DISCLAIMER: (SEE PART 1) I only own Jennie Cage. RATING: PG The Pain Wouldn't Go Away Part Four By: M14Mouse (Edited by Jessica)
I ran. I ran until my feet give out. But I got up and ran. That
was the only thing I could do. I was scared. Not for myself, but for
Sonya. Quan Chi had taken her. He is evil. The only thing I could
do was hope I make it in time. Temple of Light
"Are you sure, Jax?" Liu asked.
"I'm sorry, it's true. When I went to Sonya's apartment, it was
trashed. Sonya is gone. It looks like someone was with her." Jax
said with a sigh.
"We will find her. And the people who did this to her will pay."
Kitana said coldly.
Since the last Mortal Kombat, Kitana and Sonya had become good
friends. After losing Johnny, It was tough on the group.
Especially Sonya. She fell into depression and grief. She
blamed everyone. She locked people out.
"Ok, let go to sleep and talk about in the morning." Liu said.
A monk walks into the room.
"Master Liu, a young girl wishes to see you. Should I turn her
away?" the monk asked.
"No, bring her in." Lui said. Monk bow and left the room. A
moment, a young woman enter the room. She was nervous.
"Are you, Liu?" The young woman asked.
"Yes. What is wrong?" Liu asked.
"I have information about Sonya." The young woman said.
"What?!" Liu asked. Everyone turned around to look at her.
"She was taken by Quan Chi." The young woman told him.
Jax grab her by the throat. "How do we know that you aren't lying?"
Jax demanded. The only noise she could make was a squeck.
"ENOUGH! Put the girl down." Rayden commanded. Jax put her down.
"Her information is correct. Isn't it Miss Cage?" Raydon asked.
"How... What?" Jax said.
"I am Johnny's sister. Jennie "Meggie" Cage. I am sorry. I
couldn't protect your friend. I Tried." Jennie weeped.
"I know. Kitana, Please take this child to bed." Rayden said.
Kitana took Jennie out of the room.
"Rayden, what do we do?" Jax said.
"We attack." Rayden replied.
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