Gex 64:Enter The Gecko
Hidden Room in Scream TV
Once you begin the second scream tv level go down the ramp you begin on, and go through the door. After you do this you will be in another room. Go through the door that has a a little green around it. When you are in the next room go to your right where the pumpkin is. After you destroy it walk forward and you will walk through the wall.
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 Hidden Room
 Titanic Level
 Hidden Remotes
Enter the following at the password screen.
M758FQRW3J58FQRW4! - Have All Remotes and 99 Lives
C2G57FLRDQJV7FBTCN - Open Second Gate
FFYSJB5D5HCVJL8DV - Open Third Gate
GFTM9BH56FBLMF2B - Open Fourth Gate
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Titanic Level
In the first part of the level select stage if you go to the arch right in front of the gate and hit the question mark gem thingie it will tell you that you can climb on some surfaces. climb on the checkered surface of the arch till you get to the inside top of the arch. Then go forward and there will be more checered surface you can climb on. you should be able to keepclimbing and get on top of the arch. there will be a moving platform that you can get onto and it will take you to the Titanic T.V.
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Hidden Remotes
Out of Toon: After passing through the "Hard Hat Area", go to the stream and jump the two rainbows. Go to your left and follow the ledge to a snowy area. Look towards where the retracting ledge reaches out and you will see it. To get it, run across the ledge when it comes out.

First Scream TV: At the place where the wall reaches out, a jumping jack-o-lantern, and a blood cooler are all placed, go up to the bookcase. Inside are skulls, gravestones, or masks, which ever you are on. There is also a switch. Tailwhip it and go find a balcony with two doors on it. Go into the one with a Mona Lisa picture inside it. Then walk out. You will see a red remote, but don't get it. Instead jump off one of the edges where there is no balcony.You should land on or next to a river. Go down to the end of the river and you will find a silver remote. WARNING! The only way out of the place is to get the red remote you saw when you came in.

Pre-History Channel: Dodge the Steam Vents level. After going up all the steam vents (or taking the shortcut), jump up onto the part where there is fire coming out of the wall. Instead of running into the fireto go for the red remote over there, turn to the right where you will see a silver remote. Jump on to the ledge and get it. Then continue on with your regular journey.

Smellraiser: Pick "Ride the Haunted Elevater". When you get to red remote for that task, jump off the bridge into a little stream. Go all the way to the end and there will be the silver remote. To get out of the stream, go to the other end of the stream and there will be some steps leading up to where the red remote was.
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