Top Gear Rally
Bonus Courses
In the Championship Mode,gamers are rewarded with new seasons and variations of tracks. There are five courses, four seasons,day/night,racing, and mirror tracks.The five tracks in the game are Coastline, Desert, Jungle, Mountain, and Strip Mine. Jungle, Mountain, and Strip Mine only open up after you beat certain courses. The Mirror courses open up after you achieve the proper point total in the Championship mode and beat all of the seasons. Once the mirror mode opens up, you'll have to re-learn the tracks all over again.

 Bonus Courses
 Bonus Cars
Bonus Cars
New cars are awarded each time you beat a season in Top Gear Rally. There are as many as eight bonus cars that you can use.
You start off with:
1. Type-LD (Lancia Delta)
2. Type-ES (Escort Cosworth)

In subsequent seasons, you are rewarded with these cars:
Second Season:
3. Type-CE (Toyota Celica)
4. Type-IP (Isuzu P)

Third Season:
5. Type-M3 (BMW M3)
6. Type-SP (Toyota Supra)

Fourth Season:
7. Type-NS (Nissan GTIR)
8. Type-RS (Ford RS 200)

Fifth Season:
9. Type-PS (Porsche)

Mirror Season:
10. The amazing Milk Truck
11. The Helmet Car