Samoan Children around 1910
(Photograph from the Joseph L. Dwyer Collection on file American Samoa Historic Preservation Office)

How to find your birth certificate in American Samoa

If you want to find information concerning birth certificates, it may be obtained at the Vital Statistics Office. The address follows:

LBJ Tropical Medical Center
Vital Statistics Office
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799

011-684-633-1405 (voice)
011-684-633-7910 (fax)

If you want a copy of your birth certificate you need to write the Vital Statistics Office a request letter with the following enclosed.

  1. The request for a birth certificate with your name and your parents name.

  2. A copy of a CURRENTLY VALID STATE ID such as a currently valid drivers licence.

  3. A five dollar MONEY ORDER (no cash and no personal checks) payable to the American Samoa Government.

That should do it.

Note: Since this is a US Territory regular US postal rates apply. If you are in a hurry send the letter via "PRIORITY MAIL." DO NOT send it via EXPRESS MAIL as there are only two flights in here a week; Monday and Friday nights, and thus it will be no faster than PRIORITY.