Scene 10

-----Sonya awoke in a damp place, but it was eerily familiar. She
shakes her head and before opening her eyes, realized she's sitting
on cement. Keeping her eyes shut, Sonya moved her arms slightly.
They were bound behind her. Next she wiggled her angles and
found that they were going too. Going against her better judgment,
Blade opened her eyes.------

Kano:  (from a table across the room from Sonya) Look, Sleeping
	Beauty awakens. 

Sonya:  (groggily) Where am I? 

Kano:  (gazing at her sickly) I don't believe this. You don't
	recognize where you are? Take a gander around, babe. 

Sonya:  (slowly looks slowly around the room. A nauseous feeling 
	creeps into her stomach) Oh God. (closes her eyes again
	and leans her head back against the cool, cement wall.)

Kano:  (laughs) Good, it's coming back to you. All the better. 

Sonya:  (rolls her eyes) What's the point of bringing me back here? 
Kano:  (stands) I just thought that you would like to come back
	home-- To your humble beginnings.

Sonya:  You're a sick bastard, you know that?

Kano:  (clasps hands behind back and begins to pace) Sonya,
	Sonya, Sonya. I'm not a sick bastard; I'm a smart
	bastard. You know how I plan for things. 

Sonya:  (picking up a hint) What are you saying?

Kano:  (walks over to her and kneels next to his captive) I'm 
	saying that I have a proposition for you. You see, I 
 	have something you want. And if you do as I tell you,
 	then I'll return what's yours to you. 

Sonya:  (sarcastically) And what would that be?

*Kano waves his hand in the air. A steel door creaks open and a
muscle built terrorist enters, a gun pressed to the head of Wesley
Valentine. Wesley looks terribly weak but is holding up well.*

Sonya:  (panicked) Wesley?

Wesley:  (groggy) Sonya, I'm alright. Are you O.K.?

Sonya:  I'm fine---

Kano:  (interrupting) Sorry to disrupt this little reunion, but I do 
	have a schedule to keep. Now, babe, listen to me carefully.
	Wesley here could be suffering from a terrible infection
	and he really should be in a hospital. But  alas, he's here 
	with us. 

Sonya:  (upset) What the Hell do you want? 

Kano:  Quit the Special Forces, come work for me. 

Sonya:  (dumbstruck)  Work?  For you? I ain't stupid, shit head. If
	I say yeah, then I quit and you kill Wes. That's how it works
	in your business, right?

Kano:  Sonya, you dumb ass kid, you don't know what will happen
	to you if you don't agree.

Sonya:  (looks at Wesley)  Something doesn't add up.  Jax would
	have had men outside of Wesley's room.  How did you get
	him out?

Kano:  That's my little secret.  Now stop asking questions.

Sonya:  What's the matter K? Nervous? Questions never made you
	nervous before.

Kano:  (walks over and kicks her in the stomach, Sonya took in
	the kick, and winced in pain) You always were the hard
	one to take orders.

Wesley:  (looks at Sonya:) What?

Sonya:  (closes her eyes and takes in a breath) Nothing, Wes. 
	(looks at Kano) You want me to join your gang?

Kano:  Basically, yes.

Sonya:  (smirks) So I can take out your other eye? Gladly.

Kano:  (brings a hand up to his eye which had, until recently, been
	obscured by the metal face plate) That was a lucky hit.  

Sonya:  If I had another shot, I could probably make you a match.

Kano:  (kicks her again) Shut up. Now, either you say you'll join or
	Wesley dies. 

Sonya:  (looks at Kano) Bite me.

Kano:  (smirks)   Is that a personal invitation? (shrugs) Have it
	your way. (looks at the others)  Kill him.

Sonya: No! Okay, (quietly) I'll join.

Kano:  (throws her the phone)  Call Mr. Muscles and tell him. 

Sonya:  Jax. He has a name. Not Mr. Muscles, Major Briggs.

Kano:  Whatever! Just call!

Scene 11

-----At the Special Forces base, Johnny and Jax are sitting at Jax's

Johnny:  Where could she be? And what's with this Kano business?

Jax:  I wish I could tell you Johnny, but its classified.

Johnny:  (narrows his eyes)  Sonya's life is in danger and you say
	it's classified?!  Look, I know Kano and his gang attacked
	Wesley, but what else does that have to do with Sonya?

Jax:  (closes his eyes and swirls around in his chair)  Cage, Sonya
	had a past with Kano...

Johnny:  Don't tell me a relationship!  Please, don't! I already have
	nightmares about Sefano DiMera and Hope...

Jax:  Hell, no!  All I know personally about it, is that she more than
	afraid of him and took out his eye.

Johnny:  What would make her afraid of him? 

Jax:  (gets up and walks to the window)  All she told me on this
	subject is that he killed her family and took her in.  She
	was raised in the Black Dragons...

Johnny:  (stares at Jax)  That would explain why she can fight so
	well.  And God only knows what they put her through.

Jax:  (frowns)  Wesley is almost ready to be let out of the hospital.
	I'm gonna have him brought right over here.

Johnny:  There might not be time. What if she is in Kano's hands?

Jax:  Then we have to hope for the--- (is cut off by the ringing of
	the phone. He turns on a tape and picks up the receiver) 

Sonya:  Jax? 

Jax:  (looks over at Johnny quickly) Sonya!  Where the hell are

Sonya:  (swallows)  Can't say.  Listen, for un-named reasons,  I
	am resigning from the Special Forces.

Jax:  (blinks) Quit?!  Sonya, where are you? Does Kano have

Sonya:  Yes, quit. I gotta go. 

Johnny:  (grabs the phone from a dumbfounded Jax)  Sonya! 
	Sonya, where the hell are you?!  Are you okay?

Sonya:  Johnny, I'm fine.  I'll be okay.  I love (the phone is hung up
	from her end)

Jax:  What did she say?  Is she okay?  

Johnny:  Someone hung up the phone from her end. (sits back
	down)  Jax,  I'm worried sick about her.

Jax:  So am I, buddy, so am I.

                      Scene 12

-----Sonya was seated in the same room as Wesley. Kano walked in
with a tray and put it down next to Sonya. Three others entered
with him.  They grabbed Sonya and pull her onto the chair. 
Wesley looked up at Kano.-----

Wesley:  (a dead beat tone to his voice)  What are you gonna do to

Kano:  (smiles)  Nothing totally bad. 
*The others tie her to the chair, with her arm held out to Kano.  He
took out a needle filled with a black looking substance.*

Kano:  Just need to tie some loose ends.

Sonya:  No!  (starts squirming)  Leave me alone!

Kano:  (smacks her)  Shut up, bitch.  This will require you to be
	still, or you'll regret it.  

*Kano puts the syringe into her arm and starts moving it slowly
in a pattern.  Three other Black Dragons enter with a boiling pot of
water with a dragon on either side. Kano removes the syringe from
Sonya's arm, and they untie her and pull her up to the pot. Kano
takes her arm where she was just marked by the needle and puts
her arm on the dragon, alining it with the cut.  She screams in

Kano:  Almost done, hold in there kid.  (laughs)

*They remove the pot and there is a dragon tattooed on her arm. 
Sonya closes her eyes to stop any unwanted tears.  She opens them
and glares at Kano.  He holds her back down and takes out another
needle.  He puts it into her arm and the dragon turns black, except
for the spots, which he injects with green, and the eyes, which he
makes red. He lets Sonya up, who grabs a syringe off the
table and goes after Kano with it.  Jarek comes up, almost out of
no-where and grabs her by the neck.  Kano takes the syringe and
throws it.  He starts hitting her and kicking her till she passes out
from the pain and lack of air, thanks to Jarek's grip. They drag
Wesley out and leave her on the floor*

Scene 13

-----Johnny and Jax have moved to the Intelligence section of the
Special Forces to finish analyzing the tape trace. An annalist
quickly runs the tape through a computer and punches a button,
allowing a paper print off to appear out of a centralized printer.
The annalist reaches over and tears off the paper, immediately
handing it to Major Briggs.-----

Annalist:   (holds out paper) Here, sir.

Jax:  (takes paper and looks at it) Thank you. (reads it over) Oh,

Johnny:  (alarmed) What? 

Jax:  (lowers the paper and scowls) The call came from a cell
	phone so the location is in a twenty-nine mile radius. The
	only concrete thing we've got is a friggen' phone number. 

Johnny:  So?! We'll go out there and search everywhere. We'll 
	find them. 

Jax:  You don't know the Black Dragon like I do, Cage. They're
	good at hiding.  We could search a vacant building all day
	and find nothing. But, later on, we'll find out that Kano and
	his cronies were hiding there all the while. 

Johnny:  (runs his hands through his hair) Then we give them

Jax:  Like what? 

Johnny:  (suddenly) Me. 

Jax:  Why in the Hell would they want you? They wouldn't trade
	Sonya for you!! 

Johnny:  No. Trade Wesley for me. That way, I can make them a
	deal and get Sonya out of there. 

Jax:  No way. If we did do that, then Kano would have more
	leverage. There's nothing Sonya wouldn't do for you, John. 

Johnny:  (hesitantly) I know. But if we made an exchange, then
	you could plant a tracker on me and follow the signal. 

Jax:  (exhales slowly) You'd be putting your life in danger.

Johnny:  (quickly) Wouldn't be the first time. Come on, let's get

Scene 14

-----Sonya Blade awoke from her unconsciousness with splitting
headache and pain in her arm. She opened her eyes, blinked at the
harsh light and then slowly sat up. Immediate pain coursed through
her body and she leaned against the wall for support. Once
composed, Sonya took a look at her arm.  It was puffy and bruised
but the imprint of the dragon was clearly visible. Tears sprang to
her eyes.-----

Sonya:  Dammit, no. (hugs her knees to her chest) 

*A few moments pass before the steel door opens and Kano strides
in with Jarek next to him. Sonya looks up with sheer terror in her
eyes; All of her strong exterior is gone.*

Kano:  (smiling) How ya feeling?

Sonya:  (doesn't answer)

Kano:  That good eh? (keeps smiling) Well, you won't have to
	worry about anything anymore because you're back in the
	club. You're going to be moving up town. 

Sonya:  Wesley. Where's Wesley?

Kano:  Oh, yeah, him. He's leaving and someone else will be
	occupying his position.

Sonya:  Who?

Kano:  Someone you know very well. A person who shares my
	passion of wanting to get their hands on you. 

*Sonya is puzzled as Jarek reaches down and grabs her arms
roughly, his hands assaulting her recent injury. Sonya screams and
pulls back, but it is to no avail. Jarek only tugs harder and forces
Sonya toward him. He twists her injured arm up behind her back
and circles one arm around her tiny waist.*

Kano:  (walks in front of her and holds her chin firmly) You know,
        I always liked them feisty. But with you, I just couldn't win.
Sonya:  (glaring) Actually, Kano, I don't recall you ever winning. 
 Kano:  (jerks her chin forward, bringing her face to face with him)
	Look, I'm trying to be nice, sort of, but you're not making it
	easy on yourself.  

*Sonya struggles with Jarek.  He holds her still and Kano thrusts
her back with her chin.  Jarek stumbles back and Sonya takes the
opportunity to kick him in the place where the sun don't shine, and
elbows him.  Jarek lets go, stunned while she makes a run for the

Kano:  (Thrusts out an arm and grabs her around the waist and
	pulls her under his arm, holding her feet, with his other
	hand, and squeezed down on her waist.  She cried out in
	pain) Now, where do you think you're going?

Sonya:  (cries out again as he puts more pressure on her side)  Let
	me go! What did you do to Wes? (struggles more)

Kano: If you must know, we traded him in for a better fish.  Stop

Sonya:  (struggles more, but knowing the pain that was coming) 
	Let me go!

Kano:  You better listen to me.  (laughs)  I remember when you
	were little. God, you were so afraid of me.  

Sonya:  I was stupid to think you could hurt me. 

Kano:  (stops laughing)  I could then, and I can now.  (he squeezes
	her tighter around the ribs, where he held her under his
	arm, until a crack is heard. Sonya screams with pain. 
	He dropped her to the floor and she immediately grabbed
	the place where Kano had just broken two ribs) Now, bring
	in my new ransom.

*A guard drags Johnny Cage in, who seems a little bruised, more
of his ego than anything else.  He looks at Sonya and gives a little

Johnny:  Hey kiddo.

Kano:  As you see, my new ransom.  You would do anything for
	him.  (gets down next to her and grabs her chin.  He
	pulled her face to his level and whispered in her ear) The 
	sky's the limit.

Sonya:  (looks at Johnny, trying not to let the pain bother her) 
	Johnny, why?

Johnny:  (tries to go to her but the guards hold him back)  I needed
	to be here with you.

Sonya:  If anything happens to you, I'll blame myself.  

Kano:  (smiles and thrusts her head back, having her hit the cement
	floor at a very fast speed)  That's why I took the deal, you
	stupid little girl.  Why didn't you ever listen to me, and die
	like a good girl? But, no, you had to fight back all those
	times I tried to kill you.  But you can't fight it forever. First, 
	you'll live long enough for me to do what I want, and long
	enough to watch Johnny take his last breath of air, as I slice
	his throat with a knife, and kill you while the blood on it is
	still fresh.  

Sonya:  (sits up, and puts a hand to where her head had started
	bleeding) Kano, no, please.

Johnny:  (Smiles) You think you can kill me, Kano?  Guess what,
	I've already died, and I'm back.  

Kano:  (pulls a knife and turns and puts it under Johnny's throat) 
	Not if you keep talking.  Guess what, Johnny-boy, I've been
	dead too, and I'm back.

Johnny:  (closed his eyes and exhales)  Kano, leave her alone. 
	She's only twenty one, for God sakes.  

Kano:  (looks at Johnny and pulls away the knife)  What's your
	point? I screwed up her life when she was six.  I still don't
	regret it.

Sonya:  (still on what Kano said about killing Johnny)  Kano, I'll
	do whatever you want, but please, don't kill him.

Kano:  I know you will. First, (looks at the guards) take him back
	to his cell.  

*The guards drag Johnny off*

Kano:  Second, (looks at Jarek)  go brief the others on what's going
	on, and what I told you about earlier.  

*Jarek smiles and exits, leaving Kano alone with Sonya*

Kano:  (looks at Sonya)  Poor little Sonya.  (he starts walking in 
	circles around her)  All alone, with another lover's life on
	the line.  You remember two nights before Wesley was
	killed?  Do you?

Sonya:  (looks down)

Kano:  I told you to do and you know what I said, but you believed
	that I was bluffing.  But I wasn't.  I told you to kill Jax and
	the general, but you couldn't.  I guess Wesley didn't mean
	that much to you.

Sonya:  (looks at him) Jax is my best friend.  I would never harm
	him, or listen to you, as a matter of fact.

Kano:  Oh, but you will listen.  Remember the beatings you'd get
	when you didn't?  

Sonya:  (glares at him and narrows her eyes)  I remember it all.

Kano:  (kicks her in the face. She falls back down to the floor and
	he drops onto a knee next to her)  Now, let's see.  You have
	a cracked rib, a busted up face, and a bleeding head. I think
	it's time you listened.  Now, we're gonna do this my way, or
	the other. You remember the other, don't you?

*The scene ends with Kano standing up and a look of fear in Sonya's eyes*

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