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Here is the FAQ. I have just posted it as it was written because that means less work for me. If this is a problem for you, bad luck. Just remember that you will all die pretty soon no matter what this page looks like.

1  The charter 
        1.1.1 The Beginning of the End
        1.1.2 The Destructionalists, or How I Learned to Love the Bomb
        1.1.3 "The meek shall die out"
        1.1.4 The Satirical Viewpoint, or the 'Evil Twin'
        1.2.1 Numbers
        1.2.2 "We will all go together when we go"
        1.2.3 "Oh! You monsters!"

2  Why should we destroy the earth

3  Getting support from lot's of people

4  The Howto
   4.1  Acceleraters

   4.2  According to Descartes

   4.3  According to Einstein

   4.4  Be patient

   4.5  Black hole printing

   4.6  Black holes

   4.7  Blowing up oceans

   4.8  Cow (not the mad ones)

   4.9  Dimensionally Destroying The Earth

   4.10 Earth as a pingpong ball

   4.11 Electromagnetic recepies

   4.12 FDIV destruction

   4.13 Gymnastics

   4.14 Heat Death

   4.15 Kill biological

   4.16 Killing with the moon

   4.17 Let's make a trip

   4.18 Many workers make it easy

   4.19 Moon hugging

   4.20 One bit at a time

   4.21 One electron destruction

   4.22 Playing with magnifying glasses

   4.23 Sailing on the solar wind

   4.24 Solopsists

   4.25 The Alien Way

   4.26 The Atomic Way

   4.27 The asteroid game

   4.28 The biblical way

   4.29 The earth is our enviroment

   4.30 The information super highway

   4.31 The simple solution

   4.32 Tidal Energy

   4.33 Time machine

   4.34 Vodoo

   4.35 baseball

   4.36 Other Ways

5   Suggested Reading

6   Movies of global destruction and related matters

7  About this FAQ

   7.1  How to contribute

   7.2  Where to get it

Chapter  1

The  charter



1.1.1    The Beginning of the End was created by a group calling itself Society for Human
Immigration from Terra (SHIT). The name should, of course, have read 'emi-
gration' (leaving one's home/country/planet/etc for a new one) instead of im-
migration, which means quite the opposite, and the newsgroup became very
silent for a while after the error was publicly noted.  However, showing their
profound liking of their acronym, the society promptly changed its name to
Society of Humans for an Impure Terra and continued operation.  [The name
'Society for Emigration from Terra', SET, was suggested, both because of an
Egyptian deity and because of the acronym's potential for slogans, eg.  "Get
SET to go!", but it did not catch on at that time.] The agenda of SHIT was
simple: for their various reasons the members wanted to see humanity take to
its wings and reach the stars, or at least manage self-supporting space habitats
in the near future. The SHITheads, as they called themselves, wanted to hasten
Man's progress into space by creating a need for emigration through making
the Earth inhospitable.  This was to be done with all due haste because the
population was rapidly using up planetary resources and it was speculated that
the critical point after which humanity couldn't manage a massive space effort
was no more than a few decades away. However, the method of enviromental
destruction was not to be overtly radical, or needlessly destructive: humanity
was meant to survive and be able to colonize the solar system.
   After a few months the group fell silent again for a long period and was then
revived by the destructionalists.

1.1.2    The Destructionalists, or How I Learned to Love the


The destructionalist approach to is literal; Earth is 
to be destroyed one way or the other. The reasons behind this conviction 
vary from individual to individual and include for example such matters as 
thorough disappointment in the human race and aesthetic pleasure.
   Schools of destructionalism disagree on the extent and the methods of the
havoc to be wrought - both because of ideological preferences, as some merely
want to do away with the human race and leave the animals, others to demolish
the whole planet, and due to practical concerns, for humanity is not able to
annihilate the planet as of yet, and a sufficient technological breakthrough in
the near future is extremely unlikely.
   The major destructionalist approaches to destroying the Earth can be 
classified as follows:

   1.Destruction of all civilisation.

   2.Destruction of all humans.

   3.Destruction of all surface-dwelling animals.

   4.Destruction of all animals.

   5.Destruction of all life.

   6.Destruction of the entire planet.

   When discussing methods of achieving 3., 4.  or 5., ways of preventing re-
evolution are usually mentioned.

1.1.3    "The meek shall die out"

The Elitists plot to destroy mankind, except for a few selected, high- quality
specimes, ie. themselves and those they consider fit to survive, or just 
plain necessary for their comfort. On the remains of the old, decadent, weak 
civilization they plan to build their own proud culture to suit the 
   The Elitists have been very silent lately.

1.1.4    The Satirical Viewpoint, or the 'Evil Twin'

A fourth way of looking at is as the refuge of persons 
tired with today's rampant ecohysteria, a den of a somewhat macabre variety of
humor, a safe haven where you can cheerfully cry out that you like to spray CFCs
about just for the hell of it, declare your love for the fur of some 
particularly rare animal, gloat over the extinction of some miserable, unfit 
to survive species that everyone else seems to be mourning for, publish 
designs of new, innovative methods of messing up recycling operations, 
delight us all with ridiculous results of "enviromental thinking" (the 33 
step procedure for changing a light bulb in a nuclear power plant is an 
excellent example) etc etc.

   A.d.t.e is the evil twin to, and it should look the part.
This is the place for those enviromentally unsound ideas, twisted tales 
of destruction, parodies of "green" thought, cheerful discussions on the 
more spectacular uses of nuclear physics, and the like. We welcome you to 
participate, to look at the quest for preserving the status quo of the 
ecosphere from a different angle, and to share your wicked designs.


1.2.1    Numbers

Hard figures are always appreciated, especially in destructionalist essays. Many
postings have suffered from a lacking sense of proportion and sometimes even
from VERY bad science.  ("If we could just change this natural constant...")
The Earth is VAST. Look at the numbers.
   Radius: 6370 km
Equatoric circumference: 40 075 km
Mass: 6.6 sextillion tonnes. (American sextillion)

   And look at the energy needed:
To create a asteroid belt belt around the sun: 2.3cdot1031 J
Blow the earth away from the sun: 5.4cdot1036 J
Stop the earth to dump it into the sun: 1.2cdot1031 J

   And according to Nana Yaw Ofori it you need 3.071cdot10251or 4.745cdot1025
2 to smack pluto into earth.

   Please bear in mind that the Earth is not exactly a sphere - the radius given
is a median value.  For a more extensive list of relevant data, constants and
equations, have a look at an encyclopedia and/or some basic texts on physics
and chemistry.
   A.d.t.e. is in dire need of people with solid knowledge on geology and 
meteorology. Bacteriology, physics and astronomy would also come in handy.

1.2.2    "We will all go together when we go"

Asking a destructionalist whether or not he or she intends to be included in
the destruction is pointless and rude.  A true destructionalist's answer is "Of
   As a matter of fact, asking ANY poster on a.d.t.e. publicly whether or not
he or she is serious is pointless and rude.

1.2.3    "Oh! You monsters!"

Postings declaring the a.d.t.e:ers in general to be evil, sick, 
infantile, demented, sexually frustrated, godless heathens et cetera ad 
nauseam are not appreciated. The same goes for the "Get a Life"-school of 
posters and the unholy practises celebrated in alt.cascade.
   If you feel any need to respond to such drivel, please do it via 
private e-mail to keep the group clean and the offender's mailbox messy.
   People posting queries about a.d.t.e:ers' enviromental attitudes deserve ev-
erything they get.

Chapter  2

Why  should  we  destroy  the earth

I the time I followed ADTE i found a few reasons why we have to destroy the
earth. Here they come:

   o It's fun. Making a lot of havoc and destroying is fun. Look at the movies
     to prove my point.

   o It's there. The same reason why people climbed the Mount Everest.

   o To stop the pavers from paving it. The pavers are a dictatorial group of
     madmen who want to terrorize the earth so they have to be stopped.

   o To stop war. If there is no earth people will stop fighting on it. For this
     you will have to kill a lot of people too or else they will start over 
     again in space.

   o To kill mankind. People, they don't deserve to live anymore:

        - They haven't got any principles anymore.

        - They watch stupid television.

        - They torture each other.

   o To destroy the system. A little anarchy is beautiful.

   o To show we are capable of destroying it.

   o To throw mankind into space. We have seen enough of the earth.

   o To warn aliens so they won't make our mistakes.

   o For phylosophical reasons:  Does the universe still exist if we stop our

   o To create jobs.

   o Had enough of Carbon-based life bossing over Silicon-based ones.

   o Hope the universe gets destroyed by butterfly effect.

   o To destroy life before it infects other planets. The universe 
     without life is more beautiful.

   o Destroying the earth is better than letting our children that are used to
     watch Barney run it.

   o As Bill Zettler ( wrote on 1994/12/29: I feel we
     should be able to wake to a bright sunny morning, sit with our loved ones
     at the breakfast table, send little Bobby and Susie to school, give the 
     wife a quick loving goodbye peck on the cheek, then go out into the 
     sunshine to meet the day with a smile. Then to listen to the birds 
     twittering, and see the butterflies flitting about, and hear the 
     sounds of children playing.

     Then to say "let's blow the whole thing up".

   This poses a problem of how thorough it has to be destroyed. Do we have
to destroy the planet earth totally? If no what should we do with the remains?
Should we kill all of mankind, should we kill all life?  Should we leave the
cockroaches,or other beasts alive?
   I would like to see your opinions.

Chapter  3

Getting  support  from  lot's of  people

Creating propaganda (0.0.1):

   o Pave the earth. This will get more people to support our cause.

   o T-shirts,Stickers and pamflets. proposals:

        - " Support the zero day workweek, help DESTROY THE EARTH"

        - " Shiva saying: "I am created Death, the Destroyer of Worlds""

   o Say it is in the benefit of sience or the enviroment.

Chapter  4

The  Howto

Here is the list of possibilities (0.1.2):

4.1     Acceleraters

Building many mass accelerators on a place with very good energy access, e.g.
Mercury, to produce large amounts of anti-matter. When enough is produced,
transport it to Earth and turn off the containment devices for the anti-matter
and watch the fireworks.  The obvious problem is getting there and doing it
(Needs lot's of support). And handling anti-matter isn't easy so we have to find
a place where it doesn't get annihilated before use.

The amount of antimatter required is 2 trillion tonnes to vapourise the 
dirtball. To contain it, you must use anti-iron, so you can use magnetic 
suspension. This is entirely possible. Since anti-iron will be magnetic 
like iron, you can magnetically contain it in a container made out of 
matter, and to detonate it, you merely shut off the electromagnets. For 
best results, place the 2 trillion tonnes at the centre of the planet, 
and slam matter into it. 

4.2     According to Descartes

Stop thinking. Descartes said "I think therefore I am" so if we stop think ing
we will stop being.  If we stop the thinking of the earth it will stop existing.
This is a very long shot and it will not be effective.

4.3     According to Einstein

Use total conversion of matter into energy as a powerful weapon.  The total
conversion of between 1cdot1013 kg of matter would be enough to burn the
earth. This is according to E=mc2 (pronounced "emCC"). If we want to destroy 
the earth this way we need a lot of mass to convert. We could do with 
less if we only want to blow a bit of earth away. The best known method 
of total conversion is a matter/antimatter reaction.

4.4     Be patient

Wait about 5-10 billion years. The Sun will definitely die, but that doesn't
destroy the earth (unless it gets big enough during its red giant stage). 
However, later on the universe either dies the heat death (boo) or cycles 
back into the Big Crunch (yay). Well, 2 out of 3 ain't too bad.

4.5     Black hole printing

CORNWALL ( suggested: and print out all the postings from* and alt.politics.*

   2.wait until the mass exceeds critical value and implodes due to 
     gravitational attraction.

   3.drop the resulting black hole into the Earth where it will eventually 
    eat up everything and everyone, thus fulfilling the slightly weird 
    charter of this  admittedly fun newsgroup...
    This is similar to waiting for AOL to make 2 solar masses of AOL 
    Disks(tm) and keeping them all in one spot. AOL is working on this.

4.6     Black holes

Make your own black hole. You take a lot of mass and compress it very hard .
At some point it will suck up material out of the earth and suck up the whole of
the earth. After this the Hawking radiation will destroy the black hole. There
are only two problems with this. You have to compress the material to super-
nuclear densities if you want to do it with a mass less than a few solar masses
(if you have a mass bigger than 1.5 solar masses you have solved this problem 
but this mass can't be found in the solar system (Mad Max suggested AOL disks).
You can try and look for little black holes but they evaporate very fast. Maybe
someone knows a solution to this. That would make this proposal a very good

4.7     Blowing up oceans

What we need to do is somehow unhinge all of the sodium atoms from the
chlorine atoms in the salt in the world's oceans.  The chlorine gas released
will boil upwards causing a tremendous greenhouse effect, and the pure sodium
will combust with the remaining water in the oceans. The resulting explosion
should be a pretty big one, amplified inward by the presense of the heavy cloud
of chlorine gas hanging right overhead.  Hopefully, the implosion would cause
the areas of largest land mass (Africa, the Americas, Asia, etc.) to be squished
outwards into space.
   (thanx to Andy)
   The problems are summarized by Nana Yaw Ofori: You know, I hate having
to shoot down nice theories like this. Well, actually, I don't. I like to. Makes
me feel like a real man, tearing down the hopes and dreams of other people,
since my Ideas for Earth Destruction were also maimed. Vicious circle, Huh?
Anyway, our nemesis in this endeavour is the Foul Science known as Chemistry.
   Okay. Well, All the sodium and clorine in the oceans is /already/ split 
apart, because that's the way that Ionic Solids like salt dissolve.  
However, it's split apart into Sodium (Na+) ions, and Chlorine (Cl-) 
ions. Since it's the number of electrons that defines what the atom 
reacts like, the Na+ ion, save for its electrical charge, acts like a 
Neon atom.  The Cl- ion, save for its electrical
charge, acts like an Argon atom.  Since they're both pretending to be noble
gases, they don't react, even if you remove all the Chlorine. Of course, If you
do remove all the chlorine, the whole ocean's going to start behaving like an
Acid, because when OH- ions get together with Na+, it means there's a lot of
free H+ floating around. Anyway, to get the 'Explosive ocean' scenario, you've
essentially got to add that extra electron to all the Sodium Ions, so they start
behaving like Sodium again.  YOu could probably do this by taking it from
the Chlorine Ions, which would cause them to start behaving like Chlorine gas,
and create that utterly poisonous cloud. Probably won't amplify the explosion
inward very much: It's not like you lined the Oceans with Lead. It's not even
likely to raise the air pressure significantly.

4.8     Cow (not the mad ones)

Use cow flatulence. Let all cows in the world fart at the same time. I don 't
know how to get enough gases to blow up the earth.

4.9     Dimensionally Destroying The Earth

It occurs to me that with 50 or so years of research we might reasonably expect
to know how to erect giant towers at both magnetic polls powered by hundreds
of nuclear reactors. At the proper moment we will throw the switch and shift the
earth into another dimension which is hopefully more hostile than this one, or
better yet, will shift the earth into a spot in another dimension already 
occupied by a planet. That would be messy. We can, and will, keep 
flicking the switch until we have destroyed the earth.

4.10     Earth as a pingpong ball

Shrink the earth. The problem is we don't have a shrinkage beam or somethi
ng like that.

4.11     Electromagnetic recepies


   1.Make a REALLY big electro magnet....

   2.Hook up to a nuclear poweplant.....

   3.When a huge astroide passes by in outer space, you activate the magnet....

   4.The astroide contains of metals and minerals, so it will be sucked into the

   5.When the astroide hits the earth, dust will block for the sun and 
     everything dies... The massive shock will also kill a few millions..


   All ferrous metals on earth will be sucked to your magnet so me sure 
   not to test the mangnet before DOOMS DAY...

4.12     FDIV destruction

Equip all nuclear power plants and military installations with pentiums (with
bug). Hoping one processor can destroy the installation.

4.13     Gymnastics

Jumping up at noon. If the sun is above you and you jump up you push yours
elf closer.  If you are closer you are attracted more (the gravitational 
field is bigger there) so the earth is pulled in the direction of the 
sun. Don't expect to see the effect.  It is so little maybe it gets lost 
in quantum fluctuations. The effect can be enlarged by working in the 
daytime in sky scrapers and sleeping at night on the first floor.

4.14     Heat Death

A simple way to make the universe inhospitable for intelligent life is to speed
up entropy.  If we make as many changes as possible and destroy as much as
possible, we can lead the univesre into a heat death where the universe has
expanded so much that the temperature will reach near absolute 0 and particles
like protons and neutrons will become unstable and desintigrate. All the stars
will go out and the only source of energy will be black holes. At the rate we
are going right now it will take about 10cdot10100years, but if we can speed it

4.15     Kill biological

Creating a virus. This will probably not kill all people. It will just create a
lot of suffering. A proposition is using an existing one : smallpox. But 
still it needs a second go to kill the rest of the people.

4.16     Killing with the moon

Blow up the moon with nukes. The litter from the moon will destroy all life.
Needs support. The nukes have to be fired.

4.17     Let's make a trip

Build this Really Big Rocket and thrust the Earth towards the galactic center
(there's supposed to be the Mother Of All Black Holes there). Hope that a big
alien boy will think "Wow, what a neat rock; it looks just like a marble on a
rocket!" while the Really Big Rocket is thrusting the Earth towards the Galactic

4.18     Many workers make it easy

Making a self reproducing machine that eats the earth. It can be possible but
the problem is how to create a machine from just any kind of junk found in the
earth. What to do if the machine is in a region where some material it needs is
scarce. Using advanced genetics, create a being which will dig itself a 
couple of miles underground. It will then create a small explosion. Each 
little piece of its body left by the explosion would then turn into a new 
"burrower," which would then explode, creating many many more.  
Eventually, the entire world would collapse due to all the underground 
explosions. This has the same problem as the proposal above.

4.19     Moon hugging

Pulling the moon into the earth. I think this would destroy a lot. The added
bonus is longer days, so we can do more every day.  The problem is where
to get the rope(Dupont is proposed but it is too expensive to buy their total
production for 6 years). The rope should be very strong maybe even kevlar isn't
strong enough. I don't know about this. I'm not familiar with material sciences.

4.20     One bit at a time

Split the earth up in lots of tiny bits. This is difficult because the 
gravity works against it.

4.21     One electron destruction

Take a electron accelerate it and shoot it at the sun. If we accelerate it
   to a speed little under the light speed (c) it will be accelerated to 
lightspeed in the free fall.  This makes it's mass explode and if we make 
sure the path crosses earth it will collide on earth. The electron is by 
this time so heavy it destroys it. Relativistic physics says this doesn't 
work. Classical physics says the electron doesn't get hevier. So this is 
one of the "I don't understand physics ideas"

4.22     Playing with magnifying glasses

Burning the earth with mirrors.  This can be done in principle.  Now we onl
y have to find a way to put up the mirrors in orbit around the earth. Maybe
we should first paint the earth black. There are people who are busy with just
that.  These pavers will drive around over the surface so they will burn first.
The painting of the earth alone is enough to get the temperature up to a few
hundred degrees centigrade so this will kill all people to.

4.23     Sailing on the solar wind

Pushing the earth into the sun by using mirrors. If you put mirrors to deflect
the sun's rays and solar wind in the right direction then you should slow down
the earth and it will fall into the sun. The problem is it happens very slow. By
the way this is happening already by the Poynting- Robertson-draft. But this
effect isn't very big.

4.24     Solopsists

Make solopsist doctines the universal law by letting a few politicians sign it.
Then kill the solopsists. They state everything (including earth) exists only in
their minds. So everything will get destroyed. This is cheap, needs little 
support and what do we have to lose.

4.25     The Alien Way

Letting the aliens do it.  The only problem is finding dangerous aliens and
getting them to destroy the earth.  The advantage is we don't have to do it
ourselves. But doing it ourselves is more fun. By the way we are working on
this.  The NASA is looking for aliens and television has reached such a level
that every sane alien that sees it should want to destroy us.  The problem is
they still aren't here.

4.26     The Atomic Way

Nuclear explosions.  This is a relatively easy way but not very thorough.  At
least ten pro cent of the population survives. But the bang is something some
people don't want to go without. The problem is getting the world leaders to
blow up the world.

4.27     The asteroid game

Throwing asteroids on earth. One proposal is attaching rockets to the asteroids
and making a game of it.  This should be fun.  The problem is getting there.
Maybe somebody out there has a few rockets to spare.

4.28     The biblical way

Getting God to do it.  Sin away and maybe he will destroy the earth.  The
problem is according to the bible this has been done and God saved some people
to repopulate the earth.

4.29     The earth is our enviroment

Destroying the enviroment. This is something apte wants to do so this has to be
discouraged. (It won't destroy the earth) And people will survive this together
with the cock-raoch.

4.30     The information super highway

Making the information super-highway.  If we send out information one way
around the world we send energy around and therefore we send mass around.
This way we create a reaction effect that rotates the earth harder. This 
makes it eventualy blow up. The way to make everybody sending information 
the same way is telling them it goes faster if you send it that way. This 
idea needs lots of support because information isn't very heavy.

4.31     The simple solution

Put 6 billon people on earth and give them the possibility they will destroy 
the earth. We are working on this. But probably the cockroaches will 
survive. That would be a shame so the more destructive plans are advised.

4.32     Tidal Energy

Daddye proposed: In the story "The Last Judgment" by J.B.S. Haldane, the
human race extracted so much energy from the tides that the moon crashed
into the Earth.

4.33     Time machine

Make a time machine and copy the earth. The problem is the time machine. 
And one big enough to copy the earth.

4.34     Vodoo

Make a vodoo doll of the earth and rolling it down an elevator.  I think this
won't work but maybe somebody can make a witch doctor so mad he would try
it. The advantage is it doesn't need much support.

4.35     baseball

Here's another way of destroying the Earth. Items needed :

   1.Sandy Koufax

   2.Enlarging gun

What you need to do is use the enlarging gun on Sandy Koufax, with his Baseball
Bat and nlarge him to Approx.  500,000 miles high.  Once this is done just
persuade Sandy to 'HIT' the Earth into the Sun, Scoring a home run in the
process. Just a thought.
   (Donated by Joe Duck

4.36     Other Ways

And some not yet seperated:

   1.If you get drunk everything gets hevier. If everybody gets drunk maybe the
     earth will collapse. This plan might not work but it certainly will create
     funny effects and will destroy society (not because the gravity effect btw)

   2.Speed up the earth using rockets. If the day is reduced to 3 minutes the
     earth will blow apart. The rockets by the way will create a belt aroud the
     earth that takes care of the momentum problem. (the band sould be in
     space to prevent friction that puts back the momentum.

   3.Shoot the moon into the earth with rockets. The problem is the number
     of rockets, or the size of the explosion.

   4.Making the earth resonate by producing enough noise. I don't know if this
     can be done because you need a high quality factor. And i don't think the
     quality factor of the earth is high enough to make it resonate with all the
     radios in the world.

   5.We set Earth up with another planet for the weekend.  They have an
     INCREDIBly great time, he promises Earth the world, uh, universe, he
     compliments her mountains and valleys, etc.  etc.  Then after he has to
     return to his own solar system, he acts different, cold, distant... The 
     Earth will get so despairing that she'll DO HER OWN SELF IN!!! The problem
     is: Does anyone know any male planets available.

   6.Actually, once we do find the philosopher's stone, we could grind it up 
     into a very, very fine molecular powder, and then scatter it into 
     the atmosphere at high altitude. Result: gold-plated planet. Now all 
     we need are nicely arranged studs of cubic zirconium, and the Earth 
     can be offered for sale on the Cosmic Home Shopping Network.

   7.Ignite Jupiter. This can be possible with a hydrogen bomb.

   8.Let the pavers pave the earth and light the pavement. The problem is the
     pavers probably never get their way.

   9.Build a Bussard ramdrive ship (a la Yamamoto, for Larry Niven fans).
     Load it with a 100,000-ton slab of moon rock, both to increase its inertia
     and to act as an ablation shield (don't worry, once the drive is 
     started it'll be over-powered even with that load). Use standard 
     rockets to slingshot it around Jupiter and then around the Sun to 
     get it up to critical speed, start the drive, and head it out to 
     Alpha Proxima (4 light-years) at a constant 10G acceleration. 
     Slingshot around Alpha Proxima and come back (round trip about 12 to 
     15 years).  By this time, you have a 100,000-ton mass moving at 
     around 0.999c - closer to a stellar event than a ship! NOW you
     can ram the Earth with a good chance of doing it in - at that speed, 
     you will convert a large percentage of your mass directly to energy. 
     Picture an 80,000-ton antimatter bomb that's just been driven 3,000 
     miles into the Earth in less than 2 hundredths of a second... 
     orbiting gravel, friends...
     (By Hugh Bothwell)

  10.Dig a hole in the earth (to the core, has to be cooled to stay intact but
     the cooling can provide the power to go on). Then fill it with pop- corn.
     When it posps the earth will be blown up. We need a big hole and lots
     of corn.  The advantage is the people will get killed by eating to much
     popcorn or suffication.(Andy D)

  11.Collect AOL Disks(tm). Throw them at the sun and  the sun will 
     explode in a supernova and destroy the earth. (If it is more than 2 
     solar masses) The problem is this kind of collection AOL Disks(tm) will 
     become a black hole. This problem is easally solved by keeping from 
     forming one mass. When you stage the AOL Disks(tm), you have at 
     least two masses totalling the 2 Solar Masses. When the AOL 
     Disks(tm) fall into the Sun, they will be vapourised and added to the 
     mass of the Sun, and enter fusion reactions, except for the iron. 
     Now, if we can only encourage Steve Case....

   Suggestions are welcome at 

Chapter  5

Suggested  Reading

Science fiction in general:

   o Piers Anthony:

        - Chton

        - Pthor

   o Isaac Asimov:

        - Foundation and Earth

        - Pebble in the Sky

        - Robots and Empire

     Greg Bear:

        - Eon

        - Eternity (Sequel to Eon)

        - The Forge of God

        - Anvil of Stars

        - Blood Music

        - The Wind from a Burning Woman 1

   o John Brunner:

        - Stand on Zanzibar

        - The Sheep Look Up

   o Samuel Butler:

  1A short story in a collection by the same name

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o Stephen King:

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o Megan Lindholm:

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     - Protector

     - At the Core (in 'Neutron Star')

o Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle:

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     - Lucifer's Hammer

o Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle & Michael Flynn:

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o Michael Reaves & Steve Perry:

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o Fred Saberhagen:

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