Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 16:33:03 EDT
Author:  Misaki

Rating:  I'd give it a G... and a S&S (Superb, yet Sad) 

Disclaimer:  *This story is a short story about Johnny's death in MKA. 1/3 I got from the movie, 1/3 from the book, and I made up 1/3 of it. I don't own MK or any of it's characters, 
                     please don't sue me ^_^

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	Sonya stood next to Johnny Cage, one of her friends she had recently met at a tournament called Mortal Kombat. 
	Her eyes followed the movements of Shao Kahn, an enemy, who was battling the god of thunder and lighting, Rayden. Shao Kahn had been knocked to his feet, and Sonya felt that Rayden would beat this guy right then and there. Everyone was going to be okay, because a god was fighting for them. And a god couldn't possibly lose. But she was wrong.
	"Here, boss!" shouted a man from Shao Kahn's Extermination Squad. The man threw him a black whip. 
	Sonya had lost herself, unaware of Shao Kahn's next move.
	To her dismay Shao Kahn thrashed the whip out at Sonya's ankles. Wrapped tightly around both ankles several times, Shao Kahn yanked on the whip violently, pulling Sonya towards him,. Her body felt as though it were set aflame, being dragged across the harsh gravel that lay on the ground in such a inhuman manner. Her ankles felt disconnected from the rest of her body. But the pain didn't stop when she did.
	Shao Kahn placed his foot on Sonya's neck, pressing hard down, suffocating her. Pulling desperately at his boot, Sonya attempted to free herself, but found her struggles worthless. She gasped for air.
	"This ends now!" Shao Kahn shouted.
	"You hide behind a human?" she heard Rayden reply. 
	"Why not, 'Lord' Rayden? You've hid behind them your entire pathetic life!" he declared.
	Johnny had had enough of watching the two argue while Sonya was choking to death under Shao Kahn's grasp.
	He walked to Shao Kahn's back. Ready to free Sonya.
	Johnny knew he might get killed, Shao Kahn was more powerful then Shang Tsung. Even Rayden had troubles getting the guy off his feet. But as long as Sonya would be okay, he didn't care what happened to him.
	Leaping up into the air, Johnny attacked with a Shadow Kick.
	Sonya saw Johnny and couldn't believe it. Didn't this guy know he could be killed?!
	"No, don't Johnny!" she cried, but her voice was soft and muffled . Her breath was weak, her body was suffering from lack of oxygen.
	Shao Kahn was prepared for Johnny's attack though. Quickly, he knocked Johnny to the ground. Johnny's expensive sunglasses hit the ground, the rims at been bent from the hard, rocky, ground, and the lens had been cracked.
	"Johnny." whispered Sonya, she watched in horror as Shao Kahn merciless beat the actor.
	Johnny attempted to get up, only to receive another hard blow in the back, courtesy of Shao Kahn.
	Trying once more, Johnny lifted himself up as quickly as possible. But Johnny's injuries slowed him, and Kahn was far too swift. Johnny let only a small, painful groan escape his lips before Kahn smashed his head against the pavement with his right boot.  As hard as Johnny tried to fight, Shao Kahn always overcame him. The battle was over in seconds.
	Shao Kahn lifted Johnny's limp body above his head, as if bragging about his victory, proof of his victory.
	"Surrender Rayden! Or this one dies!" Kahn laughed, as if he already knew Rayden had lost.
	Electricity sizzled from Rayden's hands, then jumped to form a dome around Kahn's generals who had been watching.
	"Then I will take your generals, because Earth does not bend to the will of tyrants." Rayden warned.
	"You would never let one of your humans die." Kahn insisted.
	"Trade me for Johnny Cage. " Rayden offered.
	Kahn looked at Rayden suspiciously, not sure what to do.
	"Come to me and kneel, Rayden. Throw yourself at my mercy!" he laughed.
	Rayden reluctantly obeyed. The dome around the generals faded.
	Shao Kahn's laughter filled the air, "You fool!"
	He let out a hateful scream as he flung Johnny's body toward the pavement.
	Johnny struck it hard, the sickening crack of his bones breaking could be heard from miles away. Johnny slowly rolled to his back.
	"Johnny!" Sonya cried, rushing to him. Prayers swarmed her mind, prayers that it was just a nightmare, that she's wake up soon.
	Rayden gave Kahn a bitter look, his eyes like steel. Then he started out towards Johnny.
	Shao Kahn let out a furious blast at Rayden, sending him flying.
	"Johnny..." Sonya whispered, her voice unbelieving. "Why--why'd you have to--to try and s--save me? Why?" she asked. Tears cluttered her vision. Her voice cracking at almost every word.
	"I had to." came Johnny's hoarse reply. "I couldn't stand to see him...anyone hurt you, Sonya."
	"But why?" her mind worried the worst may happen, but she denied it, it couldn't be possible. "You're not going to die, Johnny. You aren't." she felt as if she were assuring herself more then him though. "We'll get you to a hospital, real quick. I'm not going to let you die!" she cried. Tears were pouring out of her eyes more freely now.
	"Sonya, if anything happens to me, don't blame yourself, OK? It'd kill me to see you live in misery the rest of you life, because of me." Johnny whispered. He found Sonya's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "And if anything happens to me, take good care yourself, for me?"
	"You'll be all right..."
	"Just tell the press automobile accident. I'll miss you, Sonya." he whispered, his voice barely audible.
	"So this is good-bye? So soon after we met?" Sonya sobbed.
	"No, not forever. I'll find you again. That's a promise." Johnny smiled.
	"I love you, Johnny Cage." Sonya whispered. Tears still blocked her vision.
	Sonya felt Johnny's grip loosening, and knew he was fading. But somehow, he had managed to grin at her, and whisper four last words.
	"I love you too."
	His grip was now completely faded. His body fell motionless and Sonya knew he was gone.
	Sonya leaned over and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips.	
	"I'll see you again, someday." she whispered. Tears slowly dried and she gave his hand a gentle squeeze.

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