DISCLAIMER: (SEE PART 1) I only own Jennie Cage.


The Pain Wouldn't Go Away
Part Three
By: M14Mouse (Edited by Jessica)

My name is Jennie Megan Cage. That's right, I am the sister of
the great movie star, Johnny Cage. It sucks. I don't mean I hate my
brother. It just means he found his niche. I found nothing.
It hurts. Everybody has a job and friends. I move from job
to job. I have been a teacher, cashier, and just about every-
thing. I never felt comfort with the jobs. Friends are like
sand in my hands. The only friends I ever had was Johnny and Digger.
Digger was my dog. Digger got ran over by a car. Digger is dead.
Johnny is dead. Why did they have to die? Because he was willing
to fight for the world, his friends, and his love. When I found his
journal. I found a life he never told me about. I read about his life.
I knew it did not belong to me. That why I came here. To give this
to Sonya. To give her some peace. It gave me some.
I sat on the bed in her guest bedroom, holding the journal. My skin
began to crawl. I sensed something. Something was wrong. I moved
from the bed to the door. I heard a scream. It was from Sonya's room.
I ran to her door and tried to open it.
"SONYA, OPEN THE DOOR!" I screamed. No reply. "I am sorry about
the door." I said. I kicked it open. I looked in the room. I saw
a man floating in the room. He wore a black suit with spikes. His
face was white and had red stipes going over his eyes. He was the
most ugliest guy I'd ever met. He was holding Sonya in his arms.
"Let her go!" I shouted.
He looked at me. "Good, I need a messenger. Tell Liu. It's from
Quan Chi. I have Sonya. I warn you. She will never be the same
again." the man said. He laughed.
"Hi, ugly. Why don't you stay and fight?" I said. I was hoping
he would drop Sonya.
"I have no time for this." Quan Chi said. He waved his hand. I
felt my body thrown against the wall. I shook my head to clear it.
I saw him turn toward a portal. "Hey, I am not finished. You are
nothing but a coward." I shouted. He turned to me. He looked into
my eyes. I felt dizzy. My vision became cloudy I felt tired. Then
I felt something. It was like a light turned on my mind.
"Interesting. You are more powerful than you seem. It should be
interesting. Good-bye, Miss Cage." he said. Moments later, he
vanished. I stood for a moment. Then I grabbed some of my stuff
and money. I ran for help. To find Liu.
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