Mortal Kombat Mythologies:Sub-Zero
Ultimate Password
Enter the password "ZCHRRY" to warp to level 8. If you die, hold button A to warp to Quin Chi or hold button B to warp to Shinnok.
Credit Goes To: IGN 64

 Ultimate Password
 Cheat Codes
Cheat Codes
Enter these codes on the password screen.
GTTBHR - 1000 Lives
NXCVSZ - Full Urns
RCKMND - View the Rock Boss Exploding
CRVDTS - View Credits
TDFCLT - Invincibility

Enter these at the password screen.

Level  Password
2      THWMSB
3      CNSZDG
4      ZVRKDM
5      JYPPHD
6      RGTKCS
7      QFTLWN