Automobili Lamborghini
Reverse Tracks
Beat the Championship Mode in Novice and Expert difficulty levels, and you will recieve reverse tracks.

 Reverse Tracks
 Bonus Cars
Bonus Cars
There are four bonus cars in the game. To get them you must beat the Basic or Pro Series on Arcade Mode. Like example if you beat the Basic Series on Expert you will get a car or if you beat the Pro Series on Normal you get another car. There are 6 different cars to get. To get the first four you must beat every arcade mode scenario. To get the other 2 secret cars which are the best in the game, you must beat champoinship mode on both normal and expert.
The bonus cars are:
1. Ferrari Testorosa
2. Porsche 959
3. McLaren F1
4. Dodge Viper
5. Bugatti EB110
6. Ferrari F50