Blast Corps
Turbo Start
You can get a turbo start on timed events by pressing the acceleration button on the last "beep" just as the light turns green. You must time it perfectly for it to work.

 Turbo Start
 Instant Expolsion
 Scientist Locations
 Ghost Car
Instant Explosion
Simply drive up next to something and try to get out of your vehicle by using the Z button. If you're too close, your man will yell and not get out. If you continue holding the Z button, the obstructing object will blow up like magic.
NOTE: This cheat is best performed with the dump truck, or in heavily obstructed areas that make it difficult for the driver to get out of the vehicle.

Scientist Locations
The six scientists are located in these areas:
1. Ebony Coast
2. Ironstone Mine
3. Argent Towers
4. Oyster Harbor
5. Tempest City
6. Glory Crossing

Ghost Car
Simply do a single time-trial course more than once, and you can race against a transparent car mimicking your best race so far.