All Tracks and Bonus Cars
For access to all tracks, the Roach, the Neon and the bonus track, enter the password 81GGD5 (American version) or 61GGD5 (European.)

Roach Bike
Complete the Meltdown circuit on the Novice skill level.

 All Tracks & Bonus

 Roach Bike
 Neon Bike
 Hidden Track
Enter the following at the Name Input screen. You will hear a confirmation sound if entered correctly. Deactivate a code by entering the code again.
ROLLERAll- Bikes turned into boulders
FISHEYE- Fisheye lens view
MAGNIFY- Camera on front of bike
STEALTH- Invisible bikes
BANANA- Slippery track
WIRED- Wire frame mode
ANTIGRAV- Upside down
GHOSTLYT- Transparent background
XTREME- Max speed
UGLYMODE- Pixelated graphics
NITROID- Unlimited nitros
ARSENAL- Random missile

Neon Bike
Complete the Meltdown circuit on the Expert skill level.

Hidden Track
Beat the Extreme level of the Meltdown circuit using a regular bike (not Roach or Neon) and get first place on every track to reveal a hidden track.