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Johnny Cage 
The way I think it should have been

	When he threw it hit my sunglasses, it ricashad 
off the metal part of my them. Instead it hit Sonyaís bed post
which it woke her. 
	The guy said "My name is Smoke and we will be fighting
later on tonight." and then a big cloud of smoke filled the room
when it cleared out he was gone. 
	Liu had slept through the entire thing. Sonya asked me if I
was scared to fight him. 
	I said "Well I'm excited and scared. Like 2% scared 98%
excited or is it 98% scared and 2% excited I donít know,
but that's what makes it so cool". 
On the intercom I heard that deep voice. This time he said "My
name is Shao Kahn and its time for the match of the day.  Johnny
Cage vs Human Smoke". 
	We entered the arena at the same time Shao said "ROUND
ONE, FIGHT". Smoke threw a spear at me and when it hit me I
heard him say "Get Over Here". Then he uppercut me right 
in the jaw. When I got back I shadow kicked him 4 times he didnít
but about 4 feet then I heard Rayden's voice in my head saying "If
you lose you die". Then I got my second windhe ran at me I
jumped over then he was coming at me from behind so I did 
a back flip and I was right behind him. He turned around, and did
the splits and punched him in the groin. Now he was very tired
from running around and getting punched. Then I shadow uppercut
him, and Shao said "Johnny Cage Wins".

 Smoke got back up, and Shao said  "ROUND TWO, FIGHT".
I came out on fire. I shadow uppercut him twice then I shadow
kicked him. Then when he got back up I punched him in the groin.
He came running at me and I grabbed him and threw him into a
bunch of rocks. Shao yells "FINISH HIM". 
We were fighting at the pit so I uppercut him into the pit you could 
here him yelling: 
Shao said "Johnny Cage Wins, Fatality".

	I went back to my room to take a shower, and when I got
out of the shower I found Sonya was already asleep. We were
supposed to have dinner tonight. The next mourning Liu
had already had his first fight he fought Sub-Zero He won. Sonya
had had her first fight of the day also. She fought Reptile. I asked
them if they knew when my first fight was and they said that I
didnít have to fight for two days. My next opponent was Goro. Liu
said that he had four arms and that when he jumps that you 
should move, and the best time to hit him is when heís hitting his

	Two long days passed and I was ready to fight him I had
learned all that you can learn about him. when I go to his lair
where I was supposed to fight Shao said "ROUND ONE, FIGHT".
He grabbed me and he threw me then he started hitting his chest
When I went to shadow kick him he jumped in  the air and landed
right on me and he started jumping. Then Shao said "Goro wins". 
Round Two had started and I wasnít ready. Goro demolished me in
ten hits Shao had already said "FINISH HIM". Then Goro grabbed
me, then he threw me to the ground and started jumping on me.
While he was doing that I could here Sonya 


	I woke 3 months later in Hospital  bed with Sonya, Liu,
Mike looking down at me.  My other agent, whats her name, didnít
want me for a client anymore. Liu told
me that he won and that he made sure he brought Sonya back.
When I got of the hospital Sonya and I were going out. We were
walking in central park when this purple thing appeared in front of
us out came Rayden and Liu. They told us that we had to go with

To Be Continued???

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