FIFA:Road to the World Cup
Cheat Codes
Note: All codes below must be in ALL CAPS and be done at the Player Edit Screen.

ANATOLI - Player will jump up raising his arms if you did it right and all players will have big heads during the game(Must be Vancouver)

LASKO - Ghost Players (Must be Slovakia)

WAYNE - Invisible Players (Must be SheffieldW)

MARC - Pencil and Paper Mode (Must be Canada)

CATCH22 - Remove Stadium(any team)

KERRY - Tiny Players (Must be Vancouver)

NWODEDISPU - Australia Mode (Upside Down) (Must be Australia)

NORIE - Feedback Preview (Cool victory animations) (Must be Japan and enter that as your name) Now go to the Round Select screen (RTWC) and press Z + C-Left + C-Up all at the same time.

SPUD - Hot Potato Mode (Must be Ireland *R Ireland, UEFA) must pass the ball or your players will fall down

WARREN - Invisible Walls (Must be Wales)

DAVE - Unlimited Player Points (Must be Vancouver)

YUJI - Unlock Road to World Cup Round 2 (Must be Japan)

TED - Upside Down Mode (Must be Vancouver) [Another version of the upside down mode: The screen will now be flipped upside down, but the scores and names are left normal.]