By M14Mouse

Disclaimer:  I don't own Mortal Kombat or Sonya.  

Summary:  Sonya's POV after Johnny's Death.

Rate:  PG-13. language

	I have cried, but the pain wouldn't go away.  It hurt so
much.  Liu tried telling me it was going to be O.K.  Ok.  How dare
he!!  He didn't lose Kitana.  It was never going to be ok again. 
That lying son of the bitch.  
	I throw a vase against wall.  Then come the angriness.  I
was so angry at everyone.  Rayden.  If wasn't for that damn
tournment.  Johnny would be alive.  Liu and Kitana.  There
stupid words like "He did to save the world."  or " He wouldn't let
you die." Like  I give a care, if I live.  Johnny give me back my
heart.  He made me happy.  That happiness I had felt in a long
time.   Now my heart is gone. I didn't know how long I was crying. 
I heard a soft knock at the door.
	 "GO AWAY."  I shouted.  
	"Miss Blade."  a female voice said behind the door.
	 I got from my bed. .  I looked the mirror.  I look horrible.  I
didn't care anymore.  I don't eat anymore.  I hope I die soon.  I
open the door.  
	A young woman stood at my doorstep.  She had black hair
and wore sunglasses.  She was   very thin but strong.  "Miss Blade,
I believe."  She said.  
	"What do you  want?"  I snapped.  
	"Uh.  Mr.  Liu sent me."  She said.  
	"Liu, sent you? That   son of bitch needs to leave me
alone."  I said as I closed the door. 
	She put her foot to stop it.
	"They are worried."  She said.  
	"Well, you go tell them.  I am fine." I said.  
	"You think I am not in pain, Miss Blade.  My brother is
dead.  I never got to say goodbye."  She shouted.  
	The woman standing in front of me was his sister.  I opened
the door.  Even through her glasses you could see the tears.  
	"I am sorry."  I said as hug her.  We both cried are grief out.

End of Part 1

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