Someday: Betrayal

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Someday: Betrayal

	Sonya Blade gripped tightly onto Johnny Cage's
hand. Everything was peaceful. But it didn't last long. The
sky darkened and suddenly something caught around
Sonya's ankles, making her lose balance. She was dragged
across the stone ground. Then a foot stomped down on her
throat; the grips dug into her flesh.
	And then Johnny came to the rescue, but he could
only rescue one.
	"No! Johnny!" 
	Johnny tried a shadow kick, but was knocked to the
	Everything was going too fast for Sonya. The ended,
the victor holding his trophy proudly above his head. Except
everything was wrong.
	Shao Kahn was the victor, and Johnny was the
lifeless trophy. Everything was wrong. Johnny should be the
	Then Shao Kahn let out a vicious cry as he flung
Johnny to the ground. Johnny hit hard, his limbs bending in
every possible was--every possible way the body shouldn't
bend. His entire body snapped; the sickening snapping
sound of his back, his legs, his arms, filled Sonya with
intense pain, intense hate. With a feeling of remorse, she
looked to where Johnny lay. To her horror, she saw Johnny,
covered with blood. Shao Kahn's triumphant laughter filled
the air, only increasing Sonya's hate. And Johnny; Johnny
lay motionless.

	Sonya flung upright, her face full of sweat.
	Climbing out of her bed, she muttered to herself,
"They get worse every time."
	Sonya reached for the telephone at the side of her
bed, she put her mouth by the phone, "Hello?"
	"Sonya Blade." a deep voice cackled. Sonya didn't
seem to notice the mock in the person's voice.
	"Yes. Who are you?" she replied.
	"You're worse nightmare." it laughed.
	"Look, I don't have time for your stupid games." she
reached over to disconnect the call.
	"No, wait!" the voice urged, "This is important!"
	"Now, why should I believe you? You won't even
tell me your name!" Sonya exclaimed.
	"Mortal Kombat. Pier 40. Tomorrow. Same time. It
has begun."
	Sonya heard a dial tone, and slowly hung up.
Debating on whether or not to go. Sighing as if she was
going to regret her decision, Sonya picked up the phone and
punched in a few numbers.
	"Yes, I'd like a ticket for the very next plane to
China. Hong Kong. Only one. No, not round trip. Yeah,
thanks." Sonya put the phone on the receiver. Completely
puzzled by the strange man. He sounded so familiar. Yet,
she couldn't quite place it. And what he talked about,
"Another Mortal Kombat?"

	Sonya cautiously stepped towards Pier 40. One of
the last things she ever imagined doing, was coming back
here. Too many bad memories. As she saw the dock come
into view, those memories came surging back. Trying to
hold back the tears, she was unsuccessful. Three tears
trickled down her cheeks.
	She wiped her tears away and searched for anyone
she knew. Squinting, she checked to make sure she was
seeing right.
	"Art Lean?" she choked out.
	The man turned around, revealing he was, in fact,
Art Lean.
	"You're alive?" she asked, unsure if the drinks on the
plane had alcohol.
	Art Lean nodded, "When the tournament was won,
my soul was set free and I was given another chance," Art
paused, "You're a friend of Johnny's, right?" Sonya nodded.
"Where is he?" 
	Sonya's face suddenly fell. As if she didn't look
distressed enough before. Art looked at her, his expression
showed concern, "Are you all right?"
	"As all right as I'll ever be." Sonya replied, voice not
above a whisper.
	"Is Johnny gone on vacation, is he sick or
something?" Art asked.
	Sonya shock her head, "He's gone all right. Forever.
Because of me." she hoarsely replied.
	"You mean--"
	Sonya nodded, tears streamed down her cheeks.
	"How'd it happen?" Art questioned, but saw the
intense pain in Sonya's eyes. "Nevermind, but I'm sure it
isn't your fault. We can change the subject."
	Sonya and Art looked up as they heard footsteps. A
Chinese guy, the one Johnny had hung around, was carrying
a small bag and walking to the dock. Art nudged Sonya,
"There's--um, that guy."
	"Liu Kang."
	"Yeah, Liu Kang." Art nodded. "Shall we go talk to
	Sonya nodded and wiped away her remaining tears.
	"Liu! Over here!" Art called.
	Liu Kang turned around. From his expression he
was surprised to see Sonya, and even more surprised to the
Art Lean.
	"What are you guys doing here?" Liu asked.
	"Same thing you are, most likely." Art replied.
	"Did you get a phone call, Liu?" Sonya asked.
	Liu shook his head. "No, I got a message from
Rayden. Why? Rayden told me you probably wouldn't be
here because of--" Liu paused, "Johnny's death."
	Sonya felt tears emerging and fought with all her
might to keep them from falling. Never had she known how
hard it was to keep from crying. Even after all she's seen in
her life.
	Not trusting her voice she nodded. A moment later
she responded, "I've heard it's easier to cope with tragedy
when you deal with it."
	Both Liu and Art nodded.
	"Now, I'm going to find a place just to rest. Before
we get to the island, so if you'll excuse me.." Sonya stopped
by Liu, and headed aft.
	"Should we follow her?" Art asked.
	Liu shook his head. "She needs to be alone."


	Sonya, Liu, and Art stepped off the small boat.
Taking quick glances at the island, Sonya started toward the
	"Doesn't look very different." Art commented.
	Liu nodded, "Wonder who's in charge, now that
both Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn are dead."
	A look of confusion crossed Art's face, "Shall what?
There were other tournaments?!"
	Liu nodded, "Shao Kahn is the emperor. Shang
Tsung's master."
	"So...who's left?"


	Sonya stretched her muscles, preparing for the
upcoming fight. Her opponent was a women about the same
age. Blonde hair tied neatly in a French braid. She was
wearing a tank-top with tan shorts, she almost looked
human. But the idea was changed when Sonya noticed her
seven fingers on each hand, and the spiked tail.
	"Mortal Kombat has begun!" a booming voice
declared. The owner of the voice's identity was hidden by a
hooded cloak.
	"Sonya Blade--" it yelled, "--vs. Amje. Fight!"
	Sonya didn't bother to bow, fearing the opponent
might take the chance to send a quick blow to the head.
Using her tail as a weapon, if aimed correctly, she could
certainly kill Sonya with a single blow.
	Amje swung her tail out at Sonya, almost knocking
her off her feet.
	Sonya quickly jumped up, "Yeah, right. I'm not
some dumb blonde..." Sonya started. Amje had backed up
then came in for a quick jump kick, Sonya easily saw this
coming. She met Amje in the air; grabbing her shoulders she
flipped and threw her to the ground. While Amje landed on
her back, Sonya landed on her feet.
	" you." Sonya finished her thought.
	Amje stood up, clenching her fists, but silent as
	"This is for Johnny." Sonya said under her breath as
she charged toward her opponent. Before Amje could
prepare herself, Sonya launched herself into a
handstand...on Amje's head. As she reached the peak of her
handstand, she jerked her legs to the right., along with
Amje's head.
	Sonya stepped down from her handstand as Amje
	"Flawless victory."

	The threesome were walking to Sonya's next bout, a
day had passed and Earth wasn't doing so well. The
warriors of Earth had nearly decreased by 40%.
	"So, who ya fighting next?" Art asked Sonya. He's
been careful around Sonya, trying hard not to bring of the
topic of Johnny.
	Sonya shrugged, "I dunno. Don't give you
schedules." Her voice soft and distant. Like it's been since
Johnny died. She was even more distant then the first
tournament, and still refused to ask for help. Liu knew the
reasons for her behavior, it was too obvious to him.
	"Wish they did, now I know why Jo--"Art was cut
off by Liu's voice.
	"We're here." Liu declared loudly.
	Sonya immediately started a warm-up routine. Once
again the cloaked man appeared to sit on his throne.
	"Sonya Blade." It laughed. Sonya instantly
recognized the voice.
	"You!" she cried. "You're the one who called me!"
	The man laughed, but his laugh was evil, and
mocking. "Yes. You are quick, Sonya."
	Pulling back his hood he revealed a familiar face.
	Making the name seem like a curse, which it may be,
Sonya uttered in a low tone, "Shinnok."
	One again the man laughed, "I see you recognize
me. And I have another face you'll
your next opponent."
	A shadow appeared in the doorway. It was the same
doorway Kano had walked through before she killed him in
a bout. Sonya slightly squinted, trying to make the
	The figure emerged from the shadowed doorway.
Once again, Sonya was shocked.
	"Your opponent....Johnny Cage."
	A small gasp of air escaped Sonya's lips just as she
remembered to breath.  "You--you're alive?"
	Johnny chuckled a little before nodding, "But you're
gonna wish I was dead when I'm through with you." His
voice was icy cold. Sonya had never heard him like this. It
was a fact that made Sonya fear him.
	"Johnny, wh--what'd they do to you?" she asked, in
a voice of both deep concern and deep fear.
	" 'They' didn't do anything--" Johnny paused, "--
Sonya." he added more hatred to his voice as he spoke her
name. " I choose to be on their side. I want to win for once.
I'm sick of you losers."
	Sonya gasped, "What?"
	Johnny replied, more forcefully then before, "You
heard me."
	Sonya gained some courage to reply, without
trembling, "You aren't Johnny. The real Johnny would never
act like this."
	Glaring coldly at Sonya he responded harshly,
"Maybe 'Johnny' was sick of people like you--" pausing he
put emphasis on his last word, "--murderers."
	The last word hit Sonya like a thousand--no--million
	"Let the bout begin." Shinnok declared.
	Johnny slightly bowed, Sonya returned the gesture
cautiously. The last thing Sonya wanted to do was fight
Johnny. Though she couldn't be sure with all her mixed
emotions. Happy that Johnny was alive. Mad at what
Shinnok did to him. Angry at herself for letting Shao Kahn
take his life..and soul.
	"It's a shame we couldn't have gotten to know each
other better...but, you killed me, Sonya." Johnny whispered
into Sonya's ear.
	Without giving her time to react, he grabbed her
shoulders and threw Sonya to the ground. She blindly tried
to decrease the impact  of her fall by holding her hands out
in front of her. But it barely made a difference, the impact
was too much for her arms. They were nearly broken, or at
least that's what they felt like to her. It wasn't half as painful
as Johnny's harsh words though.
	I can't fight him, I don't want to hurt him, even if he
isn't acting like himself. I wonder how long I can block his
attacks? Sonya wondered.
	The answer was simple--she couldn't. Deep in her
heart she believed this is how it should be. With Johnny
alive and with her dead.
	Sonya was being tripped, kicked, easily beaten by
Johnny. Johnny performed a backflip that caught Sonya's
ribs. The attack knocked Sonya to the ground. Amazingly
she was still conscious.
	Looking up threw her barely opened eyes, she saw
Johnny Cage above her, pulling out his weapon. It was a
silver sword with a big blade that reflected the light of the
sun into her eyes. He rose the weapon to strike his killing
blow. Squeezing her eyes shut, Sonya prayed it wasn't
actually Johnny killing her. Prepared for his weapon to slice
her into pieces at any moment, she braced herself for the
extent amount of pain she was bound to feel. It clearly
confused her when she wasn't being attacked in anyway.
Had she already been killed? She opened her eyes slightly.
	Johnny threw his weapon to the ground; crouched
next to her and whispered, "I'll finish you...later. When you
will fight back. I want a real challenge."
	Standing up, he walked briskly out of the ring.
Watching, Sonya saw Shinnok grab Johnny's arm and say
something to him, but being too far away, she couldn't hear.
Pulling his arm away, Johnny quickly replied and walked
away. Sonya's eyes followed Johnny until he disappeared
into the shadows.
	Feeling a hand on her shoulder, she turned to see
Art's and Liu's worried expressions.
	"Sonya, you could have been killed." Liu informed
	"Come on, I know you can fight better than that."
Art chimed in.
	"What if I don't want to fight?" Sonya uttered under
her breath.
	Sonya, Liu, and Art followed the god, Rayden, as he
led them through the statue garden.
	"What's going on? Why is Johnny back from the
dead? No, more importantly, why is he trying to kill us?"
Liu asked angrily.
	"Hey, don't ask me. I'm totally oblivious as to
what's, exactly, going on." Art remarked.
	Sonya simply followed the guys, her eyes blank, jaw
set, fists clenched. She didn't seem to notice the
conversation going on.
	Rayden's expression remained calm as always. "It
seems as though Johnny's soul was never released when
Shao Kahn died."
	"That doesn't explain why Johnny is trying to kill
us." Even if they own his soul, they can't force him to do
anything. Can they?" Art asked, unsure and confused.
	"No, they can't. But, as much as I know you'd like to
disbelieve it, it is a possibility that Johnny had agreed to join
their side." Rayden replied.
	Sonya looked toward Rayden and spoke with
confidence, "Johnny would never betray us. He'd rather die
then have us get hurt. That's why he was dead in the first
place, remember?"
	Rayden looked to Sonya with cold eyes, "You only
fear the truth, Sonya. You can't deal with the possibility
Johnny isn't who you thought he was anymore."
	"I know Johnny..." Sonya started, but was curtly
interrupted by Rayden.
	"You let your heart think for your head." Rayden
scolded, "You must think of the possibili--" 
	"No, I won't!" Sonya shouted angrily, "Because I
know--" Sonya's voice grew softer, "--I know Johnny
wouldn't do that to us. No matter what Shinnok did." Sonya
spun her heels and swiftly left the gardens. Art and Liu were
astonished by the scene that just took place.
	"Man," Art said, addressing Rayden, "Don't you
think you were a little too hard on the girl."
	Rayden shook his head, "No, she must learn her
lessons. The truth is something you can't hide from.
Especially in a situation like this. Very rarely do people who
will not face the truth come out dangerous situation alive."
	Liu looked at Rayden and studied him a long
moment, "You know? You know if it's really Johnny?"
	Rayden looked at him, his eyes no longer revealed a
thing, "Maybe, maybe not."
	His eyes cackled with electricity, and within milli-
seconds, he was gone.
	Art looked to where Rayden previously had been
standing. "He sure answered a lot of questions."


	"Johnny Cage!"
	Johnny walked up to Shinnok's throne, "Yes?" he
asked, partially annoyed.
	"I want them dead." Shinnok declared, looking into
a misty globe showing Sonya, Liu and Art talking.
	"Why didn't you kill the girl when you had the
chance?" he questioned.
	Johnny stood, showing no sign of fear, "I didn't feel
it was necessary. She doesn't seem like a threat."
	Shinnok tried to control his temper, he needed
Johnny to win the tournament. "But she could, and most
likely will, be a threat in the future. She is one of the best
female warriors of Earth, if not the universe for a reason."
Shinnok informed him.
	"You call that fighting? She didn't even try to
attack." Johnny told him.
	"Yes, but that is only because I had placed memories
that you were once a team in her mind. Only to give you an
advantage. She may soon realize the memories are false,
you must kill her soon." Shinnok instructed.
	"What if I say no?" Johnny asked, he crossed his
arms over his chest.
	Shinnok laughed at Johnny's reply, but Johnny failed
to see the humor, "Why would you do that? She was your
enemy, remember? You treat her like an old friend, but she
is your friend's murderer...and yours."
	"No, I don't remember. You've never told me that,
and I have only memories of recent things, none of what
you have told me. How do I know you are telling the
truth?" Johnny retorted.
	Shinnok silently counted to ten and continued, "I'm
sorry, I didn't try to resurface those memories. I thought
you'd rather not horrible it was."
	Johnny shook his head, "I want proof. Resurface
those memories, It's better I know....unless, you are not
telling me everything, Shinnok." Johnny said in a almost
challenging tone.
	"No, of course not. It'll be a while, so you might
want to find something else to do." Shinnok told him.
	"Yeah, sure." Johnny rolled his eyes. He slipped on
his sunglasses and exited the room.
	Shinnok turned to a shadowed figure, "I need you to
create those memories." 
	The figure nodded, "Yes, Lord Shinnok."
	Shinnok turned to leave; slowly making his way
toward the door. Just as he twister the door handle he
turned to face the shadow, "And I want to erase any doubts
or suspicions he may have. We need him on our side at all
times, Quan Chi."
	"Yes....Lord Shinnok."


	Sonya was frantically searching the small cabin that
was compliments of the tournament. Looking for any
supplies she may need on her 'mission'. As she found things,
she just threw them into her bag. When she finally thought
she was ready, she grabbed a pad of paper and scribbled
down letter. Dropping the pad by a light where it'd surely be
noticed, she walked out the door, leaving the cabin
	The note on the table was left by the burning light,
the handwriting small and neatly written, it read:

Dear Liu & Art, 
	I've gone to figure out Shinnok's plans, and perhaps
rescue Johnny. Please don't worry about me, I've brought
supplies, and I have a plan. Hope to see you guys soon.

	Outside the wind was blowing strongly. The breeze
came through an open window, and picked up the paper. It
sent it floating outside the window, into the water nearby.
And the paper drifted farther and farther away.


	Sonya was walking fast paced to where Shinnok
stayed. There was something inside of her the just had to
know the truth about Johnny. She was also planning on
freeing Johnny, that is, if it truly was Johnny. But she wasn't
quite sure on how to go about doing that.
	Her thought were mixed up, and it made it hard to
concentrate on her task. But her thoughts were disturbed
when a thunder boomed, and lightning flashed across the
sky. Looking up, she noticed she had reached her
destination. A shiver crept down her spine.
	"It's now or never, Sonya." she whispered as she
started to the side of the palace.

	Johnny was watching his best friend, he was walking
down a busy street, going to work at a famous five star
hotel, he was a manager at one of the locations.
	Just as he was passing an alley two hands grabbed
him and pulled him into it. Then Johnny saw a women,
Sonya Blade, threaten his friend with a knife. She was
shouting about some amulent; demanding to know where it
was. His friend replied that he didn't know.
	Sonya was furious and didn't believe him. The last
thing Johnny saw was the knife plunging into his friend's
heart again and again and again...
	The scene seemed to fade so that Johnny was
watching himself, being beaten to the ground by Sonya.
Then, she whispered something in his ear, that he couldn't
hear, laughed a little, and then snapped his neck.
	Johnny looked up to see Shinnok standing over him.
	"So," he said, "What would you say if I asked you to
kill Sonya Blade and her pesky friends?" Shinnok asked.
	"My pleasure."

	Sonya was struggling to find a way inside the palace.
Having circled the palace five times, she was about ready to
give up when she spotted something.
	A open window with a tree right next to it. Sonya
smiled to herself as she started to climb the tree.
	Don't worry Johnny, you'll be free in no time. Sonya
thought to herself.


	Johnny laughed to himself as he watched Sonya
climbing up the tree to the window. Everytime he saw her
he felt his hatred grow. And he felt the only way to satisfy
this hatred was revenge. And it was something Johnny was
going to get.
	He walked briskly to the weapon room, where
Sonya was headed. She'd be in the worst place possible,
which was what Johnny wanted.
	Sonya stepped of the branch onto the window sill.
She glanced at the room and regretted not looking for
another way in once more.
	Weapons were everywhere around her; if she'd trip
she'd be a goner. Noticing the open door, she turned around
to grab her bad so she could head out and look for Johnny.
Just as she grabbed her bag the door slammed.
	"Trick or treat." sneered a familiar voice.
	Sonya turned around just in time to dodge a jump
kick. Johnny landed on his feet and turned around to glance
at Sonya, who was trying to open the stuck door.
	"Don't bother. It's locked." Johnny said. "If you
cooperate, you're death won't be as painful."
	Sonya stared coldly at him, while studying his face.
After a long silence she finally said, "You are Johnny, but
you have changed, what'd they do?"
	Johnny hissed, "Nothing."
	Johnny sweeped Sonya, she landed hard on her
back. Handspringing to her feet, she tried a front flip kick.
Johnny wasn't prepared, and was knocked backwards. But
he, too, could make quick recoveries.
	For what seemed like hours, it was just a series of
blocked punches and kicks.
	Then Sonya nailed Johnny with a powerful
roundhouse kick that sent him crashing against a rack of
sharpened weapons.
	Sonya watched in horror as the rack began to teeter.
Realizing Johnny didn't notice, she ran at full speed toward
him. Just as he started to stand Sonya tacked him to the
ground. He looked to her, and then saw the weapons hit the
cement, the exact same spot he was less then seconds ago.
The weapons left dents on the floor. Johnny looked back to
	"You--why? I thought--" Johnny began.
	"Shinnok has been lying to you. I know you may not
believe me, but please, just give a chance to prove it?"
Sonya explained.
	Johnny was about to say no when he remembered
the weapons, and reluctantly nodded.
	"We have to stop Shinnok, before it's too late.
Where is he?" Sonya asked.
	Johnny muttered something about "Shinnok",
"betray", and "head", before signaling Sonya, "Follow me."
	Nodding her head, she silently shadowed Johnny.
Heading down dark flights of stairs, creeping through dusty
corridors, Sonya couldn't help but wonder if Johnny was
leading her straight into a trap.
	"Johnny," she whispered, "Where are you taking
	Silencing Sonya, he pulled her towards a doorway,
telling her to look inside.
	Cautious, Sonya looked to see Shinnok, talking to a
dark figure.
	"Johnny has probably already eliminated Sonya
Blade. Thanks to your false memories. Johnny actually
believed it was Sonya who killed him when it was Kahn.
And fake friend...excellent job, Quan Chi. You will be paid
	Johnny felt an intense feeling of hatred for Shinnok
emerge. His teeth were clenched; his hands curled into tight
	Sonya set one of her hands on Johnny's shoulder,
"Cool it, Johnny. We can't let him know we're here."
	Sighing, Johnny nodded, controlling his temper. He
looked back to Shinnok with burning eyes.
	"You are excused, Quan Chi. Go see if Johnny
finished the job." Shinnok grinned.
	Quan Chi bowed to Shinnok and headed to the
	"Do we surprise Quan Chi?" Johnny quietly asked
	"If we don't Quan Chi will see us and tell Shinnok.
Disadvantage for us. One the count of three?" Sonya
quickly whispered as Quan Chi came closer.
	Nodding Johnny whispered, "One....two...three!"
	Johnny grabbed Quan Chi's arms and held them
behind his back. Sonya covered his mouth, disableing him to
speak. But they had underestimated Quan Chi.
	"Ouch!" Sonya cried when Quan Chi bit her finger.
Quickly she pulled back her hand, and realized her mistake.
	"What's going on?" Shinnok demanded from inside
the room.
	Quan Chi kicked Johnny in the knee cap to break
free of his grip. Slightly off balance, Johnny bumped into the
	"Shinnok! I found Cage! And the girl is with him!"
Chi shouted.
	"Shit." Sonya swore. She charged toward Quan
Chi's back. But a figure teleported in front of her, and she
ran right into it.
	"Oh, really? Guess we'll have to kill them--" he
looked to Johnny, "--both of them." Shinnok grabbed Sonya
and flung her into the wall, near Johnny. Johnny swiftly
helped Sonya to her feet, eyeing Shinnok.
	"You take the clown, I got Asshole over here."
Johnny growled.
	"Got it." Sonya turned to face Quan Chi. "Put a little
too much powder on this morning?"
	Facing Shinnok, Johnny looked him straight in the
eyes, "You'll pay for lying to me."
	"I brought you back to life. I put you on the winning
side. You should thank me. But no! Now you betray me!
No one betrays Shinnok! No one!" he shouted.
	Unimpressed by Shinnok, Johnny took a fighting
stance, "All right. Let's dance." 
	Meanwhile Sonya was getting frustrated with Quan
Chi. Neither had landed a punch yet. Block, attack; block,
attack. It seemed to go on forever.
	But Sonya wasn't as dumb as Quan Chi thought.
After her block, she faked a punch, and Quan Chi fell for it
He put his hands up to block the punch, but was knocked
down with a roundhouse.
	Johnny didn't seem to be getting anywhere, but
neither did Shinnok. Offense and defense were constantly
changing. Johnny would land a few attacks, then sides
would change and Shinnok would land a few. It was a game
of who can take more hits. Realizing everytime Shinnok was
down, he'd charge, Johnny changed his game plan.
	Shinnok was getting back up from Johnny's last
attack, and charged toward him. Johnny jumped when
Shinnok was only about two yards away. Then he kicked
him from behind.
	Stumbling, Shinnok regained his balance and gave
Johnny a angry look, "You will wish you hadn't been born."
	A short silence followed, neither fighter attacking. A
breeze seemed enter the room. Johnny could have sworn he
heard someone or something say the word, 'Reptile.'
	 Without warning, Shinnok disappeared./

	Sonya now took defense, dodging and blocking her
opponents attacks. Quan Chi was proving to be a challenge
for the Special Forces Agent.
	She had managed to block nearly all of Quan Chi's
attacks. Until he sweeped her. Landing on her back on the
cold floor, she seemed a little dazed.	
	"You should have minded your business, girl. Now,
you will die. I'm sorry to have to kill you, but you left me no
choice." Quan Chi laughed.
	He disappeared., only to come crashing down on
Sonya's ribs.

	Searching frantically , Johnny found Shinnok
nowhere. That's when he felt a sharp jab in his back. He
turned around, only to be tripped. Jumping quickly to his
feet, he ran to where he thought Shinnok was. He did a
combo; high kick, low kick, roundhouse. It connected and
Shinnok was sent hurling into the air. He landed with a
thud, and lay there...motionless.

	Quan Chi was about to land on Sonya, with enough
force to break her ribs, even kill her. Sonya saw this
coming, and rolled to her side; Quan Chi had just barely
missed her. Sonya grabbed his shoulders and flipped him
over. After hitting the ground, he stood back up. To his
surprise and dismay, Sonya was gone.
	"Gotcha!" Sonya said as she did her famous
handstand toss, and threw him back to the ground.
	"Too bad, Quan Chi. Looks like I win." she smiled.
She blew him a kiss that sent a purple cage like thing
toward the near dead Quan Chi. It trapped him, then
crushed him; sent his bones flying.

	Shinnok slowly lifted himself from the ground. "You
will die, Johnny Cage." he whispered. But both Johnny and
Shinnok knew it was over.
	"No, Shinnok." Johnny replied in a calm tone. "You
	Johnny formed a green fireball in his hands and
threw it at Shinnok. When the fireball hit, the building
seemed to start flashing. The walls started to cave in.
	He turned around and ran to Sonya. "Come on, let's
go." he yelled, pushing her along. Johnny led her down the 
tunnels as rocks crumbled beneath their feet. Small pebbles
hit Sonya on the head; she easily ignored them.
	"Come on, down here!" Johnny shouted, leading her
down stairs. There was a door that he led Sonya to, she
quickly opened the door and ran outside. After they were a
safe distance from the collapsing building, they stopped.
	"Johnny, we're alive. We did it. It's over." Sonya
	Johnny smiled, "Thanks, Sonya. I'd be dead if it
weren't for you."
	"Ditto." Sonya wearily replied, all that running was
getting to her.
	Johnny cleared his throat, "Sorry if I..uh..tried to kill
	Sonya laughed, "Don't worry, happens all the time.
I'm just glad your here--alive."
	Johnny took Sonya into a warm embrace, "Me too."
he replied. 
	And he kissed her.

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