"Ashes to Blood." Shinok said as he look up from the book. He closes the book and toss itaside. "Well, Qian, how is our guest?" Shinok said as his blazing eyes turn to Qian. "Our guestis very comfortable." Qian said as he smirks. Shinok's finger trace along his throne. "We have the bait. Now, we just need Lui." Shinok said. "I don't believe Liu is part of the prohecy.,"Shinok look at him. "Yes, he is the Chosen. But I have reason to believe that Liu isn't Chosen One describe in the prohecy." Qian laughs. "It doesn't matter now. We have what we need. Infour days, heaven and hell will be mine. My hell. My world." Shinok smiles as the blazes ineyes become ice.


"Someone needs a landscaper for this place" Jennie said as she look the rugged, gloomyOutworld's landscape. "Outworld has been this way for thousands of year. I doubt, one of yourslandscapers could change it." Kitana said as she walk down the path. Jennie mumblessomething under her breath. "So much for conversation. But I guess, it is understandable." Jennie said as follows the others. The others have been quiet since they start the track up thismountain. They seem to be determined to make up the mountain and . . . to Sonya. Themountain looks like a volcano. Cracks runs up and down the mountain. Some were small andsome were large enough to swallow you up. It was also the last mountain until they reachthe path to the palace. Rayiden could not come with them because he had no powers inOutworld. She finds that strange. Shinok was god and he could use his powers in the EarthRealm. Yet, Rayiden could not use his power in Outworld. Talk about a bad deal. Beside, shelike Rayiden. At least, he did not make her feel like a carry on. As day continues, if you wouldcall it a day. Kitana says the days look like a thunderstorms on Earth and nights look like thedeepest cave. As the day continues, she starts from the beginning of the line and she ends up at the end of lineas they grow toward the top of the mountain. She sighs. Her luck was here with on this trip. Acold chills run along her back. Quickly, She turn around. There was nothing but stream pourfrom the cracks. She turns back around and start up the mountain again. But her hand was tightaround her dagger. With every step, the chills grow stronger until she was freezing. She turnsaround again. Her eyes pop out of her skull when she saw the ugliest creature she has ever seen. She screams.


Liu turns around when he hear the scream. He didn't have to react. Dozens of reptiliancreatures seem to pour out of the stream cracks. One of the creatures grabs his arm. Liu flipsover his arm and lands a punch into the creature's stomach. But another creature jumps onto hisback. Before Liu could throw him off, another creature jumps out him. Until he couldn'tescape.


Jennie gives the creature a knife in the throat for the creature for scaring her. She high kicksanother creature's face. Another creature replaces the one that fall. The creature plows her intothe ground. She struggles to get free. Suddenly, the mountain began to shake and the groundunder them began to crumble. Jennie and the creatures vanish into the crack and stream
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