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February 24, 2000
Sorry about the page being down all yestersay, and part of today, but I had problems with my host. Everything is back, and ironed out now, so it's all good. Now, go check out the rest of the page!

Reviews? Where?
That's right people, I finally got my Reviews back up. I left Chris' Reviews on here just in case you'd want to check them out. Maybe I'll write some more Reviews if I have time. So go check out the Reviews and the rest of the page.

See yah around!
Well, I knew it was coming, but it is official now. Chris has left the page. It's been one hell of a run with him. The page design changes, arguments, and so on. He has moved on to working on some other page, and I wish him the best of luck there. You will be missed, and good luck! The future of this page remains to be seen. I don't know if I will be able to keep everything updated by myself or not, I will try though. See yah around, and keep up that funky dancing Chris!

The time has come for me, Chris, to say goodbye to you all. I originally started this page for pure enjoyment and decided I would continue to update as long as it was fun. As of late, updating the site has felt more like work than fun and so it is time to call it quits. Just to make it clear the site itself is not shutting down, Nick will still make updates but this is it for me. So for now, I bid you all a fond farewell.

Chris Mueller

Hey Now! You're an All Star...
Acclaim's premiere baseball series, All-Star Baseball, is returning with the new All-Star Baseball 2001. It promises all new features, options and realistic stadiums. ASB 2001 is shaping up to be the ultimate baseball game this year and looking at its predecessors, it's no lie. Developer High Voltage has also implemented some original features, such as unique camera angles and other cinematic elements.

Kemco is in the game!
Although the game has been in development for quite sometime, NOA released some more information on Kemco's Top-Gear Hyperbike. And unlike the other growing number of dirtbike titles, Top-Gear Hyperbike may have enough features to fight the dirtbike juggernaut known as Excitebike 64. The beauty of Excitebike 64 is the customized track editor, allowing you to create your own tracks. Well Kemco took a look at the competition and included a user-friendly track editor for Top-Gear Hyperbike. Another feature was announced, a furious 2 player mode that promises to have a steady framerate. Hyper-Bike is also backed by official licenses from Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha. And thanks to the Expansion Pak, all of the features can be viewed in crisp, hi-resolution. Top-Gear Hyperbike is shaping up to be a worthy dirtbike title when it is released later this Spring.

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