Iggy's Reckin' Balls
Bonus Character
To access a secret character without winning, perss Z, A, L, R on the player selection screen.

 Bonus Character
 Cheat Codes
 Secret Characters
Cheat Codes
Enter these codes on the password screen. To access the Password screen, press R and Z on the title screen.

  • THEUNIVERSE - All Tracks
  • HAPPYHEADS - All characters except Iggy's girlfriend
  • 2TIMES - Rollerball last twice as long as usual
  • ICEPRINCESS - Ice platforms
  • GOOEYGOOGOO - Goo platforms
  • JUMPAROUND - Level select at pause screen
  • SWOPSHOP - Adds different accessories to your character
  • GOBABY - Full turbos
  • TOOMUCHPIE - Fat Reckin' Balls
  • NONSTOP - Non-stop roller ball
  • 2ROKTOO - Use the Turok 2 effects engine
  • ROLFHARRIS - Pen and ink mode
  • TOOMUCHFUN - Puts bouncy physics on your balls
  • PENCIL - Pencil sketch view
  • GOOEYICEPRINCESS -- Goo and ice platforms

Secret Characters
To unlock the nine secret characters you have to beat each race in first place. For example, if you beat Downtown you'll get Sno-eee. If you beat Candylane you'll get King Jr.