I was walking along it was such a nice day, When a freckled face child came running my way. His knees were skinned, tears trickled down. I've lost my mommy, he said with a frown. Just follow me, I said with a smile. He took my hand with the faith of a child. I've got a little boy but he's bigger than you. He's tall and handsome and his eyes are blue. Then suddenly the child disappeared from my sight. All that was left was a great awesome light! I stood their amazed, not knowing what I should do. Then I heard a sweet voice say, Come home my child, I've made a mansion just for you! Sybil Shearin

blue angel

ANGELS EVERYWHERE There are good angels everywhere Though we may not be aware Their deeds are not always understood For it is hard to comprehend anyone being so good Yet, we speak of the Good Angel When we must perform a deed and ask God to send someone to guide us And help us in our need
Rose Mary Gerlch

I saw your face, on a cloud in a pretty place. There are feelings we can exchange, through life in so many ways. Day after day the clouds always change,but your face always stays the same. My Angel.
Sandra K.Walker

angel in heaven

And this is Sara, my little adopted Angel. She was adopted on 5-7-99.

Adopt an Angel
Elysium Adoption Agency

Adopt An Angel

A reminder to be thankful for all the "Angels"
in our lives and to do our best to be an
"Angel" in someone else's.

(c)Angel graphic by Kitty Roach Used with permission.
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Elysium Adoption Agency

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