Dark Rift
Play As Sonork
Press the L button,the R button,top C,bottom C,left C,and right C on the title screen.If done correctly you should a tone.

 Play As Sonork
 Character End Codes
Character End Codes
The directions are entered on the D-Pad,and "L" and "R" are the buttons.

Aaron: Up,Left C,R,Right,Down,R,R,Left C

Eve: Up,Left C,R,Right,Down,R,R,Right C

Demonica: Up,Left C,R,Right,Down,R,R,Top C

Gore: Up,Left C,R,Right,Down,R,R,Bottom C

Niiki: Up,Left C,R,Right,Down,R,R,A

Morphix: Up,Left C,R,Right,Down,R,R,B

Scarlet: Up,Left C,R,Right,Down,L,L,Left C

Zenmuron: Up,Left C,R,Right,Down,L,L,Right C

Sonork: Up,Left C,R,Right,Down,L,L,Top C

Demitron: Up,Left C,R,Right,Down,L,L,Bottom C