Scene 20

----Back at their apartment, Sonya is sitting in a ball on the couch.  
Johnny enters the door holding two bottles of soda and a large
pizza.  He sets it down then walks over to sit beside Sonya-----

Johnny: (wraps his arms around her and she lies back into his
	arms)  You still in pain?

Sonya:  No, I took three advil and a bottle of whiskey.  I'll be fine.

Johnny:  (Laughs)  Whiskey?
Sonya:  Always good for drowning sorrows, not to mention pain.

Johnny:  (digs through his pocket and pulls out a penny)  A penny
	for your thoughts.

Sonya:  Well, Jax said that it seems when Wes supposedly died,
	the Black Dragons took him in, and trained him to be like
	them.  He lost his total memory when he was beat.  He only
	knew what they told him.  With the training they put him
	through, he's starting to regain his old memory and
	according to Jax, is moronified, and wants to see me.  
Johnny:  (Takes a breath and sits back)  What are you going to do?

 Sonya:  (closes her eyes)  I don't think I can look that boy in the
	eyes again, or at least for a while.

Johnny:  (tightens his grip around her)  That's okay, don't rush. 
	Soyn, what they did to you, I am so surprised on how you're

 Sonya:  (Turns to face him. She has been crying; it is obvious. 
	She takes a deep breath and says lowly)  Trust me, I'm
	mostly use to it.  

 Johnny:  (eyes widen but he doesn't insist on asking more)  You

 Sonya:  (Gets up)  Terribly. 

 *The two eat then go to bed. Lying in bed, Sonya rests her head on
Johnny's chest. Johnny brushes a piece of her hair out from in front
of her face and kisses her forehead.*

Johnny:  Everything will be okay, they got the son of a bitch in jail.

Sonya: (looks at Johnny)  No.  That's what I didn't tell you.  On the
	way to the jail, somehow, Kano and his little possie took
	over the truck and made a break for it.  Jax thinks they're in
Johnny:  Well, at least they're not here.
Sonya:  (shakes her head)  You don't get it, Kano is like a old log
	in  water. You can push it under, but it will always

Johnny:  As long as I am around, you don't have to worry about
	Kano, Wesley or anything again. Okay?	

Sonya:  (smiles wearily) I'll try not to worry. (tips her head up to
	kiss the underside of Johnny's jaw) Oh yeah, I forgot.
	There's something else I have to tell you.

Johnny:  What's that?

*Sonya gazes into Johnny's eyes as she pulls her self up beside
him. She lays on her stomach by him and leans over to kiss him
softly on the lips. After the long, passionate kiss, Cage looks at

Johnny:  What was that for?

Sonya:  Yes.

Johnny:  (bewildered) Huh?

Sonya:  I'm answering that question you asked me the other day.
	(kisses him on the cheek) Yes. 

Johnny:  (thinking) What ques....... (the proverbial light bulb
	springs to light in his head. He looks at her, smiling)
	Yes? Are you sure?

Sonya:  (smiles back) I'm totally sure. I love you Johnny Cage. And
	I'm not letting you go. 

*Johnny laughs wildly and envelops Sonya in his arms, rolling her
under him. He peppers her neck with kisses until she pushes his
lips away, giggling all the while.*

Sonya:  (laughing) I take it you're happy?

Johnny:  (makes a faint growling sound) Well.... I'd say  that right
	now, the word happy wouldn't exactly describe me but I"ll
	tell you I am feeling another H-word.

*The scene closes with Johnny Cage pulling the sheets over their

	the freakin' end

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