Scene 15

-----Johnny Cage tried to breath normally as he sat, crumpled in the
corner of his small holding cell. He appeared to not be in  a good
humor. Out side of the cell, two burly Black Dragon guards stared
at him, their faces smiling.-----

Johnny:  (angry) Why are you so fuckin' happy?

Guard #1:  (smiling) Oh, I'm happy we're getting revenge on that
	damn Special Forces. Plus, there's that sweet thing the boss
	brought it. Damn....

Guard #2:  (agrees) Yeah. Man, Cage, you should be the one
	smiling. Getting that sweet piece of flesh every night. Too
	bad she's gonna be all messed up after Kano's done with

Johnny:  (jumps up and runs to the bars, wishing he could rip out
	their throats) You had better pray to your respective gods
	that I don't get out of here. Because if I do, I swear to God
	that  you'll never see the light of another day.

Guard #1:  (chuckles) I'm scared! (laughs harder) Johnny "Fake"
	Cage has threatened me! Please, please don't hurt me!!

*The guards laugh and finally Johnny realizes he's had enough. He
goes to the cell door, gathers his strength, and then launches a
shadow kick at the door. The prison door flew outward and the
guards move backwards, stunned. Johnny walks out toward  the
guards and puts his hands on his hips.*

Johnny:  (sounding deadly) All right you rat bastards, we can do
	this the easy way or the hard way. Which would you like?

*The Guards exchange looks, astonished by the power and strength
they've both seen. But they remain obstinate.*

Guard #1:  We can't let you go anywhere or reveal the whereabouts
	of the Boss or Sonya.

*Johnny steps forward and grabs the guard by the collar, then uses
all of his strength to throw him up against the bars of the cell. The
other guard takes a fighting stance but doesn't last long against the
actor. Within minutes, both guards are lying next to each other in a
beaten heap. Johnny looms over them.*

Johnny:  Tell me where she is.

Guards #1:  (holding his jar) Down the hall, turn left and it's the
	first door on the right. 

Johnny:  (mutters) Thanks.

*Cage exits the room, leaving the guards barely conscious as he
scurries out, looking for Sonya's room.*

                    Scene 16

-----Jax Briggs is sitting outside a old decrepit building in his
surveillance van wearing radio head gear. Next to him is Wesley
Valentine, who is wrapped up in a police issue blanket. They are
waiting for a message from Johnny Cage. Suddenly, a faint voice
comes through the speaker.-----

Jax:  (reaches over and flips a switch) Johnny, I'm here bud.
	Whatcha got?

Johnny:  (in a muffled voice) I'm right out side of  where Sonya is.
	Can you track my position?

Jax:  (smiles faintly as a red dot appears on a glowing grid) Gotcha
	John. Just stay alive. I'm sending in the Marines.

Johnny:  Thanks (message cuts off)

Jax:  (takes off his head gear and throws on a bullet proof vest)
	Wes, you'll be safe out here. And if anything----

Wesley:  (smiles) I'm an ex-agent. I know what I'm doing.

Jax:  (grabs a gun) Of course. I'll be right back.

*Jax exits the truck, leaving Wesley scowering over the
surveillance equipment.*

                     Scene 17

-----Johnny Cage stopped outside of a wooden door that smelled of
ancient mold. In the top of the door, there was a diamond shaped
window. Johnny stood on tip-toe and peered into the window.
What he saw inside was Kano holding a gun of some sort down
toward Sonya, who had been beaten viciously. She was gazing at
him with a barely restrained hatred. Her hand was edging toward
the gun-----

Johnny:  (to himself)  Don't take it Sonya. Don't---

*Just then, a hand lands on Cage's shoulder. The actor turns around
to see an angry Jarek glaring at him, a dagger in his free hand.*

Jarek:  (laughs) I knew sooner or later you'd come back for her. 
	It's too bad you won't actually get to save her.

Johnny:  (shakes off Jarek's hand) What makes you say that?

Jarek:  This.

*Jarek sprang forward and made a stab at Johnny. Cage jumped
back, barely missing being impaled. Jarek was thrown off balance
and wasn't ready when Johnny applied his elbow to the small of his
back. Jarek fell face down and cried out. Johnny stepped into a
fighting stance and moved a couple steps back as his attacker
rolled over. Jarek's knife was sticking out of his chest and blood
was pooling around him. Within a few minutes, Jarek was dead,
dried blood tricking out of his mouth. Disgusted, Johnny stepped
backwards before reaching down and removing the knife from
Jarek's chest. He then counted to ten and was about to turn the
knob to the room when he heard foot steps. Johnny spun around to
see Jax Briggs with his Special Forces operatives following him.*

Johnny:  You missed some of the action buddy.

Jax:  (looks at Jarek, then smiles) Yeah. I was kinda hoping to be
	there when that bastard bought it.

Johnny:  (smiles briefly then turns serious) She's in there. 

Jax:  (waves his hands for his men to span out, making an arc
	around the door.) Langly and Kennedy get next to the
	door. And on my count, open it. 

*The two agents comply and stand on either side of the door,
prepared to do their commander's bidding. Johnny and Jax back
up, reading for anything that might spring out from around a

Jax:  In three. One... two.. thr---

*Before Briggs can get to three, the door blows backwards,
sending Kennedy and Langly back onto the floor. The door falls on
top of them, immediately crushing their ribs and puncturing their
lungs. A second later the sound of machine gun fire rings out,
mowing down the left half of the agents' arc. Johnny and Jax
spring for cover before the bullets zip through the places where
they'd been standing. After a few minutes, the firing stops and
silence ensues. Jax peeks out from behind a corner to see Kano
standing just outside the room, a machine gun in his hand and a
smile on his face.* 

Kano:  (laughing) I know you're here Briggs. You and that damn
	actor. (fires the gun into the air) Come out, come out, 
	where ever you are. 

Jax:  (whispering) Damn bastard. (reaches down and retrieves a
	Magnum from an ankle holster. He checks the magazine
	then begins out.)

Johnny:  (grabs Jax's arm and says in a strained whisper) Just what
	the *Hell* do you think you're doing?!!

Jax:  (yanks arm away) What I'm paid to do. Stay here. 

Johnny: No. Jax I'm coming with you.

Jax:  (glaring) I even so much as hear you breathing behind me,
	I'll shoot you myself. Now stay here.

*Briggs moves swiftly away from Cage, bringing up the Magnum
as he scuttled away. Johnny started to go after him but
remembered his stiff warning. Cage had no doubt in his mind that
the Special Forces Officer would shoot him. So, Johnny peered out
from behind the corner, watching for a window of opportunity*

Jax:  (walks forward, standing directly across from Kano. His gun
	his raised) Alright you son of a bitch, it's over. Either you 
	come with me, or I'll blow a hole the size of  Alaska in your
Kano:  (smiles and hefts the machine gun into firing position) You
	think it's over, Mr. Briggs? 

Jax:  (aligning sights) There's no where to go, Kano! 

Kano:  On the contrary, Jax, I do have a plan. But it's too bad 
	you won't be around to see how it works out.

*Jax blinks, puzzled and throwing off balance. A second later
thirty machine gun bullets fly into his chest, pushing him
backwards and into the wall. Briggs slammed into the wall and
then slid downwards, leaving a trail of blood. Horrified, Johnny
dashed over to his comrade hatred filling his veins.*

Johnny:  (checking for a pulse) Jax, Jax can you hear me?! Come
	on, Jax, don't give up--

Jax:  (breathing shallowly) Sonya--- (presses Magnum into Cage's
	hand) Sonya---

Johnny:  (holds the gun tightly) I'll save her. I promise. 
*Jaxson Briggs smiled lightly at Johnny and then took a final,
staggering breath. His eyes were suddenly fixed on the ceiling and
Cage knew his friend was now in a better place. With his free
hand, Johnny closed Jax's eyes while he said a short prayer. Then,
the actor stood and turned around, the gun raised. Kano was
standing where he'd been before but the machine gun was not
raised anymore.*

Kano:  (innocently) Did I do that?

Johnny:  (walking forward, letting his emotions guide him) Give
	me one good Goddam reason why I shouldn't empty these
	bullets into your soul less body!!!

Kano:  (unafraid) Soul-less body? Geez, I don't believe I've ever
	been called soul-less before. Wait a second--- there was
	that one time I killed that man in front of his wife. Yeah 
	I think one of the last words she uttered before I got to her
	was 'Soul less'. Funny the things you remember---

Johnny:  (shouting) Cut the bull shit! 

Kano:  (startled) Oh. Sorry about that. Just remembering the good
	days--- (sigh) Speaking of the old days, I bumped into a 
	former member just the other day. I think you should 
	meet her. (calls into the room) Babe, could you come out
	here for a second?

Johnny:  (nervously keeping his eyes trained on Kano) What are
	you trying to pull?

Kano:  Absolutely nothing. 

*A second later, Sonya Blade appeared. She looked to be in
obvious pain but was trying to hold it all in. Clenched in her hands
was a Walter PPK. She looked disgusted, afraid and hurt at the
same time.*

Kano:  (puts one arm around her) Isn't she just beautiful? One of
	my proudest achievements. The perfect killing machine:  
	Deadly, thorough and quite cute. At least she was until
	those damn Special Forces guys came poking around.
	Stole her  right away from me. 

Johnny:  (Eyes wide)  Sonya, kiddo, what's going on?  (Looks at
	Kano)  What did you do to her?

Kano:  Just put her back in her old frame of mind.  She was
	perfect, the way I molded her, then the Special Forces got
	her, and she met Wesley.  I knew it wouldn't last, and she
	would be back with me.  And low and behold, here she 
	is.  But, there are still people that can take her away.  (He
	aims the gun at Johnny) Like you.

Johnny:  Sonya, baby, listen to me.  Kano is the enemy. You want
	to kill him. 

Kano:  She won't listen. She's too afraid.  She knows what I will do
	to her  if she even goes the wrong way.  (He pulls her
	closer to him and kisses her on the mouth.  She squints her
	eyes closed in disgust and pulls back)  Face it Cage, she's

Johnny:  Soyn, Jax is dead.

*Sonya's eyes go wide and she sees Jax's body at the end of the
hall. She pulls away from Kano and runs down to him. She kneels
down and picked up his wrist and takes his pulse. She pales and 
drops his hand.  She stands, dropping her gun.  She walks back to

Kano:  She won't do anything to me.  And I can do anything I wish
	to her. (He smiles at Cage with a evil grin)  Anything. 
	Things you probably couldn't even do. 

Johnny:  (looks at Sonya)  Babe, come on.  Snap out of it.

Kano:  This is tiresome Sonya. kill him.

Sonya:  (looks at Johnny)  What if we take him alive?

*Johnny couldn't believe what he just heard. Sonya was gonna side
with Kano. Not to mention her voice.  In all the years he knew her,
he had never heard her talk in that low, shaky, tone. She was dead

Kano:  I said kill him.

Sonya:  (she looks at Johnny)  You heard the man. (Sonya throws a
	roundhouse at his head, followed by a nicely aimed butter-
	fly kick to the chest.  Johnny fell, out-cold in no time) 
	Kano, what if we kept him alive to torture him?

Kano:  I like your thinking. (He smiles evilly)

                     Scene 18

-----Johnny is tied up in the cellar of the building. Sonya sat in a
chair a few feet away from Johnny.  Kano stood holding a knife
and a hot iron.  Johnny woke up and saw the sight---

*Cage begins to struggle against the ropes.*

Kano:  You're not getting out of those.  See, I made those from the
	greatest nylon in the world. You ain't gettin' out.

Johnny:  (Looks at the iron in Kano's hand)  That could hurt.

Kano:  It could.  Ya know, I thought I would mount Jax's body up
	there, on that wall, and right next to it will be yours. 

Johnny:  Sonya, please.

*Johnny glanced around.  Jax's body was by the far wall, and
Sonya was on the other side, near Kano.*

Kano:  Now, let's brand you.  My dear, come here. 

Sonya:  (Walks over to him)  Yes?

Kano:  This is one of the greatest actors in the world, in his mind. I 
	thought you would love to destroy his face.

Sonya:  (Glances at Jax's body)  Kano?

Kano:  (turns and looks at her)  Yes?

Sonya:  (looks down)  You're wrong. (reaches behind her to pull
	out a large bat-like torture tool. She knew it all to well.
	Blade looks him in the eye and takes back her normal
	voice)  He is a great actor, but not Number One.  Maybe
	Number Three.  

*Sonya swung the bat into his face, smashing him backwards.  At
that moment, Kano fell down, bleeding from a number of gun-shot
wounds.  Johnny looked over in amazement where Jax was
propping himself up by one arm, holding a smoking gun.*

Jax:  Gottcha ya, gottcha one good. (gargles in one more breath,
	then collapses as a trickle of blood creeps out of the corner
	of his mouth.)

Sonya:  (drops the bat and runs to Johnny's aid. She unties him.)
	Oh God, Johnny, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you--

Johnny:  (envelopes Sonya in his arms and holds her tightly) I
	know. It's okay. (pulls away gently to look at her 
 	swollen face) What did that bastard do to you? 

Sonya:  (pulls away) Don't worry about anything. I'm fine. Let's
	just please get out of here.

Johnny:  (nods) Right. 

*The two stand and Johnny supports Sonya as they walked toward
Jax. Briggs is lying where he'd shot Kano from, a pool of blood
creating a moat around him. Sonya drops down and checks for a
pulse, but finds none. Sadly, she stands with tears in her eyes.*

Sonya:  (in a low voice) I knew this was going to happen. I knew
	he was going to die because of me.

Johnny:  (puts an arm around her waist and directs her toward the
	exit)  Jax died the way he wanted. He finally caught Kano.
	To him, that's all that mattered. 

*Blade nods and the couple starts away. They walk up the stairs
and make it to the first floor. Sonya recognizes the scene and pulls
Cage toward the exit door. As she is reaching for the knob, the
door flies open and Wesley Valentine walks in, looking hurried.
Johnny and Sonya stumble back into the compound, thoroughly

Sonya:  Wesley? What are you doing in here?

Wesley:  (one arm behind his back) I was listening on the radio
	and I heard gun shots so I came in to assist. 

*Sonya begins to thank him when another voice speaks up...*

Voice From Behind Them:  Good job, Wes.

*Johnny and Sonya spin around to see Kano standing there, blood
covering most of his body and bullet holes in his clothing. The
wound Sonya had given him was oozing down his face.*

Sonya:  (spins back around) What the Hell--?

Wesley:  (removes his arm from behind his back. He is holding a
	Magnum) Sonya, Sonya, Sonya. When will you learn not to
	trust so easily?

Johnny:  (protectively pulls Sonya back behind him) I knew there
	was something strange about you, *Wes*.

Wesley:  (cocks gun) Strange? Not really. The only thing that
	should have jumped out at you was that I was ALIVE!
	(laughs) Cage, I'm going to enjoy killing you and I'm going
	to enjoy taking back what's mine.

Sonya:  (Bravely stepping forward) I'm not yours and I don't belong
	to anyone. 

Wesley:  (trains the gun on Johnny but speaking to Sonya)
	Remember that night we spent in that run down little
	hotel near Baton Rouge? 

Sonya:  (raises an eyebrow) Oh, yeah. And now you think you own

Wesley:  (Smiles)  Mostly.  
Johnny:  Please.  You mean to tell me that you've been working for 
	Kano all along?

Wesley:  (takes a step back and bows) World's best actor.  (looks
	past Sonya)  Poor Briggs. I actually got to find him as a
	good friend.

Kano:  (pushes Johnny into the wall.)  Kill him Wes.
*Sonya took action immediately and kicked at Wesley's head.  He
dodged and grabbed her leg, pushing her down.  He drops down
and elbows her in the stomach, then puts one knee on her ribs.*

Wesley:  Stay down, I don't want you to get shot.

Kano:  No, wait. Don't kill him.  I have an idea.  (smiles evilly) 
	Johnny, you're going to be our little bait.  If you want to
	call it that.  You're our insurance policy that Sonya won't
	break our necks.  

Sonya:  (Pushes Wesley off)  One: I'm not listening to you and
	Two:  You're ugly.  (Sonya kicks Kano in the face and
	sends him back a few feet, she helps Johnny up and they
	turn to run, but Wes is standing there, with the gun in
	Sonya's face)  

Wesley: No, no, sweetheart. You're not going anywhere.

Sonya:  Don't call me that.

Wesley:  What? Sweetheart?  I'm sure your called that by a lot of 
	people.  How many are you screwing now, baby?  Johnny
	and who else? Were you  entertaining Jax also?  I wouldn't
	be surprised.  (looks at Johnny)  She is a little slut, this one. 
	Trust me.  

Johnny:  No, she isn't. Are you jelous because you never got any 

Kano:  (walks over, interrupting)  Come on, we're moving again.
Sonya:  (looks down at Jax)  You can't leave him here.

Kano:  You're right.  (to the other Black Dragons)  Burn the
	place and the bodies.

Johnny:  What?!  

*Kano drags them out to the truck, while the others torch the 
place.  Jax, being barely alive, senses the danger and gets out of
the place, slowly. He treks into the back woods, searching for

                   Scene 19
-----In the car,  Johnny is forced up front, while two Dragons hold 
him. One points a gun at his head, and a piece of bullet proof glass 
separates him from the driver.  Sonya is in the back with Kano,
Wesley, and another Black Dragon.  A while through the trip, they
pull over and switch drivers.  Wes drives.  Johnny stares at him
and after a while, Wes looks back.-----

Wesley:  What are you staring at?

Johnny:  Nothing much.

Wesley:  Give it a rest, Cage.  You're just mad because, for a
	while, Sonya loved me more than you.

Johnny:  (starts laughing)  You think that she actually loved you all
	this time?  Please!  She told me herself that she still loved
	me, more than you.  And the fucking reason  I'm so pissed
	is 'cause I have no idea on what  the fuck you're doing to
	that poor thing in the back.

Wesley:  (smiles evilly)  You don't want to know. 

Johnny:  (pissed off and whispers under his breath) Cocksucker.
	(Picks up in normal tone) Why the hell do you have to
	torment her?  If your gonna kill her, why do it this way?

Wesley:  (turns and corner and keeps grinning) Who said I was 
	going to kill her? Maybe I'll keep her around for the one
	thing she was good for. (looks over at Johnny) You know 
	what I'm talking about, don't you?

Johnny:  (glares at Wesley, feeling more hatred toward him) I'd
	advise you to shut your fuckin' mouth. 

Wesley:  (laughs) Oooh, touchy subject. I'm sorry. I just thought
	we could swap stories. (smile brightens) Oh, don't 
	tell me you two haven't been *intimate* yet?!

Johnny:  (cracks a smile) Yeah, we have. And from what's been
	yelled in my ear, I'm doing a damn good job.

Wesley:  (smile falls and his hands clench on the steering wheel)
	It's taking every ounce of my control not to pull this car
	over and beat the shit out of you.

Johnny:  The feeling's mutual. (looks at the guy holding the gun to
	his head) Why don't you just order this good looking sum'
	bitch shoot me? It'd save you a lot of trouble.

Wesley:  (turns onto a gravel road and then stops by a little shack)
	Why have him kill you? We're already here.

*Without saying another word, Wesley hops out of the car. Johnny
and his two captors followed suit. The other Black Dragons, along
with Sonya and Kano, were right behind him. The septet made
their way into the shack, locking the door behind them. Inside the
shack was a large kitchen area and many cabinets, obviously
stocked with whatever Kano and his minions would need. The
kitchen consisted of a table and about eight chairs. There was
another corridor that lead to another room.*

Kano: (pushes a very injured Sonya into a chair) Sit down bitch.

Wesley:  (throws Kano a look) Don't hurt her too much. 

Kano:  (glares) I'm the boss. Don't tell me what to do.

Wesley: (obviously upset) Whatever. (turns to the three remaining
	Black Dragons) I want you three to cover the perimeter.
	Shoot anything that moves out there.

*The Dragons comply and leave the shack. Kano locks the door
behind him. The then turns back around, grinning.)

Kano:  This is going to be fun. (he picks up his gun and starts to
	toss it back and forth) Who should die first? Who? 

Sonya:  (looks up evilly) I am the one you want. Keep me here
	and let Johnny go. Just don't hurt him.

Johnny:  NO!!!

Kano:  Now what would be the fun in that?

Sonya:  (slouches down and puts her two feet around the bottom of
	the chair, making sure its not bolted in.  She twists her
	hands around in back to break a piece of wood off the
	chair, stalling for time) Why?

Kano:  (raises an eyebrow) Why, what bitch?

Sonya:  Why do you always make it sound like such a hard choice? 
	Just pick one and shoot.  We're both gonna die anyway,
	why prolong it?

Kano:  (Confused)  Whoa, wait, you're supposed to sit here and put
	up a useless argument?
Johnny:  (Catches on to what Sonya is doing)  Well, she is right
	and no, you're not gonna shoot either of us. I've gotten to
	know you too well.

Kano:  (spins around to face Cage)  What the hell are you talking
	about?  I'll kill you! 

Johnny:  (sighs loudly)  No you won't.
Kano:  (Aims the gun at Johnny's chest) Yes, I will.

*Sonya breaks the ropes off her hands and gets her feet untied, she
picks up the chair and holds it over her head.*

Johnny:  Umm, Kano... for a crime master, your pretty stupid. 
	(points to a side switch of the gun)  The safety's on.
Kano:  (looks at the gun)  What?

 * At that moment, Sonya brought the chair down over Kano's head
and he fell into an unconscious heap.*

Johnny: Stupid ass son of a bitch. 

*Johnny  ran to Sonya and hugged her.  She put her head on his
shoulder and held on for dear life.  Johnny ran a hand down her
face tenderly, and gently touched a wound on her face.*

Johnny:  That jack ass is going to pay with his life. I swear on my
	grave he will!

Sonya:  (a mix between tears and joy)  Can we please go home?

Wesley:  (enters through the door of the house)  I'm afraid not,
	kiddo. See, unlike Kano, I'm not stupid. I switched guns
	with him, his wasn't even loaded.  (aims a gun at them) 
	Now, Johnny, you're ruining this whole thing.  See, you
	were not suppose to be here.  It was suppose to be me and
	Soyn again. So, I'll just have to kill you...

*All of a sudden, Wesley fell through the door way, his eyes rolled
up in his head, a tranquilizer in his back.  Jax stood two feet away
from him *

Jax:  Poor fool.  Always talked too much.

Sonya:  (runs over and hugs Jax)  How?  We saw you dead!

Jax:  A miracle of technology.  See, the one who went in wasn't
	me. We did an alteration to Captain Medza because he
	wanted to go in, but we feared Wes would trade sides. So
	since Medza looked like me, he went in and was killed.  I
	planted a monitoring device on Wes at the base, and
	we tracked him here.  

Johnny:  (walks up to Jax) She needs medical attention, and can
	we please, finally, go home? 

Sonya:  (Looks at Jax) please?
Jax:  (half laughs)  Yes.

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