Ten's Sensualist Art

©   Ten
    Ten's Art 2001-12-1
  Oil on Gessoed Masonite Panel   24"x18"

High Quality Photo Print
24"x18" with 1/2" margin
on glossy 80# paper

Note: It is my experience that the color of the image shown above , varies with the system and monitor used for viewing, it rarely matches the color of the original, and it tends to be darker.
The available prints have been carefully color-matched to the original.
The photoprint image is the same size as the original.

Full size high quality Photo Prints on glossy 80# paper with 1/2" margins of TP-16-1 are available at $45.- each. Shipping and Handling is $5.- for the USA and Canada, and $10.- for other countries.
On receipt of payment, prints will be sent in a mailing tube.
Up to five prints can be sent in one mailing.

For Inquiries and Sales Confirmation contact Barbara ten Broeke
by Email :       tenjaba@bellatlantic.net
by Regular Mail :       2346 Amwell Road,
      Somerset, NJ, 08873 USA
      Tel : USA 732-873-2999

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