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1/?      Johnny Cage
        The way I think it should have started.

   I had just gotten back from a rehearsal and I was dead tired and I
fell asleep. I woke up to the ring of my phone. When I picked it up
and said hello, my piss-ant agent Mike started screaming about
Mortal Kombat. I told him I'd think about it.

   Later that night, I got a call from Alice, my other agent. Then she
started yelling to me about a big movie deal. I told her I'd have to
think about it. When I did wake up, I called them both up and told
them to meet me at the Planet Hollywood at noon tomorrow.

  They both showed up and said simultaneously. 
	"What is this all about?" I asked them in a curious voice
"How much will i get paid for each job?" 
	Alice said in a annoyed voice "You will get $25
	Mike said "Nothing bu..." 
	I yelled "What the hell do you mean nothing?" 
	He said in a very convincing voice "...but it's a once in
a life time chance. The press will love you if you win and so will
the fans. Oh yeah, did I mention only the best fighters go to this
	I said "Fine I'll go".  
	Alice said, "You're making the biggest mistake of your

 	3 months later I left my dojo with my brand new ' Zoot
Suit ' suit. I met Mike at the front door. We left in his 67 Mustang.
When we got to the dock I saw about 100 men give or take a few.
Then I saw the must beautiful woman in the world. Someone came
up behind me and said "Hello I'm Liu Kang." 
	"Hi I'm John Carlton my friends call me Johnny Cage. Um
do you know who that woman is over?" 
	"That's Sonya Blade. Do you want to meet her?" 
	"Hey Sonya, I want you to meet Johnny Cage." 
	She said, "Hello, I'm Sonya Blade" 
	"Hi I'm Johnny Cage." 
	As the boat pulled up, I turned around to tell Mike bye but
he was gone. 
	Liu said "I think all of us should stay together." 
	Sonya and I both said "That's a very good idea".
	 When I got on the boat I went right to our room and we all
went to sleep. As soon as I woke up, I went to wake Sonya up but
she wasn't there, so I woke Liu up and asked if he had seen Sonya.
He said no and went back to sleep. I found a note that read:

                        Dear Liu Kang and Johnny Cage, 
 My name is Shinnok and I have taken Sonya. If you win the
tournament I will kill her.
                               Love the caring,

To be continued...

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