DISCLAIMER: (SEE PART 1) I only own Jennie Cage. RATING: PG The Pain Wouldn't Go Away Part Five By: M14Mouse (Edited by Jessica)
I feel tired, like I had just ran a race in high heel shoes.
My feet feel like grapefruit and my body aches in places I don't
want to say.
The problem is I can not sleep. Averytime I try, I'd see the face
of the Devil. Not Quan Chi. It was the face of a god. I sense
his evil, his lust for power, and his power. I hear his laughter
making my skin crawl. Oddly, he stops laughing and he looks at
two pieces of metal. The metal turns into snakes.
He begins to laugh again. But the snakes do not attack. They just
hiss. "Two paths. Choose one will be death. Ashes over blood. Moon
over the sun. Two nights of no moon, two days of no sun. The god
will win. For hope, will be no more"
One snake said. "Choose the other path will be hope. Blood and
ashes will become one. Sun over the moon. For draghsu, must
be found. For they must bond with their chosen. For the Chosen
One will win. Two moon full, two sun." The other snake said.
A blink light made the dream vanished. I fell in dreamless sleep.
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