DISCLAIMER: (SEE PART 1) I only own Jennie Cage. RATING: PG The Pain Wouldn't Go Away Part Six By: M14Mouse (Edited by Jessica) ~The next morning~
Jennie blinks as sunlight comes through the windows. She moans as
she tries to move her body. Then she remembers her dream. The dream
didn't make sense. Maybe, the others can help her. Maybe. She sighs
as she crawls out her bed. She notices her stuff is there. She slips
out her old clothes and quickly cleans up. She puts on an old pair of
shorts, shirt, and shoes. She opens the door and pops her head out. It
is quiet. What do you expect? You are in a temple, she thinks. She
exits her room and slowly walks down the halls. She hears voices in
the distance. As she gets closer, she recalls the voices.
"Is everybody ready to go?" Rayden asked.
"Yes." Liu replied.
"What about the girl?" Jax asked.
"I'll have the monks look out for her. I don't think she should
come. She is weak and tired." Rayden answered.
"I am not tired or weak. And I am going." Jennie said as she
opened the door. She had her hand on her hip and a determined
look on her face.
"No, you are not. Besides, I don't want you involved." Liu said.
"No, I am already involved. And you don't have the right to tell me
what to do. Don't try to protect me because I am Johnny's sister. I
am going. If you try to stop me, I will fight. I will fight until
you knock me out or kill me." Jennie said.
A silence cover the room. Then Rayden sighs.
"Very well. Get your stuff but hurry up." Rayden said.
Jennie smiles and run out the room.
"Rayden, do you think that was smart?" Kitana said.
"I don't know but she is right. We have no right to protect her.
I have a strange feeling. She needs to come." Rayden said. ******************** ~Somewhere in Outworld~
A blond hair woman was chained to a wall. Her body was beaten and
her clothes ripped up. A voice came from somewhere. Maybe her or the
walls of her cell. The voice was begging.
"Please help me. Please someone. Please anyone." The voice pleaded
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