Extreme-G 2
Race as a Programmer
All you need to do is beat the mirror mode on hard difficulty setting.
Credit Goes To: Miker38@aol.com via N64cc

Mirror Mode
To be able to play with all the Superbikes and unlock the mirror mode, enter the password HS3B9BQ9DGPL.
Credit Goes To: Chris Munoz via IGN 64

Turn Motorcycles into Planes
To turn into airplanes and fly.Enter this code at name entry:2064
Credit Goes To: David Bosch via IGN 64

 Race As A

 Mirror Mode
 Turn Motrocycles
 into Planes

 Spectre Superbike
 More Multi-Player

 Venom Bike
 Wasp Superbike
Spectre Superbike
To enable the Spectre, finish Extreme Contest-Meltdown with an overall 1st place. If you don't want to go through all the racing enter this password: W7LRGCQ9DP5.

MISPLACE - Remove one Engine from Car
SPIRAL - Spiralling Screen
SPYEYE - Spy Eye (Overhead View)
XXX - Fast Racing
2064 - Paper Airplanes Vehicles (Wipeout Mode)
NITROID - Unlimited Nitros in the race
MISTAKE - Unlimited Weapons
FLICK - Blurry Graphics
NEUTRON - Tron Mode
XCHARGE - Ulimited Shields and Lasers
ROCK - Play as a Rock
JUGGLE - Random Course in Single Player Time Trials
NOPANEL - Turn off all on-screen displays
PIXIE - Ugly Mode

More Multiplayer Levels
To unlock more multiplayer levels, enter the Venom or Wasp Superbike codes, then enter the password N31GG76CG9DZ.

Venom Bike
If you want to race as Hotra Toxic with her super-fast Venom Bike, come in first on the Atomic Contest -- or, if you're too lazy, enter the following password: 868QCMH3H9HT.

Wasp Superbike
Looking for the second superbike? Finish the Contest Mode on Critical Mass difficulty, and you'll be able to drive the Wasp. You can also enter the following password:55Hz1MH3H9H1
Credit Goes To: Janitor Ed via IGN 64