AUTHOR' S NOTE:  I didn't like Mortal Kombat 2.  So, I thorw it

DISCLAIMER:  (SEE PART 1) I own Jennie Cage.


The Pain Wouldn't Go Away 
Part Two

	I gently handle her a cup of coffee.  "My name is Jennie
Cage.  I am Johnny's little sister."  She said as took a sip of the
	I was in shock.  I  am standing here with Johnny's little
sister.  I look closer.  She has Johnny's eyes, but she had deeper
facial features.  Her hair was darker, but  she was Johnny's sister. 
	"I am pleased to meet you."  I said.  
	She smiled sadly.  "I came to you because you might tell
me how he die."  Jennie said.  
	I didn't know what to tell her.  Your brother's death was
result of a tournament that decide the fate of world.  Yea, she'd go
for that.  A thought came to me.  How did she knew me?  
	"Why?  How did you find me?"  I asked.  
	She opened her purse and handed me a journal.  "It was
Johnny's.  I picked up his stuff after his death.  I found his journal. 
He loved you very much."  She said.  She looked like she was
about to cry again.  
	"His death because Mortal Kombat.  Mortal Komat is a
tournament held every generation.  It decides the fate of the world. 
The bad guys won nine tournament in a row.  The tenth would
allow them to conqure our world. We won the first tournament
with no problems.  The portal close or so we thought.  The evil
emperor who controls the tournament open a portal.  That forced
those portal open.  We had to fight in Outworld.  But while in
Outworld, I was kidnapped.  Johnny challenged Kintaro to get me
back.  Liu try talking him out of  it.  His death was my fault."  I
said as tears roll down my cheeks.  
	"It is just like Johnny.  He cared deeply for people.  I
remember when I was little, we went playing.  Some boys tried to
beat me up.  He woudn't let him.  He got beat up for me.  I asked
him why because he cared for me.  I don't think Johnny let you
become a corpse.  Because he cared.  I want you have his
journal.  From what he wrote, he was so happy.  I am glad you
made my brother happy, Sonya."  Jennie said.  
	"Thank you."  I said quietly.  
	"I must be leaving."  Jennie said as she picked up her bags. 
	"No, you can stay the night."  I said.  
	"Ok, I guess, that's alright."  She said.  I knew
something in her eyes were off.  
	"What is wrong?"  I asked.  
	"I have this funny feeling something is wrong.  But, Lets
worried about that tommorrow."  She
	"Ok, there is guest room in back."  I said.  
	I walk into my room hearing the sound of movement into my guest room.

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