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The Pain Won't Go Away Part 9 or I don't have a clue. :)
By: M14Mouse

Liu Kang was hanging from a dirty wall. The rusty, black chains dig into his skin. His body was cover with scratches and bruises. Despite this, Liu looks calm and almost in trace. Inside,he was trouble by everything that happens. He had no idea where his friends were this hell. He did not see Jennie since the fight. Perhaps, she got away or capture later. He was hoping she got away or Johnny would come back and haunt with his bad movies if anything happens to her. He remember a conversation during the last tournament before his death.


Sonya went for a walk while he and Johnny sat around the fire just talking. Johnny put out apicof his family. Johnny was never really close to his mother or father, but him and his sister were like two peas in a pod. Johnny recalls time when he went home after every movie just to see her. When Jennie turned 18, she left home in search of what she wanted to do with her life.

"She seems so lost. She cannot keep a job or home." Johnny said with a sigh. "Don't worry. I am sure she will find her path." Liu Kang said. Then Johnny pulls out a picture of her. First thing I notice, Jennie looks so young. She look like she was 16 or 17 when she really 22 years old. Even now, she looks the same in the picture. Johnny said she must be lucky. She found the bottle of youth and hides from the rest of the world. Liu Kang could only laugh. One of the last time, they laugh. One last time...

*******End of Flashback********8

He did not want to think about those thoughts. He must concerate on getting out of here and finding Sonya and everyone else. A slap across his face broke him from his thoughts. His eyes narrow as he saw the devil himself in front of him. "Good mourning, Liu Kang. You lookverywell...better than your friend, Sonya." Qiun. Liu Kang clenches his teeth as he just stare athim. Oh, he wish he was free....Quin Chi hit his cheek again. "Don't worry, Liu. You get to see her really soon and maybe in one piece." Quin smirks as he hit him again.


"Put on these." Smoke toss Jennie pile of black fabrics. "Why?" Jennie said as she unfolds the black clothes. "Because you are...", Smoke look up and down her body, "You just stick out."Jennie frowns. "Well, you could turn around." Jennie said as she taps her foot. Smoke sighs as she turns his back away from her. Why him? Ever since he found her. She has been moody and arguable. She was nothing like her brother. He was upbeat and a chasm warrior. Oh, He knew Jennie can fight. He saw that first hand when they fought against some of Shinnok's men. As for the sorceress part, he could not tell. "I am finish!" Jennie said. Smoke turns around and then his mouth drops. The black clothes cover loose around her body. The outfit seems have change her aura from depressing to almost reagal. "What? Is there something wrong?" Jennie said. "It is nothing. We must go." Smoke said as he heads toward the edge of a rockycliff.

Jennie sighs as she follows Smoke. This was foolish. Fighting...then walking....Fighting...oh,guess what.. . . . more walking. Now, her so-called protector made her change clothes. I guess,he has a point about sticking out. The expression on his face was priceless. He look like one of those deers that got stick in the middle of the road. Her eyes widen as she saw the castle, most like a city. It was huge and ugly. It look like someone just drops a lot of rock and stone into one place. Whoever design this place must have awful taste or just want something big and ugly as a home. "That is where they are." Smoke said as he eyes the castle. "Oh, great...How do we get in?" Jennie mumbles. Smoke just starts to climb down the cliff. I think that was my answer.

end of Part 9

A/N: I am sorry this part was so slow and boring but it has its purpose. Next part will haveghosts and the beginning of the cermony.