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       Johnny Cage:
The way I think it should have been

 	As I stood there in shock from the letter, I screamed:
I had woken up Liu he said in a curious voice, "What happened?" 
	I said, "They took Sonya." 
	He said, "They took Sonya?"  
	I said "They took her GOD DAMNIT!". 
	He said "Who took her?" 
	I  said, "Shinnok took her he also said if we win the
tournament he will kill her." 
	Liu said "If we lose we will die." 
	I said "What do you mean we will die?" 
	He said, "Don't you once you lose because you get killed." 
	I said "No". 
	He said "Well, enough of the talking. We have to find her". 
	I said "Well donít just stand there, let's go. Iíll check
the locker room, the training room, the cafeteria, and the east deck.
You take what's left ok" 
	He said "ok".

	I got into the locker room and started yelling her name. I
tripped over a water pipe and fell right in front of a guy with 
a weird hat.
	He said in a pissed off voice "What are you doing?" 
	I said "Looking for a lady named Sonya". 
	He said "If you ever bump into me again, I will kick your
sorry ass". 
	I said, "I'm sorry" and I walked on. 
	Then this very big guy with metal things on his arms asked
me "Are you looking for Sonya? I haven't seen but her and we go
way back. My name is Jax." 
	I said "Yes I'm looking. My name is John Carlton but you
can call  me Johnny Cage. Oh yeah do you know anybody named
	He said "Yeah he Just got off the boat and into his a few
hours ago". 
	I said "Oh thanks for your help". 
	He said, "Your welcome". 
	And I left and went to the Training room.

	When I walked into the room, I saw that guy with the weird 
hat and few guys hanging around him. I walked up to him and
asked his what his name was. 
	He said, "My name is Kung Lao and his friends name's are
Rieko, Kano, and Kitana." 
	I said, hello and asked them if they had seen Shinnok and
Kung said he saw him  leave with a woman. I told them thank you
and I left. I went to the cafeteria.

	When I got there this guy with gray hair  came up to me
and asked me if I was looking for someone. I said yeah and told
him my name. 
	He said,  "Yeah I know who you are." 
	And I said, "How did you know that?" 
	He said, "Because I  was the one that wanted you at this
tournament, but Shinnok didnít. Oh yeah my  name is Rayden.
That is why Shinnok kidnapped Sonya and wrote you that note, but 
donít worry he wonít do anything to if you win or lose because if
he does the gods will De-thrown him. There is one other way that
he can be De throned is if  omebody kills him."
	I said, "Oh donít worry I will. 
	He said, "Donít get so cocky. You will have 
to beat a lot of other fighters such as Sub-Zero: watch out for the
ice. He will throw it at you and you will get frozen if you donít
block it. Reptile: he will become invisible and he will spit
poison at you. Scorpion: He will shoot a spear at you and he say
Get Over Here and he will uppercut you. Those are just a few of
the fighters their are a lot  more fighters that are a lot harder than
	Then he just disappeared. Then I left  and went back
to my room.  I found Liu Kang asleep. I laid down and fell asleep. 
When we woke, we heard a very load deep voice that said
"ROUND ONE, FIGHT". We got off the boat and some guy in a
Gray and Black costume handed me the pants that I was supposed
to wear and a optional shirt and gloves with no finger tips. On the
back of the shirt there was a big red and black Ying-Yang. The
shirt was red and black. The gloves had red and black Ying-Yangs
on them. The pants where black with red stripes going down the
sides. My sun glasses had the white and black Ying-Yangs on
the sides.

	I heard the voice again and it said, "Johnny Cage vs. Kung
	We met in the middle of the ring and we shook hands. The
voice said again, "ROUND ONE, FIGHT". 
	We circled each other for a little then he threw his hat at
but I side-stepped it but then I felt his hat hit me in the back of the 
head, and then I went to shadow kick him but he tele-ported
behind me and he kicked me in the groin then he threw his hat
again but this I didnít see it and it hit me in the chest. I was
taking the beating of my life and he knocked me down, and then I
heard that voice "Kung Lao wins". 
	Then someone came over to me to get me to fight another 
round. I finally got up and the guy said "ROUND TWO FIGHT".
	He walked over to me and punched me in the face about
ten times and I fell to the ground. When I got back up
he grabbed my sunglasses put them on the ground and he stepped
on them.  Then he picked them up and popped the shades out and 
that really pissed me off. I shadow kicked him, did the splits and
punched him in the groin and then uppercutted him.

To be continued...

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