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Johnny Cage
The way I think it should have been

	I shadow uppercut him 2 more times. I grabbed him and
threw him about ten feet, and then the guy said "JOHNNY CAGE
	The same guys that got me up were trying to get him back
up, and as soon as he got back up the guy said "ROUND THREE,
	Kung Lao got his second wind and he first threw his hat at
me and it hit me in the face. Then he tele-ported behind, but I did a
back flip and I punched him in the groin. I shadow kicked him then
he fell  to the ground. When he got back up the guy said "FINISH
HIM". I decided to try a move that my trainer taught me. I ducked
down real low, and then I  uppercut him. As I did it I heard a very
weird ripping slash bone cracking noise. Before I could move
Kung Lao's blood was all over my face and clothes. Then the guy

	I went back to room and cleaned of my clothes and my
face, but there still was some blood stains on me shirt. When I got
out of the shower I went out to get some clothes and I found
another note on my dresser that  said:

Hi Johnny this is Shinnok
Meet me at the West Side Beach.
We will fight for Sonya. The first person to 
say their they can't take anymore will lose and 
the other person gets Sonya.

	Liu had just got back from his first fight  and his nose,
forehead, lips, and his gums were bleeding. I had asked him what 
happened and he told me that he got the shit beaten out him by
Baraka, but then Liu  won the last two rounds then he asked me
how my fight went, and told him who I fought 
and how I beat him. Then I told him that I was supposed to meet
Shinnok at the beach later on today. Liu said that he was going to
go with no matter what I said. After he took his shower we left to
go to the beach we waited for about 2 hours then we saw
Sonya. We both ran to her I gave her a hug gave her a kiss. Then
she told me  to watch because Shinnok was hiding somewhere. We
walked for a little while then  we saw Shinnok jump out from
behind some bushes.

	A few guys made a large circle around Shinnok and I. He
made the first move he charged at me with a knife in his hand. I 
sidestepped him, and I pushed him in the back. I pulled out my
knife. Well they were both samurai swords. We fought with them
for awhile then I finally charged him and did a shadow kick right
to his face. He bearly even moved then he grabbed me by 
the neck and he threw me about five feet in front of him. One of
the guys that  had made the circle grabbed my arms and Shinnok
stared kicking me in the  face, groin, and stomach. Then Liu
grabbed the guy that was holding me and Liu picked up 
a rock and killed the guy. Then the two other guys attacked Liu
then Sonya grabbed my knife and killed him. Liu got stabbed but
the guy he was fighting ran away. Then it was just Sonya, Liu,
Shinnok, and me. When Shinnok realized his men weren’t there
he started to run, and a purple portal popped out of nowhere and he
went into it. I asked Sonya if she was all right she said yes but Liu
was hurt. She asked what that was. 
	I said, "I don't know." 
	Liu said in a in pained sounding voice, "We won’t be
seeing him for awhile." 
	I asked, "Why?" 
	He said. "Because he just went to where he 
comes from and when you leave you can't come back until the next
	We went back to our room, and when we got back Sonya
had to fight. The fight took about fifteen min. to finish. Sonya was
fighting a woman named Mileena. Sonya won the first round then
Mileena won the second. The first and seconds rounds combined
took only 06:17. In the third round Mileena was killing
Sonya. Then Sonya started kicking Milleena's ass. Mileena fell
down then she got back up and the guy said "FINISH HER". Sonya
leaned over and kissed Mileena
on the lips and Mileena fell to the ground. Then the guy said
"SONYA  WINS  FATALITY". We all went back to the room and
slept. I woke up and I saw a guy wearing a silver and black
costume. It was the same guy that gave me my 
clothes for my fights, but this time he wasn’t there to give me any
clothes. He pulled out a knife and I jumped at him. He threw the
knife at, and then ----

To be continued

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