Templar presents...


1. Register with DT-Templar/DT_Nighty  prior to the 7:30 pm EST start

2. All participants enter alone. No team entries will be accepted.

3. Each player will have a team mate selected for them by random draw.      These will be announced with the release of the brackets.


1. All games will be played to 30 kills. Hosts please set your kill limit to 30 so we wont have any arguments in close games.

2. All rounds are single elimination. One loss and your team is out.

3. The host team for each game will be specified in the brackets this team WILL host unless both teams agree to let the other team host (due to a better connection or whatever reason there might be :)).

4. The away team (ie. the team NOT hosting) gets first choice of team colour.

5. IF... one player lags out , has to leave, crashes or has whatever kind of a problem etc. in the middle of a game he MUST report it immediately either to his game-partners OR to the tourney host on Kali:

    a) If 25 or more kills have been scored by one team then the game ends with that score

    b) If less than 25 have been scored by either team then the team that still has both players in can choose to call for a forfeit or replay then game. (remember this IS a friendly tourney)
c) There is no way to replay the game AFTER it has been played to 30 kills!

6. All maps used in this tournament will be in compliance with ML (ie. No cream,badge,sawedoff etc.) Gats will be legal to use in any map that has them.


Get all maps you need at the brackets-page or at Palefaces Maps Page or at WILDBILL´s!