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The Pain Won't Go Away Part 8
By: M14Mouse
Disclaimer: See Part 1
A/N:This part is to my brother, Fatman. This story is not FINISH! So, there!

Jennie moans softly as she opens her eyes. She look around as she seems have fall into a carven. The steam continues to flow to the surface. So, the cavern air was breathable. The bodies of the attackers lie on the ground. Dead. But how did she survive? Quickly, she got up from theground. Her mouth drop as she notices one of the bodies of her attackers was her pin cushion. "Well, at least they were usefully in one way. Now to get to the surface and find everyone." Jennie said. "That would not be possible." A voice said from behind her. Jennie twists aroundat the person. The person was a man. He was tall and muscular. His eyes were black and sowas his outfit. His outfit looks like a ninja but without the sleeves and mask. The most noticeable thing on his body was a long, red scar that run down his left eye.

He was cute too. She blinks for a second. What is the world, was she thinking? This guy couldbe here to kill her and she thinks he is cute. She was an idiot! "Who? What?" The words rollon her tongue. Her hand went for her dagger. "They have been capture by Quin Chi's chiefprotectors." The man spoke softly. His eyes look down at her hand. "I am not here to harm you.I am here to protect you." The man said. "I believe that as much as pigs fly. " Jennie said as she folds her arms across her chest. "Rayden send a message for me that you have arrive." The mansaid. "Just to protect me! What about Jax and Lu? They are earth chosen warriors. They areones that need the protection. They are the ones going to save Sonya at the moment. So, I really don't need protection right now!" Jennie said angrily.

The man remains silent for a moment before speaking again. "So, Qui Chi doesn't know..." The man said. "Qui Chi doesn't know what!" Jennie's voice to rise with each word. "That you are the chosen one." The man said softly. Jennie's mouth drops to the ground. "Me...The Chosen for what? A cooling plan for the mountains of Heat-R-Us." Jennie said. "NO...To stop the merge of Heaven and Hell." The man said loudly. Jennie blinks. "Ok, lets starts from the beginning. I am going to stop merging of heaven and hell. How is the world I going to do that? I have no powers. I can't throw fireballs or do little shape shifting thingy." Jennie said equally loudly.

"You are a sorceress Remember when Qui Chi throws you against the wall. He was going kill you but he couldn't. Your powers protect you. Have any strange dreams? Your powers again.The fall from the surface. Your powers." The man said, "The time of Shinok and Quin Chi iscoming to end. They know it. They are trying to stop it. The beginning of new reign of Queen Kitana and her sorceress is coming. The regin that will reunion the Earth Realm and Outworld.The reign that will bring peace to Outworld. That will happen if you stop merge."

Silent full the carven. Jennie just stares at the man like he was crazy. "What is this merge thingy? How is he going to do it?" Jennie said. "Shinok can send a soul to hell. That is easy forhim because he is a god. But heaven is a different. He cannot go near it. That is what Sonya is for. He plans to kill Sonya. Her soul will be free from her mortal body. Shinok will link her soul to hell. When Sonya's soul reaches the gates of heaven, Quin Chin will link gates and Sonya's soul together. Shinok will brings both of links to him and he will opens the gates of heaven and hell. This world and any other world will be chaos. But we are lucky in some ways,this cannot be done without very powerful magic and time. In three days, he must do the ceremony or he will not have another chance to do it for another 6,000 years." The man said. "Isuppose to stop the ceremony or break these links between her soul. Correct?" Jennie said asshe sits down on the ground.

"Yes." The man said. "How is the world, I am going to do it? I don't have any training at all!" Jennie said as she looks at the ground. "Rayden says you will know when the time comes." Theman said. "You said you are here to protect me. Why?" Jennie said look at him. "Every sorcerer or sorceress has a protector. To protect from harm. It is unspoken code. So, I am your protector." The man said. "Last question, before we get out of here. What is your name?"Jennie said as she got up from the ground. "My name is Smoke." Smoke said as he turns walksinto steamy mist. Quickly, Megan follows him as soon as he disappear.

Jennie was lost in thought. Rayden is so dead! He could have told me. But has to be the end of the world, Rayden spill the beans. AHhh...Men! Now, I am some chosen one who is suppose to save heaven from big evil. I don't even have the knowledge to do it!

In three days, we are so dead.