerater. He opens
the door and takes out the milk carton, opens the spout and starts
to drink. He's in mid gulp when the phone rings. Cage chokes and
spits out some milk, trying to clear his air passage. He sets the
carton back in the refrigerater shelf, shuts the door with his foot,
wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and dashes for the
phone, picking it up on ring number 4.*

Johnny:  Hello?

Jax:  Hey Johnny. Is Sonya there?

Johnny:  No. I thought she was still at the hospital with What's-His-
	Face? (alarmed) Is something wrong?

Jax:  (sounding slightly scared) Uh, Johnny, Kano's back in town.
 	Local officials spotted him leaving a local firearms
	dealership a couple hours ago.     

Johnny:  (palling) You don't think--?

Jax:  (quickly)  Wesley told us she left shortly before 11:00. And
	the N.Y.P.D. found Sonya's motorcycle only a few blocks
	from her apartment. There was evidence that a car or
	something large had struck her.

Johnny:  (falls into a nearby wicker chair) Where are you?

Jax:  Headquarters.

Johnny:  (looks around for his shoes) I'll be there shortly. 

Jax:  Johnny, that's not necessary. We've got it covered down here--

Johnny:  Listen, you don't have a choice. I'm not letting the woman
	I love stay in the hands of that mad man for one second

Jax:  We haven't confirmed that  Kano has her, John. 

Johnny:  Oh come on Jax!! Where the Hell else could she be?

Jax:  (sighs) Alright, I'll have security send you right up. And make
	sure they give you a pass.

Johnny:  Yeah. (hangs up the phone slowly and pulls himself
	together. He reaches over and puts on his shoes then
	grabs his coat, leaving the apartment in silence.)

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